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  1. Just an FYI to everyone using SpamAssassin. Users on my domains have noticed a number of bounced emails lately, and they'd get a response showing this: An error was detected while processing a file of BSMTP input. The error message was: 421 Lost incoming connection The SMTP transaction started in line 0. The error was detected in line 3. 0 previous messages were successfully processed. The rest of the batch was abandoned. 421 Lost incoming connection Transaction started in line 0 Error detected in line 3 This has been linked to a recently discovered bug in SA [http://bugzilla.spamassassin.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4246]. TCH is aware of the problem and have told me they are waiting for Cpanel to update with a fix for it. I bring this up because you might also have bounced emails without knowing it. It doesn't seem to bounce ALL emails...and it is hard to spot if you aren't looking for it. I just thought it was worth sharing with everyone so you can keep an eye out for problems.
  2. You can "create" your own .htaccess file either using a text editor (it is just a simple little text file) or by using your Cpanel to password protect that directory. You can also have cpanel make you a .htaccess file by going into cpanel and clicking on the index manager and selecting that particular folder and changing the index behaviour. You will then notice a .htaccess file in that folder, with the correct syntax in it. These are the easiest ways to make the file if you are unsure about it (at least in my experience). Just make sure you do some research into the various options of .htacess (commonly explained using google search and probably listed as a help file on TCH). Anyway, this might save you a trip to the help desk the next time you delete that file.
  3. I've looked all over this forum for instructions on how to get a password for the Family Forums...and I've failed miserably. Are the instructions in an FAQ somewhere or help file?
  4. You must be a lawyer in your spare time!
  5. BOOOOO! Guess I'll have to start looking at those beta's so I make sure those themes don't mess up my custom design. FWIW, I do appreciate TCH's concern in sending out the initial email and I apologize if I appeared in any way agitated over its content or delivery. I know it is our responsibility to keep our ducks in a row, and I will continue to try to herd my pond of ducks. I do wonder if there should have been a link to this thread on the forums however, that said "if you have any questions, discuss here." I just wonder if everyone knows about this great resource that TCH has provided? By and large, most hosts seem to have no forums at all... it is probably what people are used to. I know I was pleasantly surprised when I first stumbled into the forums...and it has been invaluable ever since.
  6. I agree there should have been more details in the global warning email, even if it was in really small letters at the bottom. Those of us who depend on information to make these decisions about our clients have no way of knowing if we are going to be targeted. At the very least, there should be a link in the email that points to the forum at which time you could list some of the biggest problem children programs out there (surely there is a list of baddies that singled out the blogs in the first place). I understand you have to cater to the lowest common denominator when sending out these things...but for those of us who thrive on details it was an amazingly frustrating warning. How do I know one of my blog sites that IS up to date, is not still causing a high server load and thus targeting my client for termination? Unlikely perhaps, but still is the type of thing that causes me to lose sleep at night. A simple list of blog programs, and the latest stable release would even be helpful. I know you don't support 3rd party proggies, but we have to have some way of knowing if our specific version is trouble or not... for instance is Wordpress 1.2.2 (latest stable) going to pass muster? Thanks! I'm not trying to cause trouble! Honestly!!!
  7. THanks for the detailed info. On my first trouble ticket I made the mistake of opening up a new one instead of simply adding to the old one...so probably a common mistake. I've since learned better! One other related issue. What if you have two "admins" for an account and both guys submit a trouble ticket for xyz.com, but they each use their own email account for tracking and response. Can the techs see that xyz.com just got two tickets for it (possilbly for the same issue), or will it go to two different tech support gurus? The reason I ask is that my site, and I'm sure others as well, have 2 or more "trusted" people that I give the needed info so they can submit trouble tickets while I'm asleep or out of town or whatever. However, on occassion, we will both be around and both submit tickets. This is also important if I want to illustrate an ongoing problem, some tickets submitted by me, and some submitted by my partner, both for xyz.com, but under different email addresses. Hmm, I guess I could solve that by creating a forwarded group email account and throwing all of our names into it so we all can use one unified account for tracking purposes...
  8. I've never had quite the same trouble, but I would like to know if the techs can see the entire trouble ticket from the start to finish (even if a different tech picks it up later). If so, it makes is even more important to start a trouble ticket with all the relevant info. Then you shouldn't have to re-explain everything. I assume that is the way the system works?
  9. I have a handful of sites and I only know where one of them is physically located. As part of my initial troubleshooting before contacting TCH Tech Support (who are always great by the way!), it would be helpful to know which servers are located in various parts of the US. I'm not sure if this is guarded info, but I can't seem to find it anywhere on TCH site (other than by detective work in the forum - which is how I found the servers which are in Atlanta). There are several ways this is valuable, but one of which is that by looking at the TCHSTATUS page I can tell that when certain blocks of servers are down, it means that a certain data center is having issues (including my server). I'm not saying trouble is frequent, because it isn't, but I like to have every bit of info for my own troubleshooting tool belt before I resort to bothering the folks at the help desk.
  10. If you don't mind you can post your domain name and we can see if we can see it. Maybe your local ISP is the last place in the world that it has propagated to.
  11. Here is a suggestion, and is how I usually set up low-tech folks. Avast! anti-virus is a one-time install and self-updates (AVG used to be the same way, but haven't used them since starting using Avast a year ago). This takes care of Virus protection and is hands-off from there. It will occasionally need to reboot, but is never mandatory... It also hooks into email (such as Outlook) to protect from that as well. AVG did the same thing. Both are free! Avast has support for Finnish...which suggests that someday it might support Swedish. Install Spybot Search and Destroy, then update it to the latest version. Also make sure you hit the immunize option. This will prevent all kinds of malware from squeaking by and it will prevent them from "accidentally" going to many redirected sites. If you turn off the Tea-Timer option (a good option, but it does pop up every now and again asking for user intervention), the user should never know this program is running, except you will know they are protected. I wish it auto-updated, but unfortunately it does not...still this will give good protection on this account. You can update whenever you visit. This program is also available in Swedish! Install pop-up stopper free edition. This will keep all those pop-ups from showing up (the annoying ads). However, you will have to explain to your Mom that if she finds a page she WANTS to see, and it is a popup, she will have to hold down the CTRL key to allow that popup. Just configure this software not to report anything and you can do 99% of your surfing without ever even knowing it is running. Regarding ZoneAlarm, like others have said it does have a few popups at the get-go, but afterwards it lays pretty low. I'm not sure what else you could do on a dial-up line (it would be easy if she had broadband as you could simply throw in a router and do NAT). If you are worried about it, just sit down and surf the web for a while, do a few downloads, hit some secure sites, ftp, and so on. That should take care of most of the "normal" popups that show up (it is looking for ports to open or close). Also, be sure to check out the options as there is probably a way to either deny all or accept all, or suppress those popup messages. I also disable the popup blocker in XP SP2 and depend solely on Popup-Stopper and have never had a problem. You can also look into the Firewall option in XP SP2 if your mom has XP? It might be less intrusive than ZoneAlarm. Hope some of this helps. These options should MINIMIZE user interaction.
  12. Hmmm, so I take it there is no way to block by IP so a particular mail server cannot deliver anything to me. I've got a blasted IP address that continuously is broadcasting virus-ladden emails to me and I'd like to block it from ever reaching me...
  13. Does black listing by domain mean that domain's mail server is blocked? If I get spoofed email that shows hotmail.com in the address field but is really coming from spammeplease.com, will putting spammeplease.com in SA stop all mail originating from that domain? I'm a little unclear on that feature. Thanks!
  14. Can anyone recommend an FTP client that will do CHMOD 777 -R easily? I've had clients in the past that will do this...but SmartFTP, Leech, WS_FTP, have all failed me. Also, is it possible to recursively CHMOD folders and files using the Cpanel? Finally, while I am on the subject of mass changes, is it possible to set indexing for ALL folders and subfolders to OFF? Is this a trouble ticket item? Thanks!
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