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  1. Thomas, Oops! That makes total sense. The last thing I want to do is inadvertently help any spammer scum. I've entered a ticket to request the info. Thanks!
  2. I forgot--how many emails can be sent per hour? I was thinking the hard limit was 250, but perhaps it is 200? My client sends out periodic notifications to her customers, none of which are unsolicited, vulgar, illegal, etc. We're committed to adhering to the TOS & Acceptable Use Policy, but neither of these mentions a hard limit for legitimate emails-per-hour. Thanks in advance,
  3. Greetings all, I've just finished my first ASP/SQL Server project, and I'm looking to build a similar application/database here on a TCH-hosted website. So, I'm learning PHP--liking what I see so far! I've learned the basic scripting syntax, but my project will require extensive use of application-level variables. I've learned that these aren't implicitly supported by all versions of PHP, so does anyone know if they're supported on TCH servers? Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Again Bill, thanks! <quote> Bill, thank you so much! I've had no issues whatsoever since I began using TCH last year, and I've been very happy with all aspects of the services you offer, so I was really hoping to get past this predicament as soon as possible. I really do appreciate the quick response... keep up the great work. Scott </quote>
  5. Greetings all... I apologize if this is an appropriate spot for this post, but my client's domain is down, and I'm sitting here helpless since it's a weekend and a holiday. Any admins online who might be able to save my client? Basic situation: Early last month (June), we changed from Deluxe Reseller to Standard Reseller, I set up the change to the monthly billing, and were successfully billed for the change on June 9. Today I wake up, check the site, and it's down--account suspended. The ticket response from TCH had no indication of our $35 charge, so there's clearly some kind of
  6. Hmmm... it seems to only list the new account there. In other words... My base reseller account is kirklandproductions.com. I just added campus-speaker.com. Now when I go into kirklandproductions.com/whm, any interface that shows a list of accounts shows *only* campus-speaker.com, but *not* kirklandproductions.com. Weird? I thought it was a side-effect of some back-end hierarchical structure (like, the new domain "reports to" or "is controlled by" the original domain or something). From the sound of your post, it seems like kirklandproductions.com should definitely be showing up ther
  7. Pointless topic of the day goes to... woooot Today seems to be "pepper the TCH forum with silly questions day" for me. I checked all the cPanel tutorials, didn't find a way to switch. cPanel shows which theme I'm *currently* using, but shows no option for me to switch. I tried chaging "/default/" to "/x/" (and later to "/x2/") within the URL, but no dice. Any insight? *bows* --EDIT--I also noticed you can set up the cPanel theme when you are creating a NEW domain within WHM, and you can change the WHM theme itself... but nowhere could I find a place to change the cPanel theme
  8. Crikey! Looks like I'll have to learn PHP then... Which is cool--it'll be a good resumé-booster. Basically I've got a calendar page right now that is a flat table: *start grimacing now* ( http://www.kirklandproductions.com/calendar.html ) *whew! that was rough!* I've seen some very sexy calenar interfaces out there, which I'd love to work my way up to. Right now, I'm just looking for to create a dynamic set of click-sortable columns. Like, you click on the date column to sort all by date, the artist column to sort all by artist, etc. Now, once the table is populate
  9. I changed the data type from VARCHAR to TEXT, and it worked. Thanks for the help everybody! OK, now that I've got this table, anyone know how it can be accessed for inserts, updates, deletes, SQL-fetches, etc? I'm thinking ASP is the way to go, but again--I'm a newbie at this stuff. I'm not sure of: A) How to invoke SQL statements from an HTML (or HTML-rendered) page, or How to make the SQL "connect" to my database. As always, thanks for any help! *bows to the fellow computer geeks*
  10. Greetings! I've done some limited work with relational databases, and I'm grounded in basic database concepts like normalization, referential integrity, primary & foreign keys, etc. I've also done a fair amount of basic web design... HTML, CSS, JavaScript. However, I have yet to touch off the explosion that happens when you let one hand talk to the other by tying a webpage to a back-end database. I am very eager to make this happen, so I was curious if anyone had tips on a good place to start. I ventured blindly into the server-side MySQL interface offered by TCH, but quick
  11. Ah I see... so there's not an SBC port 25 that ever gets involved. SBC's routing software just checks for *requests* to utilize port 25 on any box at any location, and filters those out. Interesting! Thanks for the help. You guys are great. Thumbs Up
  12. I'm currently having the same problem, and I'm confused! There's basically just three parties involved: 1) Me 2) SBC (my ISP) 3) TCH email server If my email client is set up to utilize port 25, that signifies port 25 on the TCH mail server, right? Should have nothing to do with the SBC internet routers that connect me to the TCH box. I'm at work so I haven't had a chance to switch my home email client to port 26 yet, but I'll try that tonight (*crosses fingers*) Like I said in another post, though, I'm pretty green at most things email.
  13. Greetings all! I send out a fairly large number of emails to my clients. I utilize the BCC field to protect the privacy of each client. Today, I suddenly received the following error message with a fairly large-scale mailout: "This message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server. Server Response '550 Authentication turned on in your email client." I did not modify any of the settings in my Outlook client, at least manually. I've recently had a bout of viruses, and it's possible that Norton changed some of the settings. I am pretty novice when
  14. Hey all, This is my first experience working with a web-hosting company, and web-hosting itself for that matter. I'm really happy with how easy the process is with TotalChoice. My question is this -- I uploaded all the files for my web site, but THEN read the bit about all the files needing to reside under the "www" folder (aka "/public_html"). ~~Doh!~~ So, via WS_FTP, I simply did a mass file move from the root of my domain to the www folder. Since then, I looked at the space consumption, and it seems to be exactly double what it should be. It should be around 180 MB, but it's tak
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