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  1. Aha !!! Bless you Bruce!! I may be going this route then... although not quite yet. I'm assuming I can upgrade as I need to. I'll probably just purchase another silver account for now. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Makes sense to me now. Shelle
  2. Thanks Don!! Exactly what I needed to know. Uhm, what is a reseller account? I've looked around but don't understand exactly who needs it. Can you explain? Is that something for someone who is selling something?? I'm confused. Thanks! Shelle
  3. Hi all! It's me again with lots of questions. I hope I'm not in the wrong forum channel for this question. I have a website already. Love it! And LOVE TCH. I'm thinking of developing another site, semi-related, but I would want it to have it's own domain name - not be a sub of my first one. For example I already have: www.myfirstsite I don't want to have: www.myfirstsite.com/mysecondsite I want: www.mysecondsite Can a redirect do that? OR Do I need to purchase another package from TCH and create a whole new site. Does any of this make sense? Do I need to clarify? Thanks guys! Shel
  4. Thanks! I didn't know if this was FP related or the Gallery thing related. :Nerd:
  5. Hey Mike - I'm doing the same thing as you it appears. I'm looking for a list-management service and think I have decided on Dada mail. As for the CMS - which one have you found that you like the best? I already added the PHP-nuke to my Free Content page, but it isn't installing it or I've done something wrong. Now that I've read most of the posts, I think I'm going to un-add it. LOL Just wondering what you've decided on finally. Thanks! Shelle
  6. Hey guys - I'm adding all kinds of things to my website this week and I'm stuck. I got Gallery working and stuff and all I did was add a link to my website pointing to the new Gallery page. When I go to publish my page (using FP2002) it gives me this error: Server Error: Cannot create folder "_vti_cnf". All I did was change my page to add the /gallery/albums.php link to my portfolio on it. What gives? Anyone? Thanks!!! Shel
  7. Thank You Groovyfish!! I'm off to play! :-)
  8. Hey groovy - Yup - I did. See, I can follow instructions when they're "readable!" LOL
  9. Thomas & Groovy - Welp - it worked - sort of. I'm at a place where I can't get fixed. The final config page has an error. It told me to create a config.php folder with permissions set to 777. I did. Even created it in the gallery directory! Aren't you guys proud?? Reloaded the page again and now I get this error. Error: File config.php is not writable by the webserver - chmod it 777 before proceeding. I went back and set permissions again - it WAS at 777. but I undid it and did it again. Still the same error. What is chmod??? Hey Groovy! It was great talking to you!!! Thank you!!!! Shel
  10. Ahh - you're such a smart guy!! Why didn't I think of that? Good grief. I'll try that. You'd think something staring at you in front of your face... That probably would work because I'm thinking the heirarchy is what messed it up. Thanks! I'll let you know if it works. - - I checked out Coopermine but I couldn't understand it either. Gallery seemed more user-friendly to me. I may regret it though. Thank you again!
  11. J - Thank you!!! I have PM'ed Groovy - but I haven't heard back from her. I'm thinking that I created a problem when I accidentally FTP'ed the Gallery patch first. I then realized it was the wrong thing. I didn't delete it and went back and got the Gallery program (or is it a script???). I FTP'ed it and that created a hierarchy of gallery/gallery. The second folder has the actual program/script in it. could that be my problem? Also, I've tried moving the files to the first folder, but I can't figure out how to do it. Bless you!
  12. Jikrantz - I have FTP's, set permissions and am now trying to run the installer. I'm sorry if I'm not giving enough information. I'm completely new at this. Sorry!! :-(
  13. Groovy - I PM'ed you. Thank you! I am trying to install Gallery. That error is a page that I created - I don't remember what number error page it is. I play around with too much stuff sometimes. Thanks!
  14. It's one of the page errors that I created - for a file that's not showing up because I didn't load it right - I forgot the acutal file number - that's what I get for fiddling with things I'm not supposed to. http://www.thecorpwriter.com/gallery That's what the tutorial says I'm supposed to go to. Also, I published a gallery patch first. Then realized it was a patch. I went back and downloaded the actual script and published it. so now I have a file structure of gallery(patch)/gallery(script). Is this the problem?? If so, how do I fix it?? I've tried moving files in the file-manager but I'm not figuring it out. Thanks!!
  15. Ok - I almost got it - but when I got to http://www.mysite.com/gallery all I get is an error. I LOVE THAT TUTORIAL!! I understand it! LOL But - I've obviously done something wrong and can't figure out what I diid. Help?
  16. Hi guys - I don't speak this CGI, perl, php, etc. language. I found gallery and think it'll work for me. I've been reading the entire website and I don't understand anything. They've got documentation on how to install to: Installing on a Unix/Linux Server with FTP Installing on a Unix/Linux Server with Shell Access Installing on a Windows Server (Apache) Installing on a Windows Server (IIS) What is all this? How do I understand it? I've read it all and none of it makes sense. I don't understand server-sides or any of this. I'm set to download it - it's sitting in my zip file. I'm scared to extract it - I don't know where to put it or how to set it up. The manual they have on their site is too technical for me. I'm using FP to build my website. Can anyone help me?? Thanks! WAIT - - I found the tch page that explains it. Let me see if I can figure it out from there. Sorry!!
  17. Window (is it okay that I jumped in?)
  18. Ok - so it's mainly for articles! Hmm - I need one of those too. Ok .... The other think I'm looking for on my portfolio page is a page broken down into groups. Newsletters, Books, Magaizine articles, etc... Under each heading there would be a small thumnail pix with a small description. Clicking on the pix creates another page of fulll size with more description of the job. I've tried using FrontPage to create this, but it ain't happening. I'm not the most experienced fish in the sea (excuse the pun please) but I really thought I could do this. I'm desparate!! Do you have any advice?? I'm gonna check out using the PHP-NUKE for my Article Content page... Cool!! Thanks!!
  19. Hey guys - I'm really confused about all this php, script, cgi, sql stuff. I'll admit it - don't flog me - I use <gasp> FrontPage!! I know, I know, I need to learn HTML. No time - I'm too old and my brain won't grasp it. Here's my question. I need something that will let me place my portfolio on my website. I going through the c-panel I saw the PHP-NUKE thingy and it says that it's an online content management thingy. WOW! I thought to myself, this could be it. So, me being my resourseful little self, I went searching all over the internet and can find nada about PHP-NUKE that tells me in pea-brain language (my required reading level) what PHP-NUkE does. Can someone help me?? Explain to me what it does in layman terms, real laymen terms. And how I can use it to build my portfolio on webpages, if at all?? Or, if not, does someone have any ideas?? Thanks!! Shelle :Nerd:
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