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  1. Thanx for the fast response and the move to the proper forum... So I take it the current max file size is 10MB... IMO ... people on dial-up need to get with it and get hi-speed ... it does take extra clicks to upload rather than to just attach. ... some people even with hi-speed don't have a clue how to work a link and download the attachment... they can barely get an attachment from an email ... other people do not have internet access at work. or only to specific sites which then rarely includes our webspace. they could receive emails but a link and downloading would be futile. ... 10MB used to be ok, but file sizes are increasing and I'm running into more and more 12-15MB files (many of my excel files are this large and it's not something that could/should go into access) ... what about security if it's sitting in a webspace? I know email can be intercepted too, but some people get even more concerned about their data being publicly available. Even though you probably need an exact link to the file to get it... ... i had issues with downloading a large file yesterday, my firewall has some weird setting that I have yet to discover, that interrupts larger downloads at various points. So I asked my dad to download and email... luckily he can send up to 20MB... so it goes both ways, and I think whether it's 10MB or 20MB is not going to clog servers more than before. 2x at the most obviously... and I bet some people would pay extra for a larger attachment max...
  2. I am under the impression that the maximum attachment size in outgoing emails is 10MB... there are providers out there (even free email services) that allow 20MB attachments. What is the actual maximum attachment size for outgoing emails at TCH?
  3. It went awesome!!! Alex Spaford was the tech and it took less than 3 minutes to fix it after posting the ticket! I thought I was stuck because I foolishly entered the email address that I couldnt access in my ticket Best customer service response EVER!
  4. Thanx! That's probably it, cuz I wasn't sure what the username format was for a while. I didnt use the @URL.com piece in the end several times...
  5. Symptoms: - can't view our website at www.spectrumgroupmc.com ("page cannot be found" error) - can't send/receive emails with Outlook 2003 (remember, all this worked in the morning!) - I can access any other sites (including TCH hosted sites), emails, messengers, etc. - tried to access from different computer in the house (which is hooked up to the same router/internet); site didn't show - had 2 friends in a 2 different cities access the site and it showed fine for them - won't show under it's IP either Activities: - all I did today was set up and play with ftp folders in cpanel - attempted access ftp folders from browser and ftp client software - things worked fine in the morning; didn't make any changes to relevant settings that I know of Throubleshooting steps: - complete reboot including cable modem, router, computer; still nothing - checked TCH for server issues; no issues there Everything worked fine with the site until noon today and has been for months. Now everything else still works except what's related to that site (site is on Server 8 if that matters) Any ideas what's up? Is there a security feature that is now preventing my IP from accessing the server cuz I had so many ftp access attempts?
  6. SUCCESS!!! I have posted my free/busy information to my website But I had to use the main ftp account... ...ftp://[tchmainacct]:[tchpassord]@[myurl.com]/schedule/%name%.vfb... ... had to set up the schedule folder beforehand. But since it's not within the public_html folder it should even be a little more secure. ... %name% is a placeholder where outlook fills in the first part of your email address. I've got a nice little vcalendar/vfb file sitting in that folder now, which u can send to notepad and then looks like this: BEGIN:VCALENDAR PRODID:-//Microsoft Corporation//Outlook 11.0 MIMEDIR//EN VERSION:2.0 METHOD:PUBLISH BEGIN:VFREEBUSY ORGANIZER: [clipped my email here] DTSTAMP:20060629T153018Z DTSTART:20060601T040000Z DTEND:20060801T040000Z FREEBUSY:20060601T133000Z/20060601T143000Z FREEBUSY:20060601T163000Z/20060601T183000Z FREEBUSY:20060602T140000Z/20060602T170000Z FREEBUSY:20060603T120000Z/20060603T123000Z [clipped a bunch of entries here] FREEBUSY:20060603T150000Z/20060603T200000Z FREEBUSY:20060604T130000Z/20060604T133000Z FREEBUSY:20060605T170000Z/20060605T190000Z FREEBUSY:20060605T230000Z/20060606T000000Z END:VFREEBUSY END:VCALENDAR ... so it's not much personal information sitting out there except for your email address. ... now if you excuse me so I can pat myself on my shoulder.
  7. BREAKTHROUGH!!! Found a post by TCH-Rick: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...ost&p=45858 The ftp link format I was looking for looks like this: ...ftp://username%40domain.com:password@ftp.domain.com... You can use this link in a browser and access an ftp folder DIRECTLY without login box!!! Now let's see how that'll work with outlook... ...hmmm... Outlook is still not writing the free/busy information to the ftp folder
  8. Thanx for all the help! I'm telling you guys, it sure sounds like you can actually use a remote server and it will automatically check availability of team members. If you have outlook 2003, pull up a contact and look at the bottom of the details tab. You'll see an "Internet Free/Busy" heading with a box to enter the address of where that person will post his/her schedule. So when you try to schedule that contact into a meeting, it will look up his/her availability. I'm gonna figure this out, even if it takes me ALL day. If we can figure this out we can post a clean thread and be the hero's for the day The most help I need is with the ftp-ing. I've got ftp accounts set up (I even have one for a sub domain). I can kind of access them through my browser like this: ftp://[ftpacctname]@[myurl.com], but it will pop up a login box saying the username/password don't really work, so I type in username and password and I have access through my browser. Is there a link that would transmit username AND password so when I type that into my browser I will get instant access to my ftp folder without a login box popping up? Microsoft's page shows it like this: ...ftp://myName:myPassword@ftp.tailspintoys.com/schedules... but that doesn't seem to work with TCH.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply madman. I thought as well that you'd need an exchange server, but outlook 2003 will allow internet publishing: ----Quote from MS help site (see link in first post)--- For organizations that do not use Exchange Server If your organization is not using Exchange Server, you need to set up your computer so that Outlook 2003 can access users' schedules. Before you can access your team members' schedules or allow them to access yours, all team members need to publish their free/busy information and set their free/busy search locations. [...] Free/busy status information can be stored on a local server on the LAN or on a remote server by using a file path, FTP, or HTTP. [...] If team members are located outside your network, everyone can publish their free/busy information to an FTP or HTTP server. Or you can use a combination of the two publishing methods if needed. ----end Quote--- So, I think it is possible without Exchange server. Leaves the question of security, where setting ftp access hopefully comes in. Here's an example link they use, and I hope to find something like this for TCH that works... ftp://myName:myPassword@ftp.tailspintoys....ules/%name%.vfb I tried to set up ftp accounts in panel, but the accounts appeared under the public_html folder. I can't find info on this ftp stuff at TCH. I'm not a complete newb to ftp either, I've been using an ftp client for years to upload websites (although I let FrontPage 2003 do it now).
  10. Hi! Seems like outlook 2003 lets you publish your calendar's free/busy information on an ftp server (or even an http URL) where others can then access the information and schedule accordingly. We're a small firm without an exchange server (or any other server for that matter) but still need to coordinate our schedules. Here's Microsoft's help site about this: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/assistan...1959481033.aspx Please take a look at MS's site to see what I'm talking about. Of course it doesn't tell me what the ftp link is supposed to look like if I use our TCH (shared) server, so I have a ton of questions: Anybody know what the link would look like? Where the username/password is entered? Which folder is used? Do I use the public_ftp folder? How public is that folder really? How do I set access to the folder? A thorough treatise of the subject from TCH would be awesome. Something like a "How to set up Outlook 2003 Internet Free/Busy Schedule Publishing on your TCH Server". I couldn't find it by searching the forums. Thanx! Michael
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