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    couldn't you just go into phpmyadmin and repair the database? Mind you I am not an expert, and not fully sure that it would work. But have you thought about that?
  2. Budman

    Php Vs. Cgi

    first off, I believe they hand coded all of that site, which to be truthful, IMO anyway. To get a site of that quality, it would take months to go from a newbie to building a site like that. If you are serious in doing that I recommend it, as you would probably get a much better knowledge in doing that then doing this next part. The Easy Way. if you want a site like that there are many GNU (open source) projects out there that do the exact same thing. Best examples are www.postnuke.com, and www.phpnuke.com . Anyway, that is what I made www.teamsick.us out of, and plan to make www.i-needhelp.com out of. You still learn PHP and CSS by moding it, you just don't learn how to code specifically. You know your an html freak when your <head> starts with coffee to get ready for the <body> of the day, and you can't wait for the </body>
  3. Best Picture Worst Picture (family oriented of course) Funniest Story Guess the Most watched TV show by Total choice subscribers A tournament in a certain game, IE Mohaa, q3, Jk2, etc etc Checkers Championship Chess Championship, Who can come up with the most catch phrases in 20 minutes Who can bring the most subscribers (not urself) to total choice in 1 week I can do more lol
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