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  1. OK, after getting the runaround I have a few observations. (1) It is not helpful for TCH support to send us mere customers off to IPB official forum at http://forums.invisionpower.com because it is not a support forum. I found a handful of topics asking for support and a few halfhearted attempts to give it, but the rules clearly state that it is not a support resource. To get support you must use a different forum at http://www.ipsbeyond.com/forums/ or log in and submit a ticket at https://www.invisionpower.com/customer/. Both of these require a user account which you don't have unless you are a direct Invision customer. Using their products through an account here at TCH does not constitute making you a customer, so you are locked out. I attempted to post my problem at http://forums.invisionpower.com anyway and got slightly tongue-lashed for it. (2) Despite my tongue-lashing, the guy who shut me off at http://forums.invisionpower.com did suggest I visit http://forums.invisionize.com, which is not directly run by Invision. It was VERY helpful, and I would suggest that TCH keep this resource handy for anyone with future IPB problems of any type. (3) The problem was actually more complicated than the solution that nortk ran across. In the end I needed to modify four files (none of which ended up being sources/functions.php lol). Still I award him a medal for actually attempting to help me. Thank you!! I now feel like an all-powerful code god, as I have made changes and the problems have been vanquished. In closing, should anyone else have this problem and run into this thread through a search, the specific fix can be found here: http://forums.invisionize.com/index.php?showtopic=73882 Cheers.
  2. You lost me at "Go to sources/functions". After that I get the general drift, it seems reminiscent of repairing flaky complicated formulas in Microsoft Excel. I can probably bungle my way around and change out the line when I find it, but using the tools in cPanel to manage mySQL (something I have only done twice before and with great fear) does not lend itself to my understanding what you intend for me to do when you say "Go to sources/functions". I apologize in advance for being so inexperienced at this. Thanks again.
  3. I am not a mySQL guru, I am hoping someone here can resolve this for me or at least tell me where to turn next. I submitted a ticket to TCH support and it got kicked up to level 2 before they gave up and suggested I seek help elsewhere. When a user of my IPB forum attempts to report a post to the moderator, they get the error copied in below. This occurs after they have completed the report form and attempt to submit it. The problem has been replicated in three different browsers (IE, FF, Moz), and on multiple OS's. mySQL query error: SELECT m.name, m.email, mod.member_id FROM ibf_moderators mod, ibf_members m WHERE mod.forum_id='2' and mod.member_id=m.id mySQL error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'mod, ibf_members m WHERE mod.forum_id='2' and mod.member_id=m.id' at line 1 mySQL error code: 1064 Date: Sunday 04th of February 2007 04:24:34 PM Any help or suggestions appreciated!
  4. I am going to replace an "outsourced" chat room with one of these internal offerings from TCH through the cPanel. I would like to know if anyone is already using one or both of these, so that I can take a look at what they look like and how they run before I go through the trouble of installing one. I posted in pre-sales because it seemed like a likely pre-sales question and because I couldn't figure out where else to ask. If anyone is willing to either provide URLs where you have these running, or simply reply with comments/experiences, I would appreciate it. And by the way,..... Rock Sign Thumbs Up
  5. FYI I also persued this thread: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...?showtopic=7284 and none of those suggestions worked either.
  6. I found this thread and hoped my problems were solved, but alas, no. I set up Outlook 2002 according to the instructions at the TCH help site. The change to port 26 did not fix this for me. I can receive no problem, but am unable to send email. I read and re-read and re-read the instructions, and am pretty confident I followed them correctly. The error message is: Unable to connect to the server. (Account: 'mail.mydomain.net', SMTP Server: 'mail.mydomain.net', Error Number: 0x800ccc0e). Does this error number mean anything to anyone here? What should I check for next?
  7. If anyone is willing to shed any light on good or bad experiences with these three email clients, I would appreciate it. I need to decide which one to go with, and currently there is nothing within cPanel that tells me anything about what they can and/or cannot do. Thanks in advance.
  8. I went to add a second starter account today, and at the point I was asked if I was a new or existing customer (I chose existing) I was prompted for my email and password. I know my account password for the control panel and all, and it is not working at the point mentioned above. I don't recall what I used when I initially signed up my account. Duh... anyway, I see no password recovery/emailing mechanism available from that point. My domain is dippy.org, if someone could reset my password and email it to me I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  9. I am not new to FTP, but must be missing something painfully obvious. My account was just activated tonight. I started up and successully logged in with WS_FTP. I navigated to the "public_html" directory, and then uploaded an "index.html" file as a placeholder until I have time to do more. Then when I go to my IP address, I get a generic page from TCH telling me to look at my welcome email for instructions. But I did, that's why I got as far as I had before getting stuck. Serched the forums and no one seems to have run into this problem without having a bad filename or something, but I double checked all of that. What am I missing? My IP:
  10. Word of mouth is powerful advertising, it is why I am here and I will sign up for something eventually. I currently administer seven web sites. Four of them have their own domain names, and only two of those four need to have an IP-homed location for the domain (otherwise forwarding services will suffice - I currently utilize www.****, which also includes email forwarding). Is there any practical/logical reason I shouldn't sign up for two starter plans (total $8/month) instead of the reseller plan ($20/month)? Then the two sites that require full address entry capability (domain.com/folder/filename) can live under the two accounts respectively, and the other sites can sit in subdirectories of those two accounts with an external service provider forwarding domain names to the appropriate folder. Comments? You have a very helpful forum here which has provided many other good answers. Thanks in advance.
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