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  1. Hey Rick - I fotgot to tell you, I tried localhost too. I get this error: Error: Couldn't connect to the specified MySQL server Could it be because I could be using the wrong MySQL username and password? I dont' know what that is, I didn't create one for it. I'm assuming that as I'm adding the information to the install.php page that it is creating it for me. Also, I'm using "lma" as my database name. I am not adding anything to it. Should I be using "lma_database" or something?? It doesn't say to in the intall instructions. Any other ideas for the database server? Thanks! Shel
  2. Here's the link to Duncan's software - and it's FREE! http://www.onlinemarketingtoday.com/software/
  3. Hey guys - Yup, it's me again. This time I'm trying to install Duncan Carver's Link Management Assistant. It's a REALLY COOL link management tool and it's free. I'll try to find the website and post it here for you guys. Right now, I've followed the instructions exactly - wow, I'm getting pretty good at this PHP stuff!! I created a database in MySQL called LMA and added a user with all priviledges. When I go to the install page: http://www.thecorpwriter.com/lma/install.php It asks for the MySQL database server. I've put my server #, I've put my URL, I've put my user name and nothing is working. Can you tell me what it is?? Also, I'm confused on what the MySQL username and password is. Do I create it there? Does it have to be different from the admin username and password? Thanks guys!!!! Shel
  4. TJ - - Whew! Glad I didn't mess up! Dick - - I got it! Had to CTRL F5 my cache (trick I knew to use but didn't think about). Refreshing didn't help. The phpBB forum is great! Thank you! Rock Sign
  5. Jikrantz - I think I called you Thomas... Sorry! Thanks for letting me know about this. Major problem!! This is the first I've heard of anyone having issues. I'll check into it. Thanks! Shel
  6. ACK Thomas!! I use Firefox myself and it works just fine. Can you try it again for me? Maybe refresh? I heard somewhere that the latest version of Firefox has some issues.... (sigh) It's some type of DHTM or whatever type it's called, drop-down menu. It it still doen't work, do you know how I can fix it? Thank you for letting me know! Shel
  7. Dick - I did what you said. I think I navigated to the right place. I deleted the logo_phpBB.gif (looked at it to make sure). I uploaded, via the CPanel, my renamed (logo_phpBB.gif) and it isn't showing up. What did I do wrong? Sorry! I'm a dim-wit at this stuff. You'd think I'd stop trying to do new and completely insane things. Especially when I don't have enough traffic yet to warrant this. But I willl! Working on some big projects right now. Ok, I'm rambling. Thanks Dick! Shel
  8. Dick! Bless your heart! i'm still confused, but thank you for pointing me to the forum about well - - FORUMS! (grin) I have asked my question there and didn't even have to start a new thread! Aren't you proud? I saw where you got your info. Posted my question right in there. Thank you!!! Shelle
  9. Okay!! Got it! Bless you!!! Since I've got you, can you tell me how to change the headers and stuff? I was able to change the small description but it still says ****** And I want to change the graphic at the top left from PHP.. to my own text graphic. Can you help? Thank you!!! Shel
  10. Dick - I'm sorry!! I still need more help. Where is the phpmyadmin at? Where's the database for my board? I'm plain ill-equiped to do this kind of stuff, but I'm a fast learner. I'm sorry! Shelle
  11. Dick - I can't change the user level from 0 to 1 because I can't get back into the admin panel. Plus, I dont't know how to do that. I cannot log in as the admin at all!!!! How do I fix this? Please help. Thanks! Shel
  12. Don - I just registered as a new person. No problem. I still can't get in as my original profile which I assume contains the Admin permissions so I can change things. I asked for a new password and it gave me one. It won't work either. Shel
  13. Thanks Don - I am VERY sure of the username and password. I tried the MySql and created a new user and password. Still can't get in. My forum is at: http://www.thecorpwriter.com/forum I couldn't figure out how to change the name and stuff either. And I'd like to add a text graphic at the top and remove the PHPBB graphic. Help!
  14. I created my forum today and must have done something wonky in it. When I go back to CPanel to make changes as the admin - it takes me to the forum page, but there's no link at the bottom anymore that says to go to the admin page! Also, I tried to log in using my adming name and password. I couldn't get in. I requested a new password and that won't work. Did I screw up? Shel
  15. Thank you Bruce. I will keep that for future reference. I got rid of the FTP Navigator too. I'm just clueless about this stuff! Thank you though!!!
  16. Hey guys - I'm sorry. I'm too impatient... I signed up for a free autoresponder. Won't like it very much, but I need to get it up and running very shortly. Thank you for all the help. I'm going to go see if there's a forum area where I can put in a request for this type of thing. Thank you!!! Shelle
  17. Bruce - Nope, I use FP 2002 and that's my FTP client. Can I use this? OR can you make a suggestion? I wouldn't know how to begin to FTP this from FP 2002 either. I'm so sorry!!! I'm a dummy at this kind of stuff! I also wouldn't know how to use another FTP client either, alhtough I know what it does, basically.... ACK!!! Can you me into shape?? Shel ==========EDIT=========== Okay, maybe I'm biting off more than I can chew... I downloaded FTP Navigator. I don't understand it at all. It has a list of servers, how do you know which one to pick? It also gives you a choice of adding one. Lord, I am in way over my head. Someone help?
  18. Bruce - I don't know what the difference is or how to do it differently. Basically I went in and uploaded them as they were. I uploaded the files from CPanel. Did I do it wrong? Also, did you see my other post about the server error I'm getting now? I see that you merged the two posts. Thank you. ar.cgi file is 755.
  19. ahhh ... So I need to keep the folder name the same then? Okay - let me try that one out. Thank you! Shelle ***** EDIT ****** Okay, I changed the name of the folder to autoresponder and changed the permissions to 777, 755 and 775 trying to get it to work. Now I get an Internal Server Error. Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@thecorpwriter.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/1.3.31 Server at www.thecorpwriter.com Port 80 Help?
  20. Hey guys - I posted this in the Looking for.... forum, but I edited it to say that I was bringing the question here. I only posted it in that forum because that was where I initially started my thread about autoresponders. I found Autoresponder Unlimited and it has great reviews. At least that's all I can find. I downloaded, changed the things I needed. I uploaded it according to the directions. And CHMOD the files and folders it said to do. It gave recommendations on CHOMD folder for the autoresponder to 777, 775, or 755 and I tried all of them. Here's my admin log in page url that's supposed to work: http://www.thecorpwriter.com/cgi-bin/autoresponder/ar.cgi I get a 404 error. Help? Do I need to open a support ticket? I'm lost! Thanks guys!!! I'm waiting on pins and needles for this. Would like to get it up and running asap. Shel
  21. Okay, I'm back. Uploaded the folders as instructed. It recommended CHOMD files and folders. Which I did. It gave recommendations on CHOMD folder for autoresponder to 777, 775, or 755 and I tried all of them. Here's my admin log in page url that's supposed to work: http://www.thecorpwriter.com/cgi-bin/autoresponder/ar.cgi I get a 404 error. Help? Do I need to open a support ticket? I'm lost! Shelle ****EDIT**** I'm moving my request to the scripts forum area - I think I'll get better response this way. Thanks guys!
  22. Ahhh - - - Bless you!!! That's what it gave me. Must be the same for most or something? Okay, no need to answer that one. I'll probably be back. Thank you! Thank you! Shelle
  23. Okay - I found one and I'm working on uploading it. It's asking me to do this: # Type the full path to your EMail program. # If you're not sure of this, ask your server administrator $mailprog="/usr/sbin/sendmail"; See! Told you I would be lost. What is this? What do I change? **Edit - - Also, it's telling me to make sure that I upload files and folders. I've done this before but it says to make sure they're in ASCII not BINARY. How do I make sure I do this? Thanks!!
  24. Rob - In looking at the TCH movie tutorial on autoresponders, it looks like it is used for a one-sie autoresponse (i.e., I am out of the office right now....) I will see what I can find. I don't know how to understand the descriptions under most of these scripts. They're too technical for me. They don't say the words I'm expecting them to. They use things like Unix based, no CGI bin database required (I know I'm messing this up, but that's the genreal words I'm seeing although probably not in that order.) I may have to go with an off-site autoresponder for now although I really don't want to. It's getting late and I will continue my search tomorrow morning. If anyone else has any ideas, could they please let me know? Thanks!
  25. I've spent about 45 minutes searching through the forums. If I'm reading right, TCH does NOT support any type of auto-responder program at all... Is that right? I know nothing about PHP, CGI or any of that stuff. I use FP 2002 if that tells you anything. I send my newsletter through yahoogroups but would like to have something integrated within my site for both my newsletter and an e-course autoresponder series. If I went the PHP or other script route, I would need some serious help on getting it installed and running correctly. I mean SERIOUS! Here's what I'm needing: A system that allows my visitors to fill out a double opt-in form. One for my monthly newsletter that is broadcasted when I choose. Second, I need the same type of double opt-in form for my 7-day e-mail course that I can change, export/import addresses, increase the # of autoresponses, add more autoresopnder series. I also would like to be able to use HTML & text to send these. And capturing e-mail and name and address would be GREAT! Any advice?? Help!?
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