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  1. Yes, I am refering to the cPanel email filtering. It seems to work AFTER Spam Assassin, so the filtering can be based on SA detection. I have a rule set up to direct my spam to a certain address. Rules can also be set up to direct mail to a certain address to another address, though I'm not sure which rule would take presidence.
  2. I just had an idea... though I haven't tried it yet... Instead of setting up a forward, set up an email filter rule to direct it to the new address. I think this way it happens after the Spam Assassin checking. I have some rules that redirect mail if Spam Assassin detects it as Spam, so I know that the filtering happens after the Spam Assasin checking. I'm what determines the order of rules processing though. Does anyone know what determines the order rules are processed in?
  3. I agree with Paul, that I'd like to have Spam Assassin filter mails before forwarding. I have fowards from one domain to another, because I have some users that don't want to check multiple email accounts.
  4. At work, I just use a customized google homepage. It's pretty handy to have all the stuff I'm interested in show up on my browsers home page!
  5. Thanks for the review abinidi, my fellow nephite. So one question I have: When google is set up with your mx records, is there a way to auto-forward certain email addresses at your domain to another domain?
  6. Actually I just looked into my Gmail account, and they have the option of setting up other from addresses. So you can send email from your gmail account, but make it look like it is from your own domain name. This way you can have mail forwarded from your domain name to your gmail account, and reply to mail and still have it look like it came from your domain. I think this would work best for me, because it allows me to have SpamAssassin filtering, plus Gmail spam filtering, plus I can still create mail auto-forwarding for accounts on my domain. I started setting up Google in the MX transfer way, but it seems google doesn't have a way of creating auto-forwards. At least I couldn't find it. So i decided to just go with just auto-forwarding one of my accounts to my gmail. Thanks!
  7. Hmm... I'm wondering what the benefits of that would be, as opposed to just having my mail forwarded to a google address? Also, if you change your mx entry to google, can you have some of your addresses google hosted, and others forwarded? Thanks!
  8. Because I don't think that will work on the sub folders. I only want this for my "spam", "spam-learn" and "ham-learn" subfolders. Any other ideas? Do you know how to set up a cron to delete emails?
  9. Many different apps depending on the circumstance (my Treo, Outlook, sqmail). I mainly want the deleting old emails feature for my spam box (and spam learn), which I don't check so regularly. Apparently it's an easier task if we were using maildir, but the server i am on is using mbox. maildir stores the mails as separate files for each mail, and mbox stores them all in one file. I talked to a support tech about changing to maildir, and he said they would do that sometime in the future, but not now. Do you have any ideas how to make a cron job that will delete old mails from mbox based mail?
  10. Wow, thanks for the heads up on that! That sounds like something I might want to look into my self, even though my only problem is keeping spam low. Spam Assassin actually seems to be doing a relatively decent job for me though! Especially since I implemented a spam learning script for it, which runs on a cron job.
  11. I'm looking for some kind of cron job or script to automatically delete old emails, which are in mbox format on the server. The mbox format is the format that TCH servers currently stores mail in. Does anyone know of how to get such a script? Seems like it should be something that is requested fairly often, but I have been unable to locate anything that will do it. Thanks, Jacob
  12. I have asked the billind department if they can email 2 addresses when any billing issues arise, and they said the billing system "isn't set up for it." I guess I will have to rely on the "moble notification" feature that yahoo mail has, to alert me when mails arrive in my inbox from totalchoicehosting.com Thanks anyways. /Jacob
  13. Thanks for your response Thomas. The reason for putting 2 addresses is this: It has happened to me MULTIPLE times that billing has a problem with my credit card. They email me at my contact address in the control panel, which is a yahoo address. I don't check this address very often, since it's not my main email. My main email is my TCH hosted email. So billing emails me about my credit card no longer being valid (because of an address change, or something like that), and I don't read my yahoo address often enough to see it, and they shut my site down! I only check my yahoo address like once a week. It's happened several times that I just don't get messages soon enough regarding my site (such as they are taking my server down for a while to do an upgrade, or billing issues with my credit card, or other technical stuff, such as a spam exploit on a particular file). It's happened more than once that they shut my site down and I didn't realize there was any problem until I saw that my site was down. But I don't want to have to check multiple email addresses every day. I just want 1 email address to check daily (my TCH hosted mail), and 1 backup to check ocassionally (my yahoo mail) for when my other email doesn't work. If they emailed my main TCH hosted email *AND* my backup yahoo mail, then all bases would be covered. If I recieve a mail at my TCH hosted address, then it actually is automatically checked by my Treo phone, and I usually get the message within half an hour. Do you see the benefit of having two addresses now?
  14. Has anyone tried setting up TWO email addresses for their contact info? It seems that would solve most people's problems. Then they could have any contact go to their regular site email, and their "other domain" email. I have had several urgent notices Maybe putting a comma or semicolon inbetween two addresses would work? Like: mainaddress@mysite;otheraddress@yahoo or mainaddress@mysite,otheraddress@yahoo Would it work to enter either of those types?
  15. Spam Assassin works pretty well if you train it! I finally figured out how to set up easy training with Spam Assasin, using a script small script. If you're interested in seeing how, take a look at my post in this thread: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...st&p=198226 Maybe someday Cpanel will come with this type of functionality already installed...
  16. I have found out how to make Spam Assasin learn from it's mistakes! You've got to tell it what the mistakes are of course... This is how I did it: In Squirl Mail ( ******/sqmail ) I created a folder called "spam-learn" to put spam in that SpamAssassin didn't catch. Then I created a file called spam-learn.sh in my cgi-bin, changed it's permissions to 755 and put the following block of code into it: #!/bin/sh ## ## Script to make Spam Assassin learn Ham and Spam from different folders ## echo "Learning SPAM" DNAME="$HOME/mail/****/" for USER in $(ls $DNAME) do cd $DNAME cd $USER echo "" echo "Processing SPAM $DNAME$USER" nice -n 19 sa-learn --spam --mbox --showdots spam-learn echo "" echo "Processing HAM $DNAME$USER" nice -n 19 sa-learn --ham --mbox --showdots ham-learn cd .. cd .. echo "" echo "" done cd $DNAME echo "Processing Special Email accounts" echo "Processing spam-learn@****" nice -n 19 sa-learn --spam --mbox --showdots spam-learn/inbox echo "" echo "Processing ham-learn@****" nice -n 19 sa-learn --ham --mbox --showdots ham-learn/inbox echo "" echo "" echo "Done" In the code you will need to replace "****" with your own domain name. This code also looks for a folder called ham-learn to learn from mails that went to your spam box but shouldn't have. Set up cron job to run the script you created every night. Put the following line into the command line (substitute your site login username for the word "username"): /home/username/public_html/cgi-bin/spam-learn.sh The above works if you are checking your mail via IMAP or via a web account (spmail or horde). In order to make it work with Outlook, I set up two new email accounts, called spam-learn@**** and ham-learn@**** (with my own domain name). You can open redirect the message using one of the methods below (note this is NOT the same as forwarding). Your users will then want to Redirect or Resend messages to "SPAM-LEARN@****" or "HAM-LEARN@****" appropriately. This varies depending on how your users check their email. Web Mail with HORDE - Choose "Redirect" Outlook (Anyone with a script so this can be done with the push of a button?) A. Open the message (double click on it) B. Action-->Resend This Message... C. Say "Yes" to the warning that you were not the original sender. D. Change the "To..." line to: "SPAM-LEARN@****" or "HAM-LEARN@****" E. Hit "Send" (do not change the message) I hope this info helps somebody! Just to credit the source, I extracted and applied the above information from the following pages: http://www.bluehostforum.com/archive/index.php/t-20.html http://forums.asmallorange.com/index.php?showtopic=6753&hl=spamass The next thing I am trying to figure out how to do, is to delete mail from those folder that is older than a certain date. I'm guessing I'll just have to add some lines of code to my script, but I'm trying to figure out what those lines would be. If the server was using maildir, then it would be more simple, because each of the mails would be separate files, but it seems that TCH is using mbox, which stores all of the mails for a folder in a single file. If anyone knows How to create a script to do that, it would be helpful. Thanks! Good luck and happy spam catching!
  17. Here is my mini bedroom studio. I tried to light it up so you could see all the MIDI and audio lights blinking! I could really use that laptop for my live show... -Jacob Rock Sign
  18. SpamAssassin's documentation said that to make the Bayesian filter learn spam emails that slipped past it, you should make a cron job that runs salearn on a specific email folder. How would one go about doing this on a TCH Cpanel? Thanks! Jacob H.
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