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  1. Ok I set the guestbook flooding level to allow one post per day, but would like to block these jerks completly.....they use different yahoo accounts usually with just a first name....I have a feeling these are not valid email addy's. I don't see a IP address or maybe I don't know what I am looking at....this is the data from the admin area: Vova vova@yahoo.com Location: Florida Tue, July 12, 2005 15:10 IP: 115.Red-80-32-151.pooles.rima-tde.net URL: http://levit.hautlynx.com/ Is there a way to block all with a @yahoo.com addy? Thanks! Donna
  2. Dumplin


    Geesh it only took the combined instructions from the WP site, TCH Helpsite Wordpress and a friends help.....but it's working and looks like I have lots of reading to do yet oh and I came across some really cool themes.... Hope everybody is having a great weekend...... Donna
  3. Hope this helps... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thank you I will get it working Donna
  4. I have lots of confusions with the install process.....I unzipped the program and remember where it is so now I am looking at MySQL Account Maint in Cpanel and am stumped: Ok looking at the page in the first section is DATABASES and a nice list of what I have....guestbook, chat and the BB....they all have justdci_ in front of the names. Next I see a bunch of fill ins and drop downs...I see the guestbook with the following: User justdci and DB: justdci and places to put a check mark and the word ADD User to DB to click. Below that is DB and a box to type in and ADD DB My confusion is, is this area to add an additional user to my existing Data Bases or do I need to do something here? Next area Users: Has same list of existing Data Bases with: UserName: PassWord: What do I put here....the wordpress install instructions say a good user name would be ('wordpress') I know to leave the () out but do the '....' need to be there? Ok then has a place to click Add User. At the bottom of the page it has Access Hosts: Host (% wild card is allowed) and Click Add Host Do I need to put anything here? Ok I am not the brighest bulb in the box and do rather well with pictures so I need some help here I know all the Techs in support are saying OH NO she's not really going to put Wordpress on her site..... I really appreciate any and all help I have received in the last 2 weeks. Thanks! Donna
  5. I will need help.....and you may regret the offer
  6. I would suggest installing it manually anyway. WordPress is one of the easiest installs I have seen and users here will help you get it running if you have any problems. Taking a little more time to install it manually will make it easier to upgrade when new versions come out as you will know how it is set up. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Drats that's what I was afraid of ok I will give it a try.
  7. Ok that's it....I remember reading about it several months ago but at the time wasn't curious but now I am so will check it out. Thanks Rob
  8. I printed out all the instructions from the WP site and they are confusing to me so if it's listed in the script library with the icons like my friend says maybe that will be easier for me. Thanks for your reply Don!
  9. A friend is trying to help me load Word Press and said just go to cPanel and click on the icon called Scripts Library......I don't see that anywhere.....is there a different verison of cPanel? Thanks! Donna My site is just-for-fun-club.net in case you need that for anything.
  10. I hope not we need all the help you can give
  11. Well I didn't notice a thing......we had really nasty storms come thru with over 2000 hits of lightning per hour so I was shut down and unpluged<G> but I appreciate your honesty and I will continue to be a happy customer for as long as your providing Webhosting
  12. I was lucky to get a reply from my last Host in 10 days.
  13. Once again TCH has proved to me that for the Best Customer Service Total Choice Hosting is the best in the World, features and price don't mean anything if there is no Customer Service.....[Clark Howard calls it "Customer No-Service.] I have sent 2 help tickets in, the first was when I messed up an copied over my sites Home Page with a old copy and lost all the current links to the rest of the sites pages...within 10 minutes the page was fixed which saved me at least 2 hours reconstructing. The latest mess up on my part was my phpBB Message Board.....I did something really stupid and was not able to get back into the admin section to undo my mistake and logons were being rejected......after the Support Tech [Rick] had all the info on what I thought I did he had the board running again. So TCH please accept my Thanks for bailing my behind outa the fire again.
  14. Saw it and thanks for stopping by
  15. I think you did get it right, Dumplin. Just logging on once was not getting me to the admin panel and that's why I posted here. At some point I logged in twice and all of a sudden there was a link to the admin stuff. I need step by step instructions with screen shots Before that I also took a stab by using a url like this : mysite/phpbb/admin and darned if that didn't work. Thanks everyone for your answers. I'll be going now to spend some time at the phpBB site. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Welcome to the TCH Family
  16. Thanks OT I loaded up the Notebored theme and love it.
  17. I found out you have to login twice to see the admin thingy at the bottom. If I log on once I still show as a guest and after I log in again I show up as a registered user and the admin link is avail. However if I click Log in to check your private messages I am active as a user and see the admin link.....not sure if this is a bug as I have not had the patience to plow through all the stuff on the phpBB site. LOL maybe I will get this right....sorry for all the edits....only one cup of coffee so far
  18. If there are they are probably over at the phpBB site forum. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ok you two I will go back and join the forum and ask a bunch of questions......I read all I could find and now I am crosseyed.
  19. Ok I deleted the files via cuteFP and copied the files from my desktop to the correct folder and they still didn't show up.......so I went on a hunt......inorder for the smiles to be accesable you have to go into the phpBB General Admin area and click on Smiles and scroll to the bottom and click the Import Smiley Pack thingy and then click the dropdown with your pack highlighted and volla they are ready to use I am curious if there are any step by step directions on how to do this stuff.....I would like to add avatars to the board as well but all I find is instructions way over my ability to understand
  20. Ok think I got it.....instead of doing the whole folder with the graphics files I need to open the folder and just send the graphics........ will give it a whirl<G> Thanks! Donna
  21. Ok all I remember is getting the zip file and puting it on my desktop and unzipping it, then I used CuteFP to upload it to what I thought was the right place but after I checked my board only the orig group of smiles was there and not the new ones....so I looked at the file in filemanager and this is where the new ones are: /public_html/phpBB/images/smiles/smiles Now how do I get em in the /public_html/phpBB/images/smiles folder? I tried to move em and nope can't do that. Sorry but I am cluless when it comes to uploading stuff.....next I would like to add some avatars but figgered I would try the smiles first Thanks for any suggestions
  22. Ok I just read all the stuff about avatars and checked via cuteftp that the permissions was set to 777 for the avatar folder but. if I open the gallery folder it is empty so where are all the avatars.....do I need to find some and load em or are they somewhere else......in the config file I set to accept avatars and when I go to my profile and click add avatar and click gallery there is nothing in the dropdown. Thanks Donna
  23. Oh geesh.....I had to log in twice and now I see the go to admin thingy Ok thanks for all your help....but rest assured I will probably be back with more questions
  24. Ok I have IPB and have used it for a while and thought I would try the phpBB so I installed it from cPanel and now I don't know or can't find were I make the settings changes, in IPB there is a Admin CP I click to get to the board settings and other stuff but I don't see a easy access link on phpBB so what do I do now or where is it!!!!!! Oh I did figger out how to download and unzip a style and have it in the correct folder....thanks to a post I found here
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