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  1. If I'm working on my web site I use DreamWeaver's built-in FTP client. For general FTPing I like FTP Voyager
  2. Question: When and where will the winner be announced?
  3. Besides my own site I help a friend manage and maintain his site here on TCH. He sells a software protection and licensing system so we are constantly being watched by crackers/hackers and other people in the warez game. As such it is sometimes important to be able to view the raw server logs on our site. There's the problem. According to TCH they process the logs daily, then delete them. This is fine for most people but isn't at all good for us. Because unless you download the raw log imediately before they process and delete it you can never get the whole log for the day. What would be far better is to copy the log to the user's account space before deleting it. That way the user can get the whole log. If they want to use the same file name for the copy process (over-writing the previous copy, that would be fine. I can handle a daily download. This is definately needed. Webalyzer shows an access to our site by an unknown user. We would like to know at the least when and from where this access occured but with out the raw logs, we have nothing.
  4. I want to use SpamAssassin but I need it to totally ignore email comming into one of my email addresses. How would I do this.
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