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  1. Have you tried clearing your browser cache? and then viewing the page. Are you 100% sure u're not accidently uploading a copy of the old page, I know I've done that several times!! James
  2. I presume you meant megzboutique.com. Well it has appeared to have propagated here, and the nameservers are set correctly for TCH. But its saying: "There is no website configured at this address. You are seeing this page because there is nothing configured for the site you have requested. If you think you are seeing this page in error, please contact the site administrator or datacenter responsible for this site." Looks like it just needs parking, submit a help ticket, and the techs will do that for ya. James EDIT: Bah, you beat me Don, I need to learn to type faster!
  3. lol, no problem! anytime! I only started learning CSS a couple of days ago, and I had that exact problem! Simple solution, but still took me a while to figure it out! James
  4. This could be because of your content in the div "fajsdlfsfdsdfasdfasfddasfffffffffffffffff". As this is just theoretically 1 long word it will stretch the div, rather than splitting it onto 2 lines, if you break up that "word" with spaces it should obey the width you have told it to, automatically putting a new "word" onto the next line when required. There may be a way to make it split up your "long word" but I don't know how unfortunatly. However, unless you are going to have your site in welsh I doubt it will matter!
  5. Just wondering what everyone's fav program for doing web site graphics/layouts is and why? Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004? I currently use Photoshop but was wondering if it would be worth giving Fireworks a go. James
  6. Ahhh! makes sense now, I didn't look at ur HTML, just played wi the URL until it worked. But if you look at: >http://www.jhollin1138.com/todayplus/=%22/cgi-sys/Count.cgi?df=todayplus.dat|display=Counter|ft=6|md=5|frgb=100;139;216|dd=G%22 You can see where the =%22 comes from, the = is your extra = sign, and the %22 is the " after the = sign, which is why there is one at the end too! The extra = sign obviously made the browser include the "s in the URL. So yup, it all fits together now, glad you got it sorted! James
  7. Hey Jim, Try this: The current URL of the counter which does not work is: >http://www.jhollin1138.com/todayplus/=%22/cgi-sys/Count.cgi?df=todayplus.dat|display=Counter|ft=6|md=5|frgb=100;139;216|dd=G%22 Now, start by removing the %22 at the end of it, then get rid of todayplus/=%22/ not sure what the =%22 is doing there but its looking for the cgi-sys dir in that dir but its not there. You should end up with this url. which should work: >http://www.jhollin1138.com/cgi-sys/Count.cgi?df=todayplus.dat|display=Counter|ft=6|md=5|frgb=100;139;216|dd=G If ya need anymore help, please let me know, James
  8. Cheers guys! Looks like thats the way I'll go, but I'm just worried about being able to find drivers for my Wireless PCI card and graphics card etc for FreeBSD, is this a problem? James
  9. I've decided to convert one of my old PC's into a web server, as I'm moving into a house at Uni in September and will finally be able to get broadband (my home here is too far from the exchange! grr). But I'm not sure what software would be most suited, here are the specs: AMD K6- 2 400MHz 128mb RAM 80GB HD 16MB Graphics Card Yeh I know its very crap but it will do for a simple web server (I hope!) It will just be used for sharing files wi friends, being able to access my files from elsewhere and testing my web pages on. So I was wondering which OS I should put on it, I was going to go for XP as I will be requiring to access it remotely from my laptop over my wireless network, cause it won't be plugged into a monitor, what would be the best way of doing this? Then there is the HTTP and FTP server software, if it was XP I'd prob just go for Apache and BulletProof FTP Server, as I have used these before, but any other suggestions? What would I need to put on it for security as well? Just the usual, firewall and virus checker etc? Or would a firewall interfere with the FTP and HTTP servers? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks James
  10. Yup, it works, I've done it alot when moving my sites from previous hosts etc. Just copy all of the files in /tmp/awstats to your hard drive. There will be one file called "awstats.yourdomainname.com.conf" and stats files for each month called "awstatsMMYYYY.******.txt" with MM the month and YYYY the year. Just rename all the files changing the old domain to the new domain. In the conf file change the SiteDomain variable to your new domain and do a find and replace to chance all the instances of the old account username to the new account username. Then upload all the files to the new domains tmp/awstats folder and bingo, you should have your stats transferred. Its worked perfectly for me several times, let me know if you have any problems. James
  11. Yeh, in Cute FTP Pro, just right click in the remote frame and click "New Folder..." OR "File->New->Folder" OR Just hit Ctrl+M Hope that helps, James
  12. Check out www.zachwhite.com, I use an uploader script from there, I find it perfect, very simple to install and use.
  13. Hey Venga, The skype site is skype.net NOT .com, can you access skype.net? James
  14. Would just like to say that btrfld is correct on this one, I'm studying Computer Science and have done a whole module on XHTML. Its's just the way XHTML works, all tags have to be closed. Just to avoid confusion but sorry stevevan, the reason its not in ur HTML4 book is because its an XHTML command, so if, as btrfld said, the doctype is XHTML I wouldn't remove it. And sorry annie, your correct that /'s represent escaping in Perl and Java but thats not the case in HTML. Just thought I'd clear things up! James
  15. Sounds like you also installed the mail program that comes with Mozilla, don't understand why there would be unread messages though. Having chosen in Mozilla's setup not to install the mail program I'm not 100% sure how to access it from mozilla, try looking for an icon to open it on the bottom right of mozillas status bar. Hope thats helps, James
  16. You missed out Incredimail! Its basically like Outlook Express, but is skinnable, loads of features, HTML letter styles, and best of all animated notifiers! I've got it setup so that when I get an email from my dad a cartoon sheep walks on to my screens and tells me, if its email to my Uni email address then a snails slitheres on and if its any other email a duck quacks on to let me know. I'd reccomend trying it out, especilly if you use boring Outlook Express, I don't see any disadvantages in moving over, its basically the same but better! You can automatically copy all your emails, folders, accounts etc from OE into Incredimail. Check out the free version at www.incredimail.com EDIT: I use SpamAssassin on the server, and SpamPal on my computers to deal wi pesky spam.
  17. No probs! It's always the little simple things which seem to be the hardest to find!
  18. Yeh, there is no way to overwrite the existing redirect of /webmail but you can setup a new redirect such as www.yoursite.com/mail and tell it to go to www.yoursite.com:2096/horde/index.php . Just use the redirect option in Cpanel. Hope that helps, James
  19. Hey, www.mikeandkathys-greatadventure.com/Smarty/test_phpinfo.php works fine for me! Remember that directory names are case sensitive on Linux servers so you must have called the directory /Smarty, instead of /smarty which is different. Hope that helps! James (Edited to make more sense!)
  20. I think there is a discussion somewhere about it in the thread but this is the code I'm using for MSN: ><a href="http://www.tchstatus.com:8080/message/msn/james@purplespider.co.uk"><IMG src=http://www.tchstatus.com:8080/msn/james@purplespider.co.uk></a> However the MSN status indicators seem not to be working at the moment, they're all always showing 'offline'.
  21. Hey Thomas, This thread: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...?showtopic=6907 should give you all you need to know. James
  22. I don't think this service is available on the TCH servers, see this thread: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...?showtopic=7539 So you will prob just have to download your site to your hard drive then upload it to the TCH servers, but if you put a ticket into the helpdesk they may be able to do the transfer it for you (possibly!). Hope that helps, James
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