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  1. Yep, that is what I was talking about, server wide. I am sure that everyone would like to have these basic functions.
  2. Any possibility of implmenting some of the plug-in's for Squirrelmail? I would love to see are Addressbook Import-Export . It takes a CSV addressfile and imports it into Squirrelmail. That would be great for moving my horde address book to Squirrelmail Another is Address Add, Adds the "From Address" to your address book, via a small link next to the From Address found via http://www.squirrelmail.org/plugins_catego...p?category_id=2
  3. server #14, still getting: ERROR : Bad or malformed request. Query: FETCH 3,5,9,10,11 (FLAGS BODY.PEEK[HEADER.FIELDS (RECEIVED)]) Server responded: Command unrecognized: UID FETCH with Squirrellmail
  4. Server#14, getting the following: >>> ERROR : Bad or malformed request. Query: FETCH 3,5,9,10 (FLAGS BODY.PEEK[HEADER.FIELDS (RECEIVED)]) Server responded: Command unrecognized: UID FETCH <<< Anybody else? Horde is working great. thanks
  5. server #14 here and I am getting errors with SquirrelMail
  6. I too would welcome something like port 24 or even 2525 as a "back door" to smtp. So far all my ISP's haven't blocked 25. Then again I don't use EarthLink or anyother ISP that blocks Port 25. But I am moving again in a couple of months and I feel my luck my be running out. Looks like ISP maybe limited to HellSouth or Adelphia. I know that Adelphia blocks port 25, sometimes all ports due to their horrible internet service in general! I think that HellSouth is now blocking Port 25 with their DSL service.
  7. for some reason I am getting errors when trying to "pop" my tch email. I have changed nothing on my side. Anybody else having issues "pop'in" mail. Port is not blocked and it worked great till Friday. No changes on my side in my email client. checked and didn't see any messages of server maint. I wonder if norton AV 2k3 has slipped in an upgrade that is doing something with my pop3 retrevial? Will investigate this on my side. My horde webmail inteface works great. thanks!
  8. It doesn't appear to be possible to disable browsing of public_html via cpanel. It is possible to disable every other folder but public_html. What commands to I need to add to my .htaccess file to disable directory browsing of my "public_html" folder. thanks
  9. Fyi, Avant 8 is out and released. no more beta's. http://www.avantbrowser.com . you have to dig a bit to get the download. I don't like the redesign of the web page. Avantbrowser is much better than CrazyBrowser. Crazy hasn't been updated in a long time.
  10. I haven't read of any huge security holes in SSH lately, unlike Microsoft passport. Why the shutdown on ssh access at TCH to new clients? I am sure this will end up causing you guys to lose some possible new clients. just wondering
  11. I just purchased a new domain. As I understand it, I can not have abc.com and def.com use my same tch account. ie; can't have mail, ftp,web for both domains running off one account. As part of my switch, I want to just have email fwd'ed from the new domain to my old one. where the domain is parked that service is offered for $10.00 a year. Options are to use their name servers or create an mx record on your existing domain and have it point to an xx.xx.com server on their domain to get the email fwd'ing to work. Can TCH create me an MX record to do this, or is this beyond the scope of
  12. I just purchased another domain. Is it possible to get it to "work" off my existing domain with its own email, ftp, website ....etc. Have the two domains "share" my exsiting space? I would like to phase out my old domain (over time) and move to the new one. is it possilbe to do this? what would be the extra cost be or is it not possible to do this? thanks
  13. No, I am not using my space here for a dedicated FTP server with 900 megs of MP3's. Just wanted to have a couple of dedicated ftp directories where friends of mine could upload possible content for my web pages or download edited content that I don't want everyone to see. Creation of FTP directories and its location was not a huge issue at my old hosting provider. It was easy to do using the H-Sphere interface. No need to create sub-domains, lock directories, turn off indexing etc. Seems that cpanel being as user friendly as it is, takes more steps and work arounds than H
  14. Whew!!! yep, doing all those steps does accomplish it. thanks for the help. a reminder to all who want to do this. In Cpanel when creating the users account under the subdomain, ie abcftp. Make sure you do the following to the path: /public_html/abcftp/username if you don't, the the user has full access to the abcftp directory.
  15. nope, I have no such box ===My CPanel 6 FTP create Account Optons Add Ftp Account Login: Password: Directory: /home/abc/public_html/ Create Clear ============= After the abc/public_html/ that is the only place i have to specify the directory. I can not imbed anything. and by default, the account name is automatically inserted after the public_html/ As for the disabling of indexing of /public_html, it isn't possible via Cpanel, so for most users, it isn't possible.
  16. oh, FYI, you can't disable indexing on the /public_html directory. There is no way to "hide" what directories are created under /public_html. It also isn't possible to put a FTP directory off the root of /public_html/ftp. Then put accounts under the ftp directory.. /public_html/ftp/User1, /public_html/ftp/User2. Not possible to do any of this. All ftp accounts default off the "root" of /public_html. Suggestions?
  17. In an attempt to "hide" all my directories in /home/abc.com/public_html, I have attempted to turn off the indexing. Sorry, that isn't a choice. It isn't possible to disable the indexing of the /public_html directory to stop directory browsing. So now I don't seem to have any choices on how to setup my FTP accounts so nobody can see them. I can't create a directory called FTP and put directories under that, Cpanel won't let me. What is the solution? I don't think I am asking for a very complicated proceedure. I would like to put my FTP directories under an FTP directory with users acc
  18. I guess I want to have control of where under /home/domainname I can put my ftp directories. Having the default to /home/domainname/public_html is not that flexiable. Just create a ftp user and Cpanel will by default put the ftp directory in /home/abc.com/public_html. it is accessable by all users on the html side, unless it is locked with the webprotect option. You guys have hard-coded /home/abc.com/public_html into the path of Cpanels ftp path. There is no method to change it to /home/abc.com/ftp I didn't want to turn off indexing, but that seems to be the only solution.
  19. yep, I saw how to webprotect the dir. But I don't want 10 users name and ftp DIRs open for all the public to see. There has got to be a way to change the default in Cpanel. Other solution I can thing of is to block access by using Linux file and directory security. Have the dirs where only myself and user can access the dirs.
  20. I don't want anyone to access my FTP account via web browser. That appears to be the case when I use the CPanel defaults. It creates ftp user directories under the /home/abc.com/public_html directory. I want to create an account that is private and is located in /home/abc.com/ftp/Account1, account2, account3. I don't see anything listed in the cpanel docs as to how I can point my ftp account creation to another path other than /home/abc.com/public_html. Is there I file I can edit in cpanel to change the default location. If there are some docs that outline this, please point me
  21. We now can use SSL to access webmail, but the problem is still there... port 2096. Lots of companies firewalls block ports above 1024. Why can't we get webmail to run on 8080? or even port 81? Webmail at TCH isn't what I can get with yahoo or even crummy hotmail... access from any pc anywhere. Since port 2096 is blocked at my office, I have to use other solutions such as web2mail to check my email. This is the only thing I miss from my previous hosting provider. Webmail on a true "web port" port 80. Put this on the "wishlist"!
  22. For those of us unlucky enough to have the upper ports that hord/imp uses blocked by firewalls, try going to: www.mail2web.com Used the Advanced section. Yeah, it isn't the hord/imp interface, but it is quick and supports Imap. I know other solutions are to have a "true" webmail account that runs on port 80 such as yahoo or hotmail "pull" it for you. Just wish TCH would run webmail on a true "web" port...80 maybe this SSL redirect solution mentioned in the forum will be a great work around once the details are posted.
  23. does squirrelmail use the mail boxes created by horde? Sm won't do me much good if it creates its own mailboxes and infrastructure, will it? I have only done a quick "glance" at the install and docs. Thanks
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