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  1. That would make sense, provided that it also told me the 10 character rule...and it didn't. Maybe that's the screen I can't get to. My username has 10+ but not my password. I'll try a longer version and see what happens. EDIT - ok so that did nothing either. Man, I'm gettin' stressed. It isn't a privacy issue, it isn't a secure website issue so I can rule out any software interference. IE doesn't work, nor does the Maxthon browser. I dislike FireFox so I won't even try that (shouldn't have to). I'm tired and too frustrated to deal with this right now. I got into an accident earlier tonight and this was going to get my mind off it. So much for that idea. Thx Tim. I'll try again some other time when I'm calm. EDIT 2 - ok now I'm really preturbed. I cleaned my cookies and cache and magically it showed me a created phpbb file now. *shakes head*
  2. Uh yea, oops my bad. I set up hot-linking protection. I have a theory about this all. I'm using a Maxthon browser and not IE. I'll see if that has anything to do with it. I'll post results. EDIT: Ok, so that's not it. Did you try and create the forum using the Scripts Library method I used? I'll try to post the pic again:
  3. Domain is synistry.ca. It's offline now while I rebuild the layout and add a new forum. I used to host another forum that I've since retired so to speak. I wanna leave the old one alone (just in case) and open a new one. I was working on the new one when I hit a snag and couldn't undo it. So I trashed the current one and was in the process of creating the new one when I came across this problem. I uploaded a screen of what it looks like just before I hit INSTALL and then it goes to Page Cannot Be Displayed screen. Edit: removed URL - was redirecting to an unsavory sort of website
  4. Thx champ. I'm trying to add a phpBB from the Scripts Library area, where I've always created them. This is where I'm having the issue. An issue that didn't appear to exist until the newest format change in the cPanel. Any other advice?
  5. I deleted a crapped out SQL phpbb database so I could create a new one, which seems easily enough - except when I try, it takes me to a new interface AND it won't allow me to create it. It takes me to a "Detect Network Settings" jibberish page that I hate to death. What's up with this (&^%#$?
  6. Just an update, Robert. I spoke with the TCH Help Desk and they were indeed able to restore my database!! I just about had heart failure when I thought I had lost everything, but TCH came through like champs! Mad, MAD props to all the TCH Staffers!!!
  7. Thanks Robert, it's worth a try And yea, I know I'm the only one responsible, and I know that I should've checked to see if the file downloaded properly It's ironic too, because I deal with tech support all day at work and I have to say "make sure you backup next time" too many times to count. If I'm lucky enough to get the board back up and running, I'm gonna have to make it a point to validate my backups right after. *crosses fingers* Let's see what happens. Thanks in any event.
  8. Man, my board is gone! I was replacing files after the upgrade to Version .11 and now it takes me to the install.php page So, I decided to just restore my database only to find out that my databases are 0 byte files!!! I am devastated here and I don't know what to do...I was told that my SQL database *should* still be intact and I could back up from there, but HOW?! Man, I gotta get this back up and runnin' here 'cause I'd have lost almost 9 months worth of data and nearly 900 users. Does ANYONE know a way I can get my board back up and running?!
  9. From what I've both seen and heard, if you "move" your sites here to TCH, the pages will have to be re-indexed in order to accomodate the new listing. Same info, same material, but new home. It would appear as though you would have to start from scratch. But always get a second opinion
  10. There is a site that I use often, over at www.pcpitstop.com. It is a web based diagnostic tool that is actually rather robust all things considered. It does a basic scan, specific scan, or a complete scan. Tells you a lot about your PC that you may not have really known, and also compares your results against others with similar configurations. It has the ability to point out potential issues that you may not have been sware of, and can look at immediately afterwards. It even has a few "instant fixes" available post-scan. The greatest is that it keeps a log of your most recent scans so you can compare as you go. Worth a look, even to those that are technically sound. I know my PC like the back of my hand, but after my first visit there, it told me about a few things I had overlooked or considered irrelevant.
  11. If it's a situation of SEO, I get a newsletter almost everyday from Site Pro News and they often go on about secrets of SEO. If needs be, I could always post the news here for all to see, or at least a link to the article. It's likely that a query won't return any results if it's a more personal web page sort of deal, as I've dealt with that in the past. Can be done, but not without a degree of patience and the correct way of wording the query. Also, I have noted that the bulk of "short url" companies have a hard time getting acknowledged by search engines as well. You can direct quote from a topic or page and there is no results at all. It's the way they mask the URL that keeps a lot of the spiders from accessing and indexing your pages. Most notably though, is the obvious - we all get what we pay for. If you truly want to be "seen" in a search engine, paid inclusions seem to be the only effective way. On a side note, when you performed the search, how many pages did you look through, if any? Sometimes you are just a little lower in rank and have to go beyond the first 3 pages to see your site listing. ~BDJ
  12. Hmm...you must be my personal "go to guy" TCH-Rob LOL Here's the thing. I monkeyed around in the cPanel and created an SQL database when I first started but not knowing jack about SQL, I left it alone. A couple days later I used the automated BB tool to create my phpbb forum. Been working ever since. I still have that original database that was created, is that where I would go? Or is there somewhere else I would need to look at? myPHPAdmin perhaps? I like things that say "Repair". Makes me feel all good about myself for tinkering with things that I don't understand he he Naughty I'll keep popping back to see what's what before I make this any worse. Lord knows I don't have enough hair left to start pullin' out anymore.
  13. *sigh* Well, it seems I've finally fixed my mysterious domain parking issue, and now I have a new one. I am using PHPBB2 for a web forum, and I have it all set up nice and smooth. It's been working just great. Then, all of a sudden, I get this weird error when trying to make changes in the Admin panel: "Couldn't obtain forum list DEBUG MODE SQL Error : 1030 Got error 28 from table handler SELECT f.* FROM phpbb_forums f, phpbb_categories c WHERE c.cat_id = f.cat_id ORDER BY c.cat_order ASC, f.forum_order ASC Line : 169 File : /home/username/public_html/phpbb/admin/admin_forumauth.php" What in the green gravy is THAT supposed to mean to a noob like me? Sheesh. I couldn't find any relevant articles anywhere, other than ones that point to a TEMP directory overfill (if that were the case I wouldn't know where to delete it anyways). I thought I'd throw it out here and see if I'm suffering alone. Any tips? Much thx in advance.
  14. LOL Actually, what I meant to post was that I figured I had 4 nameservers listed, TCH as primary and secondary and registrar's as 2 backups so this may have caused some confusion in the locating of the actual website, so I removed the registrar's nameservers and kept just TCH nameservers. This is where my site is hosted, so I hope the Internet will realize that. I guess I'll know more in 24-72 hrs. Still, if there was a way to just transfer the domain name here completely that'd be great. Keep me posted if any new info becomes available that I might take advantage of. And keep up the great work Rock Sign
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