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  1. The biggest reason spammers keep doing it is that people actually respond. Sales statistics, compiled over decades, show that out of 100 contacts a sales person makes there are 10 responses. Out of the 10 that don't tell them to get lost, 2 sales are made. Do the math now. If you're a spammer and you can send out just 1 million messages about your "product" you'll statiscally make 2,000 sales. OK. Cut that statistic in half. 1,000 sales aren't bad for 1 million messages sent. I guarantee you that most of them send much more than that in a typical day.
  2. Thanks for the explanations. It's working now.
  3. Already contacted support on this one but thought I'd present it to this forum anyway. I accessed cPanel for my site this morning with no problem. No files have been added to the site and usage showed over 880 MBs free space. Just 15 mins ago I got this... Sorry for the inconvience! The filesystem mounted at / on this server is running out of disk space. cPanel operation has been temporarily suspended to prevent something bad from happening. Please ask your system admin to remove any files not in use on that partition. We'll see what support tells me. Any ideas what could have chewed
  4. Yep, it works! I had just switched to 26 as had the user above. I got the message but thought it was then using SSL. I should have remembered that chart I read a few years back that explained the standard usage for certain port numbers. Do you have any pull to get that put on the cPanel --> Manage Accounts --> Configure Mail Client --> Manual Settings section? (A rhetorical question not requiring an answer!) Thank you!
  5. So, if we don't want to send our account info in the clear we should use port 465 for the SMTP (outgoing) server connection and check the SSL checkbox in the settings?
  6. You can be happy for me, also. I'm just reading this forum after almost two years of having to use Cox Communication's SMTP server to send my from my account through Mail.app (MacOSX 10.4.4). Now messages sent from my TCH account get a Reply-to for that account because they go through the TCH mail server. Yay! No more Reply-to field. When I first setup mail for our TotalChoiceHosting accounts the instructions in cPanel stated that the POP3/IMAP4 outgoing server is tempenazarene.org (that's the church's domain name) with the standard port (I use IMAP, other accounts at church use POP3). The
  7. All domains are owned by the church as are all sites and all content directly related to the church. There is no commercial activity occuring. tempenazarene.org offthewallministries.org (the youth group) portraitsofthepassion.org (our annual musical/drama presentation) To clarify: If I change DNS to point offthewallministries.org to ns1.totalchoicehosting.com (and ns2) then, will an http request for offthewallministries.org route to otw.tempenazarene.org? -- RalphM
  8. Related question, but... Our church website, tempenazarene.org, just moved over to Total Choice Hosting. Love it! We also have two other domains, both still hosted elsewhere. We're going to move them off and onto TCH. But, I was hoping we could set them up as subdomains with DNS pointing to the subdomain (would require a local DNS alias record). They are extremely low traffic sites. I know this is possible but is it allowed by TCH? I also know that we could eliminate the domain names and go strictly with the subdomain names (subdomain.tempenazarene.org) but that creates a lengthy URL.
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