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  1. Is webdav enabled on TCH servers? If so, what has to be done to enable it?
  2. Just wondering.... is sftp available for TCH accounts? I have SSH access, but when I attempt to establish an sftp session, it authenticates, and then immediately disconnects me. Thanks!
  3. That is what I originally thought as well. But that does not explain why I am able to send mail to the exact same email addresses through a different SMTP server, with no problems. Mail goes right through to the exact same recipients if I send through any other SMTP server; it only appears to be when sending from a TCH account that I get these bounces. It's weird, I know, since the bounces pretty clearly seem to indicate a problem with the recipients' mailboxes. Yet, as I am able to send mail to these people through other hosts, I am led to the conclusion that there must be a problem somewhere between server11 and their mail servers. Any other thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Having a rather strange email issue... It seems as though, when sending mail to certain domains, the recipient's mail server is unable to find the recipient's email account. This only seems to happen when we send mail using our TCH mail account (messages sent using different SMTP go through just fine). The first time this happened, a couple of weeks ago, I assumed that it was a problem with the recipient's email server, and contacted the organization's mail admin (still awaiting response). However, this began happening again with a second recipient's domain. We are able to send mail to these same addresses with no problems using a different email account. In other words, if I have two email accounts (w/ different SMTP) set up on the same machine, in the same mail client, I am able to successfully send email to the users in question with my non-TCH account, while mail sent from the TCH account always bounces with the same error message. I was originally inclined to think that it was a problem with the recipient's email server, but since this exact same problem is now ocurring with two different recipient domains, I am beginning to suspect a larger problem. Is it possible that our TCH domain (homebaseccc.org) or server11 are somehow on a blacklist of some kind? I can think of no reason why this would be the case, but am unsure what else would explain this strange behaviour. This is beginning to frustrate me to no end! Below are two sample bounce messages (names/accounts have been munged with *** to protect privacy). Thanks to anyone who can help!
  5. I would like to make my webmail site default to the SSL encrypted version. Is there a way to do this, so that I don't have to go to http://domain/webmail, log in under clear text, click on the SSL link, and then log in all over again?
  6. And - emails don't take up a significant amount of space if you remove attachments. One can save thousands and thousands of 4k email messages without using a significant amount of disk space.
  7. I like to keep things on the server so that I can read my mail from multiple locations using webmail. Why else would someone want to leave their messages on the server?
  8. The weird thing is that as soon as a new copy of this message comes through, the old copy is deleted from the server (my email client shows me whether a copy is currently stored on the server or not). This does not happen with any other emails, and I've now received three of these just this morning! ------------ Date: 06 Feb 2003 13:50:25 -0500 From: Mail System Internal Data <MAILER-DAEMON@server11.totalchoicehosting.com> Subject: DON'T DELETE THIS MESSAGE -- FOLDER INTERNAL DATA Message-ID: <1044557425@server11.totalchoicehosting.com> X-IMAP: 1044470932 0000000007 Status: RO This text is part of the internal format of your mail folder, and is not a real message. It is created automatically by the mail system software. If deleted, important folder data will be lost, and it will be re-created with the data reset to initial values.
  9. I'm a new user of total choice. In the last two days, three separate emails from Mail System Internal Data have shown up in my inbox. I have not deleted any of them, and in fact I have my email client set to leave copies of all my POP messages on the server. Can anyone explain why I keep getting these, and what I can do to make them go away? Thanks!
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