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  1. I don't know what "bumped the thread" means. I was adding more information to my query, so that anyone answering would have more information to work with. If I did something wrong I'm very sorry. Apparently the new IE upgrade is the culprit, and I'm not the only one with this problem with my web site and images with hotlink protection. The new IE upgrade turns off active x allows in the registry that you can't change in IE. The fix is apparently adding about 6 lines of code to your .htaccess file, past the list of allowed web sites. but I'm not sure that this can be done through CPanel or not. Leaving off the trailing slash does help for many images. I hope this helps someone! I'm sure as more and more people upgrade to the newest IE and can't see the images on web sites, this will be more important. Vikki
  2. No one? Some more research is showing me that the graphics in the program are cached differently than the product pics. That's why IE allows the product pictures to be seen with hotlink protection, but not the program graphics. How this could be fixed is eluding me - but I hope to get an answer. Vikki
  3. Yesterday I submitted a ticket that my images were not able to be viewed by people using IE and the new upgrade. After frantically searching around, I took off hotlink protection and the images were viewable in IE again. This doesn't effect every IE - but ones with high secuirity settings (there is a long explanation several places on the web so I won't repeat them all here). After searching the web this morning I found that the answer is supposed to be leaving the trailing slash off the list of sites that are allowed access. In CPanel in Hotlink protection, I did enter the sites allowed without the trailing slash. Testing with IE shows the product pictures are viewable but not the graphics for Oscommerce (headers/background, etc). My product pictures are all jpgs. As far as I know most all the Oscommerce pictures are gifs. But I do have gif in my list of allowed images... I have these images allowed in my allowed jpg,jpeg,gif,png,bmp And these as my allowed urls http://hand-dyedfibers.com http://www.hand-dyedfibers.com https://server70.totalchoicehosting.com I'd of course very much like to protect my site from hotlinks but at the same time I want people to be able to see it. And I can't be the only one with this issue - I'll keep searching the web for an answer but it's possible you have one already? I did request assistance from the help desk but was referred to the forum. Vikki
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    Moving Images

    Thank you. I thought maybe - but of course don't want to bother them if there is a solution to it myself. I did find too that there is something written that you can install in Oscommerce so this isn't a problem again, for anyone that is interested. Vikki
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    Moving Images

    I'm setting up a PhpNuke/Oscommerce store on my web site. I already have a plain vanilla Oscommerce cart on the site. I want to copy the catalog/images folder to oscnuke/modules/catalog/images but all of the images don't move because some of the images have rw------- access and not rw-r--r-- AND are owned by 'nobody' instead of by me - so file manager and ftp won't let me do anything with them. My guru tells me Root access is what the superuser on the server has, so, and that superuser can install/edit/delete anything on the server The other users on the server only have access to their stuff (their virtual servers). Unfortunately, when a php script is run, it is not owned by the user, it is run by apache! the permissions it runs under vary from server to server, but usually the php script runs as user 'nobody'. Unfortunately, when images are uploaded via Oscommerce, that is a php script running and saving them on the server on your behalf. Not you... so, oscommerce still has access to do whatever it wants with the images but they aren't owned by you and so you can't move them. They suggest I email totalchoice hosting and ask them to change the owner on the catalog/images files to me, and permissions to rw-r--r-- Advice? Help? Vikki
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    OOPS! And I only made up that web site! How embarrassing!! Vikki
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    Thank you VERY much - that's the answer I was looking for! Vikki
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    So how will this complaint be handled when reported to Total Choice? Vikki
  9. I run a small dyeing business and convert cross stitch patterns from other fibers to my fibers. I'm using OsCommerce. Example: on the Product page, I say this is Bobby Jo's Pattern of Cross Stitch converted to my silks. I then make a list of the fibers used for the pattern, scan the fibers, and afix a price. On the For More Information Visit This Products Website link on that page, I was adding the url to that pattern picture somewhere on the Internet (www.*******.com/pattern.html). Recently several designers have complained that I am violating their copyright by saying their business name (Bobby Jo) and their pattern name (Pattern of Cross Stitch) on the site and have threatened to inform my ISP that I'm violating their copyrights. Several on line shops have complained that the link to their web site is illegal and they too will complain to my ISP and shut me down. I had understood that linking to other web sites wasn't illegal and that mentioning a business name on your site wasn't either. I took down the links but I'm feeling like I was bullied! Am I indeed in violation of the ISP terms and conditions?? Vikki Edited by TCH-Raul: the URL you posted goes to an adult site. I removed it.
  10. That was a great hint - but unfortunately the middle 8 digits are XXX'd out. Thanks for trying to help me - I apprecaite it. VikkiC
  11. I've been running an oscommerce cart for 2 1/2 years now, installed and running fine on TCH since June. I don't have a gateway but get the middle 8 digits of the credit card emailed to me and then I process the cards manually. I don't want to get a gateway. In the last week I've been sporadically missing the middle 8 digits email. The order comes through fine, but the middle 8 digits (Extra Order email) never comes. This missing information of course makes it impossible to process the order!!! I don't understand why it's ALWAYS the middle 8 digit email and never the order process email. They both come through the secure server portion (as I understand it) and I'm never missing any order process emails. I haven't changed anything at all since I've installed the cart in June. Tech support (Help Desk) says there is no problem with the server or the mail server. They suggested I reinstall Oscommerce. I searched the Oscommerce database for a solution (now and when I was with the old server company) and never came across anyone else having the same problem. The only other possibly interesting thing to note that has also started happening in this last week is that I am getting sporadic emails dated 12/31/1969 from this email server - they're always duplicates of a legitimate email and this morning there were two from TCH tech support. Any ideas - any suggestions??? VikkiC
  12. I just spent days researching this! I have about a 2000 person newsletter that has dropped from almost 4000 members because of email sending problems. Dada mail will work at about 500 people if you enable batch sending but over that amount there isn't any definitive answer. You can send 50 messages every 300 seconds through your regular email program, breaking your mailing list down into 50 people sections. Tedious but it works. (OE and BCC). You can conversely divide your mailing list into 400 - 500 person segments and send it through dada mail using the batch sending mode too. Lastly you can get a dedicated server. (WAY beyond my ability!!!) Finally after looking at all the options I'm going with outsourcing the newsletter - there are a lot of advantages to it (get a company that allows easy import and export of your mailing list, works with the large ISP's as not providing spam, and has lots of statistics for you, including right down to how many people open your newsletter!). This has been a really fruitful discussion for me and I appreciate having a forum that allows this type of interaction with other sellers. VikkiC
  13. Dada still times out because of the cgi limitation - it's not a crone job and is limited to 300 seconds.. That's why I was going to Mailman for my newsletter. So basically what this all boils down to is that there isn't any way to send a large mailing list through servers? If I know that I'll stop asking my questions and go find another way - even if it's an outsourced third party. I just didn't know that Mailman was so restricted and am glad I found out before I put any more time into it... VikkiC
  14. I'll go join there too - but I had a static IP at my last server (I've only been with TCH for 4 days) and that wasn't the answer. It still sent only 50 messages every 5 minutes. Why do you think that getting a static IP will solve the email limit? If you buy a secure cert you get a static IP - if I knew that I'd be able to send out a newsletter for sure if I had a static IP, that would be the way to go. It's $140 something or so a year I think ($100 and a bit for the cert yearly and $35 for one time installation). But the question would be - then would Mailman work to send out a few thousand email messages with the static IP for sure? I'm sure you could send them out on a dedicated server but that really is pricey. My other (strange) thought was to install the bulletin board, have an announcement only area and then have people subscribe to topic updates. They'd get all the announcements emails, though they would have to log in to see them. Inelegant - but maybe simpler than anything else we're looking at. And it would only work for a newsletter/announcement type list. VikkiC
  15. So then are you saying that Mailman isn't useful for a newsletter? (After I spent all that time setting it up and testing it?!?!?!). Is there any TCH server software that will send a newsletter? How are you sending your's out, editor? VikkiC
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