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  1. hey I just got a reply from the help desk. Eventhought the answer was fast, it wasn't of great help. They basicaly told me it was a problem with my paypal account. so I contacted paypal, but paypal's response was useless. So I tried to pay for my domain name via paypal(registar: namecheap), and I successfully renewed my domain name registration. then I also tried to purchase a hosting plan at serverseed, and it didn't ask me for my credit card number...
  2. great thanks a lot I'll do that shortly again. thanks for the superb/fast support
  3. I'm nowhere near the US, so it would be a bit hard to do so. thanks for the reply though... is there any other way thanks in advance
  4. sorry it's me again. when I tried to send a ticket to the help desk, I got an error that said: Error: One of the required field(s) is empty but I don't have an account yet, so I don't have any cpanel login nor password thanks
  5. Hey Don, thanks a lot for the fast reply. I just received an email they say it's a payment reminder... and using the link that's in the email, again paypal asked me to put a credit card number... alright I'll be sending a ticket. thanks a lot
  6. hello, Couple of minutes ago I tried to sign-up with totalchoicehosting I clicked on pay via paypal, logged in paypal, and then paypal wanted me to enter my credit card information... I have money in my paypal account thanks to some donations from other paypal account holders. I can't use my credit card and it's exactly why I used paypal.... I'm in the same position as the guy in this thread: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...12185&hl=paypal also when I try to singup again, I get an error that says: (even 20 minutes after my first try) TotalChoice Hosting: Error Domain example.com already exists on this system what should I do? How can I pay. thanks in advance
  7. I hate people asking question before they even search throught other post, and I just did that... I'm sorry, I should have had a look at this post before posting a new thread. thanks again for the great support
  8. hey thanks for the quick replies. a great first impression of TCH Mike is right, I wasn't asking for a free sub-domain, I just wanted to know if once I registred I could get a temp-url to set-up my website and once everything is set, change the DNS. Does it make more sence? well, it doesn't really matter as Mike already answered but... again, thanks heaps for the replies.
  9. hello, I'm currently with an other hosting company, but their uptime and support gave me no choice but to consider moving. TotalChoiceHosting being one of my consideration, I'd like to know few things beforehand. I have a domain name registred with namechpea.com, and its DNS pointing to my host nameserver. I would like to know wether or not I would be able to temporary have a subdomain such as myusername.totalchoicehosting.com so that I can test my host, check if everything works fine, and then once everything is setteled down, change my DNS... does it make any sence? Also I was wonering if I could use mod_rewrite throught .htaccess... thanks in advance
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