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  1. NTFS is a more secure and sophisticated file system than FAT32. Chances are though that if you don't already know which NTFS features you need (meta-data, indexing etc.), then it's not something you need to worry about converting your file system too. FAT32, according to some techies, is a bit faster than NTFS because it is less complex. In my experience, I've found that greatest stability gain with your file system doesn't matter so much on which type of partition you use, but rather on the stability of the operating system itself. NTFS partitions are more stable than many FAT32 installations out there because NTFS is always used in conjunction with Win 2000 or WinXP. Using FAT32 with these modern OS's (instead of with the erratic likes of Win ME and Win 98) should be just as stable for the average user. Remember though, that if you do convert to NTFS, there's no going back to FAT32 without having to buy a third-party partition program like Partition Magic. Plus, like Amoraq314 said, try to avoid NTFS if you're going to be using Linux. Reading NTFS partitions from Linux is easy, but seamlessly writing to an NTFS partition is still not well supported.
  2. I use Movable Type, mostly because of its template system and support of standards such as RSS and XMLRPC. There is something very satisfying about setting things up exactly like you want them and then, by merely writing an entry, watching the building or updating of all your blog components being taken care of by MT's engine (albeit the level of customizabilty means I'm always tinkering with a new tip or plugin and enjoying the backend design as much as blogging itself).
  3. This is because my better half hasn't watched enough Monty Python, but can still appreciate TMNT:
  4. Well... it makes me laugh "Fetchez la vache!" "Quoi?" "Fetchez la vache!!!"
  5. How about something as simple as a "Caption that Photo" contest. We could be given a choice of photos to put up on an HTML page and either insert our witty quip into the graphic or below it. My original idea was for a short, onine picture book contest: something along the lines of the Mr. T vs Everything sites (http://www.mrtvseverything.com/). However, I share the concern that the graphical requirements may not be fair to everyone. Also, I think the idea of a most interesting article/faq on any topic would be alot of fun too. Looks like just about any of the contest candidates should be interesting.
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