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  1. Strange. I had to restart my email client for any of the changes to take affect, then it started to sync up the imap folders right away. I guess everything was set properly, just not using Microsoft Office Outlook this time. I'm trying to get away from using such programs while at home. At work I'm forced to use Outlook and Office 2013, and it really is nice to use other email clients with my personal email address. I've chosen to use Thunderbird by Mozilla. It seems stable and fast and very configurable. And it is FREE. Now that my MS Technet Subscription is gone I'll be using less and less Microsoft products anyway. Thanks!
  2. I'm trying to setup an email client, which I rarely ever need but have to in this case. I want to use SSL of course, so I'm using the server I'm on, which is fekete.tchmachines.com and port 993. But for some reason it is not connecting. I'm guessing the ports may have changed even though cpanel says 993. Could anyone send me the correct information for setting up an email client/IMAP. Thanks!
  3. Hello. My first post! I need to make some changes to my php.ini file, but would like to get the template that TCH has on their system so I can from there. With me previous hosts I would just putty in and grab it, but no SSH here. Can someone PM the php.ini file or let me know how to access it from TCH? Maybe there is a way that I'm not familiar with. Thank you!
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