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  1. As a customer, what does it take to get into the TCH Family Only forum where server move status is posted? I have my account userid and password, and then a (separate) forum userid and password. I've tried both/all and the TCH Family Only forum must be looking for yet another password. OK. So how do I apply for one? TIA
  2. ?and email and URL forwarding for the two domains can be managed independently from one another? TIA
  3. I searched the forums for the word 'park' but didn't find the answer to my particular question. If another thread covers this, pls just send me the link. TIA TCH hosts my domain name defenbaugh.net. I also own defenbaugh.com, hosted elsewhere. I would like to park defenbaugh.com at TCH on top of defenbaugh.net. I'm fine with what the AUP says about parked domains. I do NOT want defenbaugh.com to point to a subdomain of defenbaugh.net, or folders/pages within the defenbaugh.net site. In short, I'm NOT trying to use the TCH server space and bandwidth of a single account to service multiple domains. I'm cool with your AUP. But I WOULD want email and domain name forwarding for defenbaugh.com and defenbaugh.net to operate independently from one another, and for the two domain names to be managed separately through cpanel. I think cpanel works that way, but I want to ask and make sure. If I "park" defenbaugh.com at TCH on my defenbaugh.net account, will cpanel let me do the below URL and email redirections. Key point is that the two domains operate independently. defenbaugh.net resolves to TCH, and defenbaugh.com resolves to a local ISP who is unable to host any domain names: www.defenbaugh.com -> www.hal-pc.org/~tdhg566 george@defenbaugh.com -> tdhg566@hal-pc.org www.defenbaugh.net -> no redirection, resolves to TCH server george@defenbaugh.net -> gdefenbaugh@hotmail.com (I don't use TCH email services) Thanks so much for your help. Thumbs Up
  4. I searched through and read some of the postings about accessing cpanel through a corporate firewall. Could not find this particular answer: I understand cpanel uses port 2082. Is that TCP only, or UDP also? If TCP only, I can get my firewall admins to grant me an exception. If UDP is involved, no dice. TIA Thumbs Up
  5. Thanks very, very much. You folks have been very helpful.
  6. One more thing. If I decide to try the parked domain option, to whom and how do I make that request?
  7. Apologies if this is a bit wordy, but I'm trying to think through something. Maybe you can help. This is NOT a time critical problem. Please answer at your convenience. One of my domain names, defenbaugh.net, is tied to my silver plan with TCH. Another of my domain names, defenbaugh.com, is hosted elsewhere. Both are registered at Network Solutions. I'm exploring the option of moving the .com domain name to TCH. My goals are (in no particular order) reduced cost, vendor rationalization (fewer), and improved support. The one untouchable requirement is that the .com domain name can NOT be out of service for any length of time, no matter how short. Too many people rely on it as their one and only email address. Other than that, I'm open to any suggestions. My .com domain name acts as a forwarding hub for my extended family. The current host provides both email and URL forwarding (both unlimited), and I manage the email names through a web interface (less sophisticated but similar in function to cpanel). I receive no other services from the current host of defenbaugh.com. In the interest of full disclosure, I'll mention that I currently pay the other hosting firm $10/month for these services for the defenbaugh.com domain name. These prices were agreed to 10 years ago when there was less competition and they were the only provider of such forwarding services. Obviously today it's a different market. Question #1: As I understand it from searching this forum, a "parked" domain name, e.g. defenbaugh.com, can be laid down on "top" of defenbaugh.net. To me, this says that TCH could add the necessary defenbaugh.com DNS records to their DNS BEFORE I contact Network Solutions to change the DNS entries associated with the domain name. Then I could also set up the forwarding entries for defenbaugh.com, and when I ultimately DO change the DNS entries at Network Solutions, since both hosts (current and TCH) have email forwarding enabled for defenbaugh.com, the transition will be seamless. Would that be a correct assessment? The operative word here is seamless, with all DNS entries set up beforehand. Question #2: I do not intend to establish any POP accounts at TCH. Extended family members have their POP accounts elsewhere (separate conversation on why it's that way). So I'm not concerned about the disk space quota, but I do need to understand how email flowing through/forwarded through defenbaugh.com, hosted by TCH, would be counted (or not) against my monthly bandwidth quota. As you can appreciate, I have little/no control over how much email my extended family members get, and I can't afford to have anyone "run out" part way through the month. If my bandwidth runs out and someone can't look at my photo gallery, no big deal. But email forwarding must continue. Question #3: If by chance there is no connection between email forwarding and account quotas, maybe the best solution is to get a separate account for defenbaugh.com and keep it separate from defenbaugh.net, not unlike it is at the moment (with unlimited forwarding from the other firm). That way, in case someone takes a liking to one of my Alaska pictures and hoses my defenbaugh.net bandwidth quota one month, it won't affect defenbaugh.com. It's not critical that I have ONE account. Managing two isn't a big deal. Question #4: Would a reseller account bring any value to me in this situation? Please note that I have no intention of actually acting in a reseller capacity to my extended family members, OTHER than I manage the email forwarding table. But perhaps there's a benefit I've overlooked. Thanks in advance. George Defenbaugh
  8. Thank you for your prompt reply. Without AV protection I probably won't move any POP accounts to TCH. But I'm still thinking through whether to move my other domain name from cybercon to TCH since I'm able to construct the proper email and URL forwarding rules back to HalNET on your end. I do have some questions about how the domain names would tie to one or more accounts, but I'll ask that in a separate post after I'm able to articulate my question(s) clearly. Thanks again
  9. I currently have several extended family POP accounts on HalNET, the network operated by HAL-PC. They offer a great SPAM/AV service for an additional $2/month/account. Essentially I've "outsourced" my SPAM/AV management to them. They provide web access to the filter, where we can tune the rules that apply to our accounts, add whitelist entries, and review everything that's trapped in order to release things that were trapped incorrectly. I don't even run an anti-virus product on my home PCs. Does TCH offer anything like this? I'm thinking through how to restructure the various services that I pay for underneath my extended family domain name (defenbaugh.com). I've moved defenbaugh.net to TCH and tied it to my photo gallery. I'm reviewing how much of defenbaugh.com I might be able to consolidate at TCH as well. It's not a trivial change, as it involves two vendors (cybercon who provides email and URL forwarding for defenbaugh.com, and HalNET, where the email accounts are hosted) and three POP accounts for three different people. Before you ask this complexity simply evolved over time. The one constant has been cybercon's forwarding of both email and web pages. I've been with them almost 10 years. They were the only company (that I could find) that offered these services in the early 1990s. The Hal-PC relationship is simply the latest in a long line of ISPs over time, as most went out of business, became too expensive or let their service deteriorate. But that's the reason I did this, to provide complete domain name independence from a particular ISP (except cybercon of course). Thanks!
  10. User error. Another file in the folder where I built this particular page had not changed, but should have. I deleted that file, ran the HTML generation process again, which pulled a fresh copy from my library to use, and all is well now. Thanks all
  11. Two questions: 1) I just updated the index.html page of my \galleries folder, and when I refresh my browser (and when I close and open my browser), I see the old page, not the new one. I may certainly have done something wrong, but my FTP client shows a new date/time stamp for the file in the folder. It's as if the web server is serving a cached page. ????? Don't know if this has anything to do with it, but the galleries folder is the one I redirect to from its parent, using a three line PHP script you folks gave me. I've changed the DNS entries at Network Solutions so defenbaugh.net points to TCH. 2) What folder should I use to post questions like this? If I should be using the Members Only forum, then do I need a password? TIA G
  12. Thanks much. Can we continue this thought, as I have a few more questions: 1) How do e-mail traffic, and if we did it, URL forwarding traffic, "count" against my account's monthly bandwidth limits? Do those amounts come out of the same bandwidth bucket as does traffic that originates/terminates on a TCH server? This has some bearing on whether I transfer zero, one or both of my domain names to TCH. I currently have "no limit" e-mail and URL forwarding with the other service. Many extended family members have xyz@defenbaugh.com email addresses, and I don't have clue one how much email traffic they experience (nor do I want to get into that game) 2) I very much appreciate you editing my userid out of my message text. But I'm not sure I understand the value of keeping the userid "private", since it appears in the URL that I have posted on the http://www.defenbaugh.com home page that directs people to my photos posted here. Take a look at that page and the link "George's Photo Gallery....". Since ".../~userid" is the standard format for where my stuff is stored, in the absence of a domain name, don't you have to share your userid in your URL with people? Or is the answer that until I layer one of my domain names on top of my TCH account, I'm exposing myself to some element of risk. ?????? If so, then this might motivate me to move my defenbaugh.net account to TCH. 3) I looked through your Transfer Domain Name screens, and I'd like a bit of clarification. Will YOU contact Network Solutions and arrange for all the changes to defenbaugh.net if I initiate the transfer? What do you have to do and what do I have to do. Frankly, I do this so seldom that I'm looking for TCH to just "handle it, handle it" (if I do move one of the names). Thanks so much for your help
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