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  1. Hehehee... I use IE... it just works fine for me, usually. But FP?? Dreamweaver?? Dude, chuck them and grab notepad or download some sort of plain text editor for free. =P
  2. Should work okay, but if it's not I'll figure out why. =) I had to use a table for the top thing... to get it working in Opera. I think that's the issue there... gragh! I can't seem to win either way I go. *grrrr* Well I'm sure I can get at least that working... *thinking* Yeah, I'll work on that tomorrow. CSS positioning is very tricky... I've taken to using it inconjunction with javascript (aka DHTML) to make sure things aren't bigger than the user's window, etc. It seems to work well, but yes, it does take quite a bit longer. It's worth it, to me. And thanks. =)
  3. Well, I did all of it... restored defaults, ad-aware, and spybot.... and it's still doing it. *sighs* Any more suggestions? Or is throwing this thing out the window an acceptable answer?
  4. Thanks... I have ad-aware and am running it right now, but I might look into getting that one, too. I've also restored defaults, hope it works. LOL
  5. This is a recent development, started about two days ago... suddenly every time there's an error retrieving a page, IE closes. Which makes it really really annoying. My site is being transfered and the old site has issues, so this happens OFTEN right now. Does anyone know if there's some sort of preference checkbox that was unwittingly checked? I looked throuhg, couldn't find anything that would contribute to this strange behaviour...
  6. Thanks! And I figure I need to put forth my best effort in order to be as professional as I can. My personal site doesn't need to be so tight (though it generally is anyways), but my business site must be.
  7. Yeah, I had changed some stuff to make it work in Opera and ended up messing up that one page. I think it's fixed now though.
  8. Now normally I have a pretty good track record with different browsers... at least, I can get the latest versions of IE and Netscape to play nice. My problem today is with Opera. This is my site: http://lunarmagicdesigns.com View it in IE and mozilla, no issues. View in Opera, the top menu part is all off. Does anyone know why it might be doing that, so I can know how to fix it? I'm going to be experimenting today, I guess... not much else I know how to do. o.O Funny thing is, I just checked another of my domains, which is way heavy in css and javascript, and it showed up perfectly in Opera. LMAO! Oh, and in Netscape 4.x it doesn't show up much at ALL. Helpful hints for that??
  9. >I tried mozilla. It only caused none of my sites to load right because mozilla doesn't support png images or .css stylesheets! I don't use mozilla generally, I'm an IE user, but I use mozilla as one of the browsers to check over my sites... also, one teacher I had last year (CIS student in Uni) insisted we use mozilla for our project... and I've never had problems with css stylehsheets not showing up. In fact, I just downloaded the newest version a few days ago and checked over my sites and it all worked fine.
  10. Dang, that's the problem... the name of the user. Blech... thanks for your help!!
  11. I am in the process of moving my site from another host to here. A few of my pages use a mysql database. I created the database, populated it (with a dump from the old one), changed the config files to point to the correct database, but it's giving me an error: >Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user: 'lunarmagic@localhost' (Using password: YES) in /home/lunardr/public_html/index.php on line 46 Couldn't connect to MySQL I'm not really sure what to do about it, since it worked fine on my old site. Could someone please let me know if there's anything I should be doing differently? Here's my connection code... >include('statsconfig.html'); $db = mysql_connect($server, $username, $password); if (! $db) die("Couldn't connect to MySQL"); mysql_select_db($database,$db) or die("Select DB Error: ".mysql_error()); $server is set to "localhost", username and password I set up in the database manually. Thanks.
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