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  1. Thanks, guys! Just heard back from the trouble ticket itself; site apperars to be functioning as expected again. Thank you for saving my neck!
  2. Right on--thanks for the reply. Looking forward to learning as much about what happend as possible.
  3. Hey, I opened a ticket earlier ([#XTY-683-59727]: my website reverted to an earlier state) and got a couple quick responses...but the issue is unresolved, and now it's been a couple hours since I've gotten a response. The ticket is still listed as open, and last I knew, TCH had 24 support. Anybody know if that's changed?
  4. I figured out what was wrong. i was inserting my posts from ms word, which was tossing in junk code that made IE freak; removed junk code and everything now works.
  5. Hi. my site is http://www.archetypalimages.com. I'm running it through wordpress right now, and while everything seems to work beautifully through firefox, Opera and Safari (PC version), IE is not liking it. on many pages the sidebar doesn't show at all, many of the posts appear blank, and there are other missing items as well. Since everything is working fine in the other browsers i'm really confused and don't know where to start looking for the fix. I'm using the most recent install of wordpress, so i know that's not it. Any suggestions???
  6. I like the subdirectory idea... Perhaps i'll give that a spin once i'm able to get back to giving it some attention. Thanks!
  7. I see what you're saying, Lee, about quick customization and updating, which is part of why i started looking down this road to begin with...but as a visual artist i'm looking to make a site that is far more unique, graphically, and the impression i've been getting is that to accomplish that with a CMS is going to be really tough and time consuming--of course, if i'm wrong, someone please tell me.
  8. At the moment i'm getting the feeling that a CMS may not be the way for me to go. I'm being pulled away from the redesign just yet, so i'll need to think it over some more before i know for sure, so if i have more questions i'll post them. Still, if anyone else cares to throw out some suggestions i'd love to hear them. Cheers!
  9. Basically this is a site to showcase/promote/sell my artwork. I make regular updates to the site, adding new art and now blogs, as well. Allowing people to comment on my postings and my artwork is key. Sending out a regular newsletter and offering RSS is also key, to keep people informed of updates. What i have now is a cob-fab of a straight up HTML site, using wordpress and PHPlist. It's hardly a seamless presentation, and i really want to cut a lot of fat and streamline my content. Due to my graphic design skills i want to create a very personal, simple, seamless (as possible) site; However, i don't really have much free-time...and i don't know how challenging learning how to get what i want aesthetically out of a CMS would be. Even though designing in HTML can be an exercise in frustration at times, i'm familiar with it and like how i can rather quickly and easily put in my own touches. One thing that i can see might come in really handy with a CMS is that i may begin doing a regular webcomic in the near future. Of course, I could simply create a page in WordPress that's devoted to the strip, so again, i'm not sure if the need is really there. What i also don't know is how hard it would be if i went ahead with my basic re-design and simply wanted to deal with a CMS down the road; i'm guessing it could very well be a pain in the butt to integrate my design into the CMS after the fact, and that if i was going to do it at all it might be wisest to do it in tandem. Also, i've been learning flash and am strongly considering adding active flash content to the site. Having a calendar of events is also something i'd like to incorporate. Maybe a forum, but not necessarily; the one i've used up till now hasn't been as useful as i thought, and i think having postings from readers in response to what i'm doing is more what i'm after than back and forth discussions. Hopefully this gives you some ideas of where i'm at. I could get more specific, if that would help. Thanks for the assistance, by the way.
  10. I realize the decision will have to be my own...but despite my new relationship with wordpress i must admit to being an ignorant savage when it comes to knowing what questions i should even be asking myself to come to a conclusion. I can see that a CMS is useful for sites that want to have multi-user access, and that it serves far more purposes than that...i'm just too confused by what articles i've read on the web so far; they all assume the reader has some familiarity with CMS's, and i do not--i simply stumbled on this at one point and rediscovered it as i was pre-planning my re-design. If i hadn't saved a link to a random CMS article i never even would considered it and would have proceeded to design my site without it. Basically i lack enough information to make an educated decision, so i'm hoping someone with more experience can help me grasp what i should be asking myself.
  11. Howdy. I'm getting ready to revamp my website with a complete overhaul, and I figure now is a good time to determine if I would benefit from having a content management system like Drupal, or if that might be an unnecessary headache, given my needs. I've designed various sites over the years, though i by no means consider myself a professional web designer. At this point i can build a pretty decent looking site using Photoshop, Image Ready and Dreamweaver, and my site is mainly personal for my artwork (this site was designed prior to a good grasp of the skills i have today, which is part of the motivation for the redesign). This last spring i finally went and got myself set up with WordPress and PHPlist, which took quite a bit of monkeying around to get it the way i wanted (and i'm still not satisfied with how it all looks), and i don't know if i'm ready to learn yet another whole new system. My problem is i don't have a sense for the cost effectiveness of going with a CMS--will the up front time investment be worth the benefit, or would it be an overkill? I'm not even sure what questions i should be asking myself to weigh the pros & cons. If anyone can help by throwing out factors i should be considering in making this kind of decision i'd really appreciate it. Thanks! Oh, if you want to look at my current site to get a sense for the content, it's www.archetypalimages.com
  12. that's just one of the mysteries of the universe, i guess.
  13. Hi. I don't know if anyone here may be able to help, but something very strange is going on with my site...i think. Here's the scoop: a couple hours ago i was tinkering with my settings in wordpress, seeing what would happen if i changed either the wordpress address or the blog address to simply my standard domain url. Explaining why i was doing this would be cumbersome, but needless to say i realized that it wasn't something i wanted to do in either case, as it monkeyed with my my site file structure in adverse ways. I changed it back and everything seemed back to normal. Then, a few moments later, I went to my main site (using firefox, recently updated) and all of my css appeared to not be being read; by background was blank and all my text was screwed up. I quickly checked my local files (which were fine), comparing them with my files on the server, and everything was synchronized. I checked other sites, which looked fine. I checked my site on other browsers and on other computers, and they all looked fine. Then, a random fluke, i did something that landed me on my personalized 404 error page, and all the css looked correct. After investigating this further i discovered that if i look at my site (on firefox) with http://archetypalimages.com in the address bar, the site looks fine...but for some reason with "www." added,(http://www.archetypalimages.com), the css is missing. Even though it looks fine in other browsers and other computers both ways, it did start doing this right after my goofing with wordpress...so i have no idea if they're related or not. I've even tried rebooting my computer and checking all of firefox's settings (is set for basic page style) so i'm really confused as to what's goin on. Anybody have an idea? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Edit after this point>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ok, I fixed the problem, but i swear, i'm fricking confused, still. while going through the toollbar/menu options i clicked on View>Reload, and that fixed it. I actually tried reloading the page with the hotkey (Ctrl +r) countless times, so why the F@ck that didn't work i have no friggin' idea. Don't you just love pointless problems that eat up all sorts of valuable time?!?
  14. Looks like he did. Thanks for the tip, Thomas.
  15. Andy, i just opened the ticket and sent you a PM. I don't see it in my sent messages list, though, so if you don't get it let me know and i'll resend.
  16. Thanks for the reply. I'm experiencing something different. To explain, yesterday i accidentally sent a message with xx recipients. to the best of my knowledge they are all valid emails. all were requested to respond acknowledging they received the message. Only a fraction have responded so far, but several that did responded are well beyond the minimum marker. Any idea why this would be? This is part of a larger, critical mystery i am seeking to solve. I've recently taken to using PHPlist for newsletter mailing list and have noticed that i'm getting various anomalies in the tracking system. The message with the xx recipients was not sent through PHP list so that i might troubleshoot the problem...but obviously i'm not getting the sort of results that would be expected from your answer to my question. I'm looking for any advice/insight that might help me solve this mystery.
  17. I know what the limits are, and i opened a ticket to find out what happens if one goes over the limits and i was told that the messages over the limit aren't sent. I tried to ask this next question but didn't get a response from the help desk, so thought maybe someone here could help. If one accidentally does breach the limits, is it that the messages over the limit are NEVER sent, or are they merely delayed? If they are never sent, is there any way to know which ones failed to send? (example: send one message to X+1 people; which one didn't get sent to?)
  18. Bob, you rock! That totally did the trick. Thanks a million!
  19. I saw the same thing when i looked into the code, but when i view the comment section on internet explorer (vs. 6 or 7) the email form has a yellow BG. With firefox it's the same thing, plus it's that way with the name field, too. No Clue why. I'm hoping i can find a fix for this--it's rather annoying.
  20. Ok. I think i get what you're layin' down. I'll play with that and get back to you if i have any trouble. Thanks, Bruce.
  21. So it sounds like you're saying take out the 404 code from the .htaccess file that has the permalink data in it, and wordpress should take care of error pages on its' own? If that's the case, is there a way to personalize those wordpress 404 error pages?
  22. Ok. I can see the wisdom in that...though i'm not sure just how i would go about doing that without it conflicting with the other .htaccess file. Could you explain it further?
  23. I've already posed this question in the wordpress forum in the following thread, but i figured i'd post it here since i always seem to get the quickest response out of the TCH forum: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/161852?...s=1#post-709275 Depending on which browser I use the background for the name and/or email field for the comment section in my wordpress blog is appearing yellow. Since my text is white it’s all but invisible upon the yellow background. I’m assuming the code to change this is either in the comments.php or the CSS…but I’m not sure due to my lack of experience. If anyone here could help me sort this out I’d really appreciate it. The url for my blog is: http://archetypalimages.com/blog/ Thanks!
  24. One last question on this... ...after entering the permalink data into the .htaccess file everything works just fine; i'm wondering...i left the info for the error document 404 in there below the permalink data--is there any reason this would ever cause a problem i'm not aware of, or is this perhaps the best way to go, having them both in there, just in case a post-link does somehow get broken in wordpress at some point?
  25. I finally decided to open a new live support window and try again. finally got someone, but the best they were able to do is point me towards a microsoft troubleshooting page. I decided not to open a ticket because i wouldn't be able to reply if they needed me to, but let me ask you...is there any reason the trouble ticket people would be better to talk to than live support? I thought they might all be on the same team and that it wouldn't make any difference as far as the quality of assistance. Do you know something about that i don't?
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