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  1. Thanks Greg, the count is about 230 I think. Afraid I cannot take full responsibility. It is a pre-modded forum from phpbbfm.net, with 30 or so mods I have added. The template is my own though. Adam
  2. Thanks Raul, Just wanted to add to this by thanking the support staff who helped move the large database for the site. It was done in 5 minutes!
  3. Hi I already have quite a few sites hosted on TCH but the biggest one (wrestlecrazy.com), I have been stalling over because its quite a large database and I didnt want to mess anything up. I have already signed up for the new hosting and paid, but I want to be sure that TCH can handle the relatively large requirements of the database etc. before moving all the files and doing the nameservers. Especially with the planned recorded radio show in the works. I was fed up of Unitedhosting's amount of downtime and understaffed support. Just seeking reassurance. Adam WrestleCrazy
  4. Yah, there is a major security issue with the last release of phpbb, I would recommend upgrading to the latest version straight away. Hackers are able to access the config.php file, which is bad news. Adam!
  5. Have to agree unfortunately. TCH is by far the best hosting company I know, but now it just looks like all the rest. The new site looks ok, but I do prefer the old one, flash gives me headaches. Flash is ok for banners but not for navigation, just my opinion of course. Adam
  6. Welcome to the family Rebel!!! I too once used ssh, but dont miss it at all. As Bill and a few other of the TCH gang have said its too much of a security risk. Adam
  7. Maybe you can fly some food over to England for me?
  8. Please add my company site to your family pages: 1. E-Tag Computer Services 2. E-Tag Computer Services - South Yorkshire 3. Computer repairs, upgrades and general maintenance in the South Yorkshire area (UK) 4. Commercial site. 5. Link back to tch in every footer. Thanks Adam
  9. I've had this problem where sites refuse to link to us because the site doesnt have a pr yet because its new. No matter how much I tell them that the site has two pr7 links and 3 pr6 and a few pr5's. So if anyone is interested in swapping links just reply here! ><a href="http://www.htmlbrain.com" target="blank">HTML Brain - Lessons and Tutorials</a> Thanks Adam HTMLBrain.com
  10. 1. www.htmlbrain.com 2. HTML Brain - Lessons and Tutorials. 3. Give a brief description of your site (approximately 75 characters max.). 4. Offers tutorials and guides in basic to advanced html. 5. link back to tch in left menu Ta
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