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  1. Hey guys I just wanted to come back and say I solved this issue.. sorta. I actually was able to get everything set up fine and then two days ago one of my members sent me an email saying as soon as they hit my URL to got to my website it was going straight to my "paid" members site! AUGH! So I have started all over, publised once.. everything was fine.. NOW I have another issue maybe you can help. I made some updates to my site, published it as I always do and on my 'index' page it has a link to the 'main web site' and it's not working. when you hit the link it says "page can not be found" I have the link below if you will go and see if maybe you can see something. I would appreciate any help. If you guys can figure out what is going I I would just lOVE IT!!! Because my site is not publishing now at all expect for the index page.. Thanks! Stacy
  2. yes I set up a child web off my main web, I had the admistrator all set up but when I went in and did some format changes to the website, it all went hirewire from there. I can't get back into the site administrator now because when I try to "Open Site" straight off my URL, it now won't let me because it's asking for the password again. So I am totally lost. grrr.. Thank you for trying to help.. I will keep searching Stacy
  3. I have published my site several times and this is the first time I have had this problem. When trying to publish my "member Site" which is a subsite with password protection, it tells me that I am not authrized to do so, tells me i have to get permission from the sites admistrator. ? I have used my FP password and it still does not let me, what I have I done wrong?? I am frustrated lol... when I first updated my site and published it, everything was fine.. now this. Can anyone help? THanks Stacy
  4. I use to use fp2000 and have now switched to fp2003, I created my whole webpage and was going back to create my links and they will not work!! I have an Iframe, created all my page names and tried to apply a link to the iframe, they won't show up!!!! I have never had this problem before. I can usually use this code: <a target="iframe" href="nameofpage.html"><font size="2" color="#678372"><br> :: Name of Page ::<br> and when the link is clicked it goes right to my iframe on the page, NOW it won't work and I am pulling my hair out lol!!! Please can anyone help, has anyone had this problem? Thank you so much! Stacy
  5. Well I had no idea I was stealing bandwith. All I did was register to get the tagboard, then it gave me the HTML code to copy and paste on my site! That is crazy. I guess I will look for a new taboard. Thanks Andy! I appreciate it I am going to get that fixed right now. Stacy
  6. Hey guys! I had to do a system restore and in the last couple of days my site is loading really slow and my tag board is saying "server can't be found" When I am in Frontpage, and go to preview my site, it gives me script errors. I have no clue what that means You guys have any clues at all?? Here is my URL http://www.pixie-landpixels.com Any suggestions or help will be so appreciated! Thanks! ~Stacy ps, if Have put this in the wrong place again (cause I do everytime) Im sorry *lol*
  7. Okay I see in C-Panel where you can pwd protect a certian folder, but in that folder are some of the pages I want people to see. Maybe I didn't set it up right, I just don't know.. I don't want to password protect my whole entire site. Can you tell I am freakin here lol Stacy <{POST_SNAPBACK}> OMG Thomas!!!! That was the answer I needed! I created a Protected Folder, put all my pages in that which is member acess only.. and WHAM.. password protected!! LOL.. Thank you sooo much!!! My headache is now gone and I can return to creating the fun stuf lol Thank you so much!!!!
  8. Okay I see in C-Panel where you can pwd protect a certian folder, but in that folder are some of the pages I want people to see. Maybe I didn't set it up right, I just don't know.. I don't want to password protect my whole entire site. Can you tell I am freakin here lol Stacy
  9. Thanks Kaz for the zip.. I saved it to my computer but not sure what to do now lol. Where do I start?? I am just lost and getting so frustrated. There are certian parts of my site that I want everyone to see so they can get a jist of what I have before they go ahead and join. Then there is the part that after they are verified through pay pal, they have a username and password to access the whole thing. This is what I am not sure on how to set up. How do I redirect them to that part of the site and keep everyone else out? Need a drink lol... Any ideas anyone?
  10. Hi everyone need some help. The site that I have is a paid membership. There will be pages that can be viewed by non members but then I want to create where membres who have paid through paypal will have their log in name and password to acess the rest. how do I do this? How do I create two different sites like this? I already have my paypal account set up, and I am going to use Authpro for my memberships so from here what do I do? Thanks again everyone!!! Stacy
  11. YES YES!! I am having so much fun with this, but I have to tell ya I have started and deleted a couple times Thank you all again for your welcomes and your support! I will be back again to bother you lol.. Thanks!!! Stacy
  12. YES!! I am so excited. I even added another image, as taught, to see if I could do it.. and I am proud to say YES! Let the fun begin is right. I am soo darned excited lol.. Thank you again! ~Stacy~
  13. OH My.. you guys ROCK!!!! here is what I did www.pixie-landpixels.com Now to just conquer how to actually use NVU LOLOL... Thank you guys sooo sooo much you don't know how much I appreciate it! I was so pulling my hair out! hehe... Thank you Thank You!
  14. Auh.. well, yes I uploaded the fairy to my Public_html folder.. but how do I find it in NVU to add it to my background?
  15. Thanks Don.. here is my link www.pixie-landpixels.com I appreciate it very much. I do need to load the images in my Public-html folder right? You rock! Stacy
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