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  1. I have no problem doing that on my own if need be. Thanks ~Alex
  2. It does One more question though, in the 100% managed option, do I still have the ability to install security updates and extra software? ~Alex
  3. Are these reseller accounts? and Whats the differance between limited, and 100% managed? ty ~Alex
  4. I was always able to download a free unrestricted 1.3 final from IPB. Now, apparently, mirroring it and having it available for download is illegal. ~Alex
  5. http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?showtopic=149069 So, no updated from 1.2 to 1.3 for me. Anyone know when/if cPanel is moving up to 1.3F?
  6. Mhm, I'm rebuilding it and trying to be a tad smarter about it this time :/. Thanks for the info . ~Alex
  7. Yeah, I know it isn't quite optimized HTML, but I was hoping I wouldn't have to redesign it all :/
  8. My original plan was not to use tables, a small protest in the compatibility wars. It's come to my attention however, that in Firebird, the columns on the bottom of the page were not showing correctly, while in IE they showed up fine. http://www.blindedsilence.net/index.php I tried the modify>convert>layers to tables tool, but I have to undo all of my nesting and etc. Is there a way around this, to make Firebird recognize the border? ~Alex
  9. ><?php $site_name = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']; $url_dir = "http://".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']); $url_this = "http://".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; $upload_dir = "upload_files/"; $upload_url = $url_dir."/upload_files/"; $message =""; //create upload_files directory if not exist //If it does not work, create on your own and change permission. if (!is_dir("upload_files")) { die ("upload_files directory doesn't exist"); } if ($_FILES['userfile']) { $message = do_upload($upload_dir, $upload_url); } else { $message = "Invalid File Specified."; } print $message; function do_upload($upload_dir, $upload_url) { $temp_name = $_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name']; $file_name = $_FILES['userfile']['name']; $file_type = $_FILES['userfile']['type']; $file_size = $_FILES['userfile']['size']; $result = $_FILES['userfile']['error']; $file_url = $upload_url.$file_name; $file_path = $upload_dir.$file_name; //File Name Check if ( $file_name =="") { $message = "Invalid File Name Specified"; return $message; } //File Size Check else if ( $file_size > 300000) { $message = "The file size is over 300K."; return $message; } //File Type Check else if ( $file_type == "text/plain" ) { $message = "Sorry, You cannot upload any script file"; return $message; } $result = move_uploaded_file($temp_name, $file_path); $message = ($result)?"File url <a href=$file_url>$file_url</a>" : "Somthing is wrong with uploading a file."; return $message; } ?> This is what I got so far from hotscripts. I'd like to add in a check to make sure that a file can't be overwritten if two files that are uploaded have the same name. How could I add that? Thanks
  10. Well, I've been trying to incorporate an upload script into my site, so far unsuccessfully. Can anyone educate me as to a good upload script to download, and the correct directory settings (the path to it). Must be another like-minded individual? :puppy dog eyes:. ~Noctorum
  11. 1. http://www.blindedsilence.net 2. BlindedSilence Debates 3. We use forums and a IRC room to host debates. 4. On the FAQ page we have a link to TCH in response to who our host is. And, if you have the time, I wouldn't mind some tips on optimizing my site for search engines . ~Noctorum
  12. www.blindedsilence.net Have it working, thanks Lisa & webmedic ~Noctorum
  13. Help with implementing either would be appreciated, I'm new to all of this . Thanks, ~Alex
  14. Does the transparency show up on both? :/ I'm using IE 6
  15. I have a transparent PNG that I'd like to keep as a PNG, but the transparency won't show up in IE. So I have two questions... 1.) Is there anyway to overcome the transparency issue? 2.) When I try to convert it to a GIF in Photoshop, the image quality is greatly reduced. Is there a better way to convert it, or is there a option to change? It becomes transparent, but the edges get jagged. Thanks, ~Alex Edit: Heres an example of what I mean, http://www.blindedsilence.net/indexGIF.html http://www.blindedsilence.net/indexPNG.html
  16. I have a decent-sized physical library of books, and I'd like to scan them all into my computer, store them in as small of a filesize as possible, and use some kind of program to bind them all together. The scanner I have is rather slow and takes alot of clicking, and doesn't support rapid-fire scanning. So my two questions are, 1.) Whats the best format to store the images of the pages as? 2.) Is there any program to 'bind' an ebook as one file? (preferably free) 3.) Whats a good scanner for my uses? Thanks all , ~Alex
  17. Hello, I have a decent-sized library of books in my room, and I'd love to transfer them onto my computer for more convenient reading on the road. I have a scanner, and scan them into the computer fast enough, but once I have all the pictures sorted, its annoying to have to pass through them all as reading. Is there a program or method to quickly combine each of them as pages into an Adobe PDF? Thanks very much, ~Alex
  18. Not a literal banner really... On sites such as http://www.planetside-universe.com The top of a webpage banner is what I'd like to add to my webpage, currently which I havn't done yet. I can't seem to find a good background for it, and what are good sizes for it? Is there anything I should know? Any help would be much appreciated. ~Alex
  19. If it's too hard to see TCH on the monitor, I'll keep messing with the settings and take another . edit: switched to attachment. Lots of bandwidth ~Alex
  20. thanks, that set it up just fine for me
  21. I'm using the clear gif spacing technique to align my text, and when I highlight it, I can't not highlight the image, and when I upload and look at it it has a ugly blue border around it, how could I get rid of that? ~Alex
  22. Its mostly a issue of personal preferance. I use Horde.
  23. Where can I find documentation on setting up UFM? Step by step would be nice, but anything would be helpful . ~Alex
  24. My cPanel won't automatically upgrade my board to anything higher than 1.1.2. Is there anyway that I could upgrade to 1.2 or 1.3 either through a service ticket or through uploading certain files? Any help would be much appreciated ~Alex
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