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  1. Gosh - that doesn't sound too bad. Okay, I think I can handle that. Thank you!!!!!! Apparently I can't stop asking questions. . . Sorry! Thank you guys for all your help. I'm sure I'll be back on later tonight or tomorrow with more questions. LOL
  2. Ahh - - ok. I don't know how to create an .htaccess file. Is it hard?? I'll do some research on creating one and see if I can figure it out. Thank you again!!!!
  3. I did as you said and changed my permalinks back to default. And now you can see my pages!!! You are AWESOME!!!!!!! Uhm - so that means I can't change my permalinks at all??? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!
  4. Whew - ok. I'll try that. I'll have to refer to your instructions as I do it though! Thank you guys for your time, assistance and patience with me. Okay, I have another question. . . Hopefully it's the last one for at least a day or two. I don't know what I've done - but I don't think I've done anything at all - but my pages that I'm creating on my WP site aren't showing up. I actually changed the templates today to see if it was an issue with the template that I had uploaded - and it's not. I get a 404 error when I go to the "About FollowAWriter" page and the "A Writer's Arsenal" page. My website is www.followawriter.com Do you guys have a clue what I could look for or check on and where to check for a problem?????? As I said, I did change templates today and still had the same issue so I don't believe it's the template itself that's the issue. Again, bless you guys!!!
  5. Thank you, Thomas! I see what I was doing wrong. I'll do this later... Uhm, I installed FireFox - and downloaded that toolbar thingy. And went to my page and clicked on the little css section and clicked on "edit css" and a box came up and it showed my page in css format. Wheee! And - well - I don't know what to do next! I think I'm screwed! LOL Royally screwed. I don't know a thing about css and editing this looks scary. Anyway - I'll research and figure somethings out - in the meantime - I don't really understand what I'm supposed to do. This is what I THINK I'm supposed to do. I'm supposed to use that css sheet, make changes where necessary, click on that little save icon - save it to my computer - then ftp it to my cpanel file, where necessary. Right????????????? Sorry for being a PITA. It's just been so long since I've done this and I'm more than extremely lost.
  6. Hi Bruce - I'm sorry I had this posted in the wrong place. Thank you for moving it. I think I understand what you are saying.... TCH - Thomas had said this to me in another post: If you know a little css you will have no problem with this either. If you use Firefox, you can install an extension called Web Developer Toolbar (chrispederick.com/work/web-developer/). With this toolbar you can mark the header for example and it will show you where in the css to modify things for your header. Do your changes right in your browser, save it to your computer and upload it to the folder which contains the css file to overwrite it. Don´t forget to always have the themes original css file stored on your computer if something goes wrong. I believe you are both talking about the same thing... I think. Is this correct??? Is there another way to make template changes - or am I really going to have to learn CSS?? I'll go back and change my permissions back to original and download this toolbar and try it out tonight. Lord willing I won't kill everything... LOL Thank you!!!! Also - - is there a particular webmail that you guys use/recommend? Horde? SquirrelMail? I'm having trouble setting up my domain email through my outlook. We're using Vista, so I'm thinking it won't work. There were no set up files for Vista.
  7. Woo-Hoo!! I can't believe I remember how to do some things. I actually got a wordpress theme uploaded and unpacked into my cpanel in the right place. Amazing!! I need to change some things on my theme template and I read in the WordPress Codex about setting permissions. I did that in Cpanel, but I can't get the theme to save my changes in the theme manager. I don't know anything about CSS but I can kinda figure out what number is the header box height/width, etc. When I go to make those changes in the header that I changed permissions to groups writable (per Codex) it won't allow me to save it. What am I doing wrong?? **I am going to be on here a LOT in the upcoming months.... sorry!
  8. What would be the advantage/disadvantage of pointing the 2nd domain to my 1st domain? Does it help/hurt? It will probably be 3 - 6 months + before I'm ready to open the 2nd domain. Thank you, Thomas! And thank you, getitdone!! I don't know how to include your comments in this one. Sorry. You guys are great!
  9. Wow! I didn't know I could still get in here. It's been at least 2 - 3 years - and I tried a username and password just to see if it worked - and it did!! Woo-Hoo!! Anyway, I posted yesterday, as a guest, in the pre-sales forum. I used to have a website hosted by TCH and loved it here - and I'm coming back. I bought my hosting package today, so I'm just waiting to get clearance for pointing DNS here. Can't wait!! Anyhoo - - (sorry, I'm a writer by profession and tend to ramble) I was trying to decide on using WP or Joomla. I think I'm going to use WP on this site. I may use Joomla on another site I bought the domain for later.. So, I'm looking around at WP themes, checking out WP forums, TCH forums and I'm thinking that I really need to get a clear picture of what I'm going to want my site to do, correct? I guess what I'm asking is: Do I have to watch out for themes that make it clear that they're "widget-friendly"? How strict is TCH on using plug-ins?? How easy, hard is it to modify headers, footers, etc in WP themes? I'm praying they're WYSIWYG-friendly. Are they?? Also, I'm thinking of creating another site (domain name already purchased). In the meantime, it's not hosted somewhere. What do I do with this domain name? Leave it parked at GoDaddy? Can I "park" it as a subdomain on my 1st site? Is that recommended?? I understand that I'll have to purchase another hosting package when I'm ready to do something with it - so what do I do with it in the meantime?? I have a thousand other questions and I'm sure I'll be on the forums quite a bit in the next few months. I love the support and family here. I'm glad to be back!
  10. Okay, that makes sense. I found some plugin sites and some of the plugins are cool. I know what to do now. Bless you guys!! THIS is why I love TCH!! Thank you!!!!!!
  11. Hey Bruce - I actually took out the popular tags code - then, I got another error for Latest Posts.... I'm assuming that I'll either have to remove all of those codes - - - OR - - - install those plugins. Right? I don't know anything about plugins, but there's a place in WP admin to go to plugins. Is that where I go and what do I do to install them? Is it as simple as uploading it into my CPanel? Where would I install them? Thanks for the fast reply!!
  12. Hey guys - I am brand new to using WP and I have been playing around with some themes and stuff. One of the themes that I really love is giving me a huge error message. I found out where and how to edit it, but I don't know what to edit. Can you help? My page is: http://www.shellecastlesmelton.com You'll see the error there. Here's the page with the code. Do you see anything wrong?? <div id="leftcol"> <ul> <br /> <li><!-- Calendar --> <div class="sidebartext"> <?php get_calendar(1); ?> </div> </li><!-- End of Calendar --> <br /> <li><!-- Popular Tags --> <h2><?php _e('Popular Tags'); ?></h2> <?php $minfont = 8; $maxfont = 12; $fontunit = "px"; $category_ids_to_exclude = ""; popular_tags($minfont, $maxfont, $fontunit, $category_ids_to_exclude); ?> </li><!-- End Popular Tags --> <br /><br /> <li><!-- Latest Post --> <h2><?php _e('Latest Post'); ?></h2> <?php query_posts('showposts=10'); ?> <ul> <?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?> <li><a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>"><span class="date"><?php the_time('m.j') ?></span> <?php the_title() ?> </a></li> <?php endwhile; endif; ?> </ul> </li><!-- End of Latest --> <li><!-- Recent Comments --> <h2><?php _e('Recent Comments'); ?></h2> <ul> <?php get_recent_comments(); ?> </ul> </li><!-- End of Comments --> <li><!-- Recently Commented Post --> <h2><?php _e('Recently Updated'); ?></h2> <ul> <?php c2c_get_recently_modified(3); ?> </ul> </li><!-- End Recently Commented Post --> <li><!-- Categories --> <h2><?php _e('Categories'); ?></h2> <ul> <?php list_cats(0, '', 'name', 'asc', '', 1, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0,'','','','','') ?> </ul> </li><!-- End of Categories --> <li><!-- Archives --> <h2><?php _e('Archives By Month'); ?></h2> <ul> <?php wp_get_archives('type=monthly'); ?> </ul> </li><!-- End of Archives --> <?php if ( is_home() ) { ?> <?php if (function_exists('wp_theme_switcher')) { ?> <li><!-- Theme switcher --> <h2><?php _e('Themes'); ?></h2> <?php wp_theme_switcher(); ?> </li><!-- End of Theme switcher --> <?php } ?> <li><!-- Blog Stats --> <h2><?php _e('Blog Stats'); ?></h2> <?php $numposts = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE post_status = 'publish'"); if (0 < $numposts) $numposts = number_format($numposts); $numcomms = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM $wpdb->comments WHERE comment_approved = '1'"); if (0 < $numcomms) $numcomms = number_format($numcomms); $numcats = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM $wpdb->categories"); if (0 < $numcats) $numcats = number_format($numcats); ?> <div class="text"><?php printf(__('There are currently <span class="counts">%1$s</span> posts and <span class="counts">%2$s</span> comments, contained within <span class="counts">%3$s</span> categories.'), $numposts, $numcomms, $numcats); ?></div> </li><!-- End Blog Stats--> <?php } ?> </ul> </div> Anyone see anything wrong? I just don't know coding at all. Thanks in advance.
  13. GroovyFish and Mr. Lucas - Thank you guys!! Uhm, I'm thinking that I need to scrap everything I've done and do something with a template I can change.... LOL I'm confused on these issues: 1. The only file I'm changing is the index.html file I think. Right? It has buttons and a graphic logo on it that I want to change. Is each button it's own separate file? I'm confused! 2. What format do I need to make note of? What files? I'm lost! ARGH!!! 3. I'm going to print out both of your notes and try to follow them step by step. I just don't understand the file and file names and types. Can you give me an example so I understand?? 4. When you edit the original PSD file, how do you retain the font type? And, I lost the tiny "down arrow" graphic on the button too - how do I keep that? I saw no way to just "change" the text on the buttons - only how to delete it and create my own. 5. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?? This stuff is too hard to relay to someone. ...*sigh* And I like to think of myself and somewhat computer literate... Groovyfish - - did you notice that I lost the Gallery? I lost it in a virus my computer had and it corrupted my files on my server... I"m sorry. You were sooo wonderful helping me. I finally decided to just use the FP picture placard program and it works for my purposes for now. Bless you!! I didn't want you to think that your work was all in vain. Thank you both!!! Shel
  14. Ohhh - - I know you!! We've talked before!! Bless you old friend!!! Bless you!! Not that you're old or anything, just that we haven't talked in a while... you know, ahh - fuhgedaboudit! LOL
  15. Hey GroovyFish! I didn't get an e-mail telling me I got a response! Sorry!! Thank you! Thank you!! Got a few more questions: 1. As for the PSD file, it has all these lines on it. Is that slices???? 2. What file type do I need to adjust the image output to? I'm guessing .gif, but I'm not sure. 3. I need to save the images (because it'll create several images, right?) in my web folder under the images folder, right? 4. Save as type - which is better? Just images or HTML & Images? What's the difference? 5. I think the template comes with a CSS file that allows me to create a drop down menu. I don't know much about CSS and I'm wondering if saving the images as images or both will affect that... 6. You gonna write that e-book and get rich? You should! 7. Template only looks good so far because someone else created it. 8. I slept well, thank you! Did you? 9. Yes, I have said it before. And will keep saying it! 10. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!
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