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  1. ok, i will give that a try thanks for all your help david
  2. thanks david, that worked right away! i thought the second '=' was the problem because when i tried to open the rss file in my firefox it said that error was with the second '=', so i didn't really look at the '&' at all. it all makes sense now. great! (ok i know i said i only need to get one of the two problems solved, but just out of curiosity, can anyone tell me what's wrong with the .htaccess redirect?) cheers..
  3. i'm back, with more problems, and your help is greatly appreciated. here's the problem: i was trying to set up a rss feed for my blog. i know there are probably scripts/programs that generate rss feeds, but since it's just an xml file, i thought i'd write a little script myself. however, on my blog, the url for each file would look something like this: ....../blog/entry.php?id=23&view=simple so i put the following line in the xml file <link>....../blog/entry.php?id=23&view=simple</link> and the browser tells me that it's malformed. it works only if it's something li
  4. hi, i'm a customer of tch, so could i be added to the family only forum? also, is there a place where i can log in to change my details... like my credit card number and email address to which invoices are sent every month... i need to update a few things but can't find it...... thanks guys
  5. wow 30 years.... i guess that just proves my point: football stays in your blood! as for the suggestion that they should put a microchip of some sort in the ball to detect whether it has entirely passed the goal line, i think it's unnecessary. michele platini once recommended putting one extra referee behind each goal to watch for exactly that kind of thing and i think that would be sufficient (and they could keep an eye on all the idiots diving around in the box too!) actually just on that point, have you seen much diving lately in the games that you referee or play steve? is it re
  6. Sounds like baseball or golf. I'm curious...why is it the most popular sport around the world except in the US? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> well i guess i have to post a reply, since i'm a football fan (i say football because that is what most people call that sport, with the exception of australia, new zealand, america, canada? etc etc) i don't know why you find football boring and i'm sorry to hear that, but then again, watching golf isn't exactly my idea of fun but i keep seeing it being broadcast on tv. i do watch basketball, gridiron, rugby, and other sports from time to ti
  7. thanks for the reply, but that's not what i'm looking for unfortunately. your code will print the text to the browser, but that's not what i want. if you try the php code, the output should be in a file called 'output.txt' and the user will be prompted to either save the file or open it. i thought there'd be a way using the CGI header, perhaps something like this.... print header(-type=>'text/plain', charset=>'utf-8', disposition=>'attachment', filename=>'output.txt'); but i haven't found it so far. basically i'm too lazy to select, copy, paste and save the output
  8. but somehow i don't think checking the referer alone is enough......
  9. hi there, simple question: what is the perl equivalent of the following lines? <?php header('Content-type: text/plain; charset=utf-8'); header('Content-disposition: attachment; filename=output.txt'); print 'hello world'; ?> actually, to be more specific, what's the perl equivalent of the second line? in the actual code that is i've looked in a couple of places on the net but came up with nothing so far..... thanks and have a great new year
  10. yeah think i've got that one sorted out... thanks guys..... and yeah the only reason i edit it in cpanel is because it's probably easier....
  11. hi, i'm just wondering what the difference is between 'require' and 'include' in php. just to illustrate my point, 'a.php' includes the following lines <?php function a() { ...... } ?>\n\n\n (which get added every time i edit a file in cpanel for some reason) and in 'b.php', if i use require 'a.php' header("Content-type......... it would fail because the "\n\n" will be sent before the header, and of course header information can't be sent after there's already been output. but the problem goes away if i use
  12. ok thanks guys, you've been more than helpful.... and having finally scrolled down to the bottom of the list of all the forums, i realise that there are more appropriate places to ask technical questions, so i guess i better stop thanks again and happy holidays to you all
  13. ok thanks for the replies guys..... i do feel so very welcome here like i said i have to at least try, but yes i do understand the reasons behind the decision so i guess i'll just have to get used to life with ssh.... and yeah it would be great if you guys could offer some suggestions as to how i can do things such as renaming a whole bunch of files or changing permission quickly thanks a bunch!
  14. i've only just joined, but i've been playing with someone else's account for a while now. top marks so far, except one problem..... it would be GREAT if we could be given shell access... using cpanel could be really frustrating... eg. moving and renaming files have become such complicated procedures, especially if you have repeat the operation many many times.... now i understand the security concerns and if i had my own web hosting company i probably wouldn't give people shell access either, but i guess i gotta at least try..... any chance at all?? Naughty
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