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  1. ok Have checked out the scripts availble and they all seem to be dynamicaly generated by php. I want to use static link pages and dont want to spend alot of cash. I am using append I think what i will have to do is have the script delete the category link page as a new link is added. Then rebuild the page after it deleted and add the new link tothe new link page I was thinking maybe a easier way. As far as were it is writing the link that gets added it looks like this: <html> <body> </body> </html> This is were the script will place the link title, description an the reciprocal link. so I insert th links using shtml. <html> <!--Insert shtmL--> </html> Would be a lot easier just to have the script build pages rather then use shtml. Any Ideas, Kippez Rock Sign
  2. Hello, may seem like a dumb ? I am tring to write a php script for a link exchange partners. I can get the script to write. but it will only write at the end of page unless I use shtml. so I can not use my closing tags on my link pages I would like to put the link pages as static rather then dynamic although I am using sql maybe I will use the data later. Rock Sign Can any one understand what I am saying? any answers Kippez
  3. Here is what web lets is. Just finished installing it. Global
  4. "I believe that persistent effort, supported by a character-based foundation, will enable you to get more of the things money will buy and all of the things money won't buy."
  5. "I believe that persistent effort, supported by a character-based foundation, will enable you to get more of the things money will buy and all of the things money won't buy."
  6. They have build a replacement for the sslink still in production IncDirectory almost ready for release.
  7. Hello, I am using WSN links Checks links for duplocate, dead, and reciprocal. and is free. really easy to use and modify. This may be what you are looking for.
  8. Ok Got it fixed the problem was if you would like to know. Blank space in the config. page. at the bottom the script is called weblets
  9. As I have wrote in a previous thread Cant connect to my sql I have gotten the one problem solve. Now the install places the tables but stops at Query was empty so the install out put looks like this LETSweb Setup Database Setup Failed The system's attempt to set up the structure and initial values in the database has failed. The database server returned the following error message: Query was empty When I look in myadminphp all the tables are there and I can get to the index.php bblets but that is all Can not login to the system. I hope that is enough information.
  10. I have gotten this error. Query was empty May be stupied ? but i have no clue. Can anyone help with what this means an how I can fix it.
  11. That worked but now getting syntaxs error. new error You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'in(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, AccountID int(11) NOT NULL Ok got that fixed I was missing the a letter T in the syntaxs of the script. 'int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, (should have been a t here. AccountID int(11) NOT NULL Now the error is: Query was empty Anyone know
  12. MySQL server IP address: webLETS database name: kip_global Admin User Information Admin User Name: kip_kip 0r kipp Admin User Password: password for the name choosed
  13. I have tried that also. does not seem to work etheir. Thw form looks like this. The first step in setting up the webLETS system is to configure the software to access your mySQL server, and to set-up the structure and core information for the webLETS database. Some of the set-up actions require administrative priviledges on your mySQL database, while the day to day operations of webLETS require only read/write access. For security purposes you may wish to configure the software with a read/write user and password. If you leave those sections blank, the system will be configured with the full admin information. Database Location MySQL server IP address: webLETS database name: Admin User Information Admin User Name: Admin User Password: Read/Write User Information (optional) Read/Write User Name: Read/Write User Password:
  14. Yes I have been doing that I dont understand? Here is the other warning getting from script Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user: 'kipp_k@' (Using password: YES) in /home/kippez/public_html/global/install.php on line 70
  15. Yes I have tried this and the system still did the same thing. I put in the new name to see if maybe I was using wrong name or password. The script is weblets it is a trading app. but The admin name and password of the domain is not even connecting to the database. As I am pretty new to sql I think I may be doing something wrong but everything seems to be fine except connecting to the database so the script can install the program.
  16. I have been tring to install a script that uses sql. I created the database. The program has a self install setup. so I put in database name user name and pass word but it keeps coming up withe the same error. "There is an error in some of the information you provided on the previous page. The combination of server address and admin username/password you provided failed to access a valid mysql account. Please correct these values, and try again" I have created new names and password in the database still does not want to connent does anyone know what i am doing WRONG
  17. I signed I fell this is long over do. It pissis me off to see all these people saying they are in support of the troops but are out and protesting the war. And putting down there commander and chief. All the troops out there that I have seen on cnn have said they support the pres. and are ready to help the iraqi people. One more thing you really think they are helpping anything with there protest or helpping the reseim of suddam's morial be built up seeing USA in the way it is. UNITED WE STAND!!!!!!!
  18. kippez


    Thanks Lot off good info.
  19. What is the piont of cloaking. Have found a script and just sort of wondering if I should use it and how. I hear a lot of people use it and have great results has anyone used it and has it worked.
  20. Ok I see, Why do you say only one link seems if more links to the pages more likely would be noticed. Or I could just setup a php link directory The links could be spidered that way. That way the links could be on sql and not ont a link page the links in the directory should also be spidered right or wrong. And if I were to use the subdomain way I would be better just setting every one up as a whole site because that way the search engines will not be considering that spamming them. Or I could Just set up a directory for each subject and have the link page stored in the. or have one directory and place each subject page into that directory. I just would Like to know why you say one link in main site
  21. Yes I do understand What you are saying but my point was why could you not use the subdomains as a point of building your link popularity. It can be used and you are still giving your link partners a link in your domain. You are not cheating anyone. You set up let say art,promotion, internet&computers set these up as subdomains and place links of related content to these subdomains. then have the subdomain indexed giving credit to others as well as your self. I do not see anything wrong with that. But I understand your point about having a site indexed with just a bunch of links on it. But what if you used let say doorway pages to act as the front think then you may be able to have the subdomain indexed. It is Because I would like to seperate my reciprocal links in categories rather then have mixed links on one page I have a lot. My point I was thinking of my link partners.
  22. I know you say you do it manually but I have had good results with some of these generators. I feel reciprocal links are very important to your site as it tells the search spiders that you have web presents as the links get spidered your pages are seen by the spiders. There are alot of ways to get your reciprocal links out there a couple of new sites that I have seen are these are very new and just beginning to gain present: http://www.reciprocal-links.co.uk/ http://www.webringspiders.com htTp://www.quality-link-popularity.com these are services who collect the links for you. One is a download and the others are not there are several more too. You can even do a search in google. So you might not even need to change your site just build a link page and place a link on your main page. You will find other sites may charge. I don't know may be that helped. But to me it is important sites have gotten indexed with out even submitting to search engines if they find your link and follow it.
  23. I see what you are saying. To get the most from my links page I should live it in main directory. And there will be able to be spidered. thanks
  24. ok so I should put links on my site to the subdomain and make them part of my site. My Intent is not to be decietful. I do want the link partners to gain credit. just did not what my site full of links.
  25. ok more info what i am tring to do is use a subdomain as a place to put my reciprocal links in stead of having them all on my main site. If I can use a subdomain as a seperate site I will be able to get them indexed that way
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