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  1. Reseller plans are not just for those in the hosting business, but is also for people (like me) who own a lot of different domains.
  2. (I'm sorry for posting so much... I am trying to find a better place to put my questions, but this just seems like the best place.) You guys wouldn't happen to be considering a smaller reseller package, would you? *bats eyelashes cutely* Okay... I'll try to be quiet now. moved to pre sales questions
  3. No... what he means is, if you have your domain TOURS.COM hosted here and you have a subdomain PERU.TOURS.COM, you can display that any way you want to... what you CAN'T do is go register PERU.COM and point it to PERU.TOURS.COM. It's a domain registration thing.
  4. Thank you very much, I have done that. I just didn't want to bother your help desk if I didn't need to. =) Thinking is indeed what I need to do!
  5. Well, I don't know if I want to/can do it yet, though. I just need to know what will happen if I do decide to go ahead with it...
  6. Someone in the other thread mentioned a reseller account. I think that's a great idea... expensive, but it might be worth it. However, my boyfriend just bought an account here at TCH, the smallest one, but he paid a year upfront. Now if I were to buy a reseller account and move his domain to my reseller, would he be able to get a refund, or perhaps roll that money into my reseller account purchase? If not, I don't think I'll be able to buy that new account... Please let me know.
  7. Oh if they could, that would be wonderful! I must wait to see if I have indeed gotten the second part-time job I applied for... gas prices have risen yet again and it is a struggle to pay for my car insurance and gas costs. My boyfriend just bought a house, or is in the process of, so he has little excess money either. But if it turns out I do have that extra income, I will be looking at getting that reseller account.
  8. I just saw that... that is actually a really really good idea. Between my boyfriend and I we currently have five different domains... three here, two elsewhere that I do NOT trust... and there's my $20 right there. My MAIN site, which is basically my everything, is 166 megs and only uses about .5 gigs of transfer a month. The rest would all be fairly inconsequential compared to that, I think... at least space-wise. One of my other sites uses a total of 8.5 megabytes. LOL I can't find anywhere its report on how much transfer. *frowns* Different host... Unless this is it: Total Bytes Served 817818631 One question, though: If I did buy the simple reseller package, would I have to move all three sites that are already at TCH? And their databases? *wince*
  9. LOL Maybe cause we pay for our services here... it's rather difficult for kids to get credit cards. =P (Although that never stopped my little bro from "borrowing" my dad's card, lol!) Bah, I'm only 20 (21 in a little over one week!), but I feel so old. =P By the way... I was recommended from people on one of the other forums I DID find to use this other web host... now I'm NOT going to be moving my big main site, but I have other little ones that currently do not have a home (yes, $4 a month can really add up when I only work 8 hours a week), and it was cheap and hosted multiple domains. I was considering it. Then their site went down, pending new updates. I waited. And waited. Then the bigwig of the site who had given me the referral, who hosted that very forum on that host, posted a message saying the forum was going down for a day and he was moving all his sites. Needless to say, I signed up one of my other accounts (for my bf) on TCH. I'll find the money somehow. lol
  10. Like the subject said, why is it so hard to find a friendly, mature community online? When I got online what was it, seven or eight years ago, I fell in with one community, then another... places I stayed for years, forming strong, deep friendships. Now, years later, I am bored and looking for new friends, new hangouts. So why can't I find any? Unfortunately, most places I find are either dead, or filled with teenagers. Now I'm not much older than a teen myself, but that whole mindset has always annoyed me. "U r stupide!" No spelling, no punctuation, no trust, lots of hate and idiocy abound. Can't stand it. I managed to find a few adult-oriented places that I've been cautiously lurking about, posting now and then. But just when I feel like maybe this might be a good place, someone starts a snipe-fest and it gets nasty. Do I really want to be around people who can't seem to accept any opinion other than their own? Not really, especially when I'm so independently-minded. I just don't feel appreciated. I am one of the masses in just about everywhere I go, and I can't even find people I like, much less people who might become good friends! What gives? Am I looking in all the wrong places?
  11. Cashews and honey roasted peanuts. MMMmmmm. Unfortunately, we ran out... and I have cravings. Hrm. Dang, it's already 10pm! *wah!*
  12. NetZero is what I'm on... and that would explain it. Wonder if it's even worth switching over for two days. Thanks for the info!
  13. I'm on dialup for a few days while we stay in a hotel, and for some reason my email won't work. I use my laptop all the time anyways, so the email client (Eudora) hasn't been setup any differently than it usually is. I connect to the internet, I can reach all webpages, I can download my messages in email... but I can't send. It says "Could not connect to mail.lunardreams.net Cause: connection timed out (10060)" Well, I just tested my other domain, and apparently it's the same problem. *sighs* Any idea what could be causing this? It's not a big deal, we'll be back home to our nice LAN and cable internet soon, but this just puzzles me.
  14. While I could hope that my skills would speak for themselves, I can see how that would help.
  15. Thanks, that clarifies things. For my personal venture I do not require money from investors, so I'm in the clear for that. Personally... yeah, I kinda like seeing things on paper. I should probably do more research.
  16. I was told last year I should write a business plan. I read books. I wrote one up. It made me feel good for a while. Thing is, I don't get the use of the thing. Yeah, okay, it lets me get a better idea of what I'm doing and where I'm going, but I could have done that in many different ways. Why is a business plan so important? Why do people write them?
  17. I'm thinking of buying a new domain name, but honestly, I can't really afford to pay for another domain hosting. (I am a poor college student, blech!!). I was wondering if there was any way to point a domain name to a subdomain, or to use my existing account to handle the other domain in a subfolder or something... or would that require a totally different type of account. Just wondering. It'll probably never happen anyways. Well, not until I'm rich and can afford cool stuff just for fun.
  18. Heheheh, my boyfriend used that quote in his tagline for a different forum. I thought it was stupid til I saw the movie. LOL
  19. .... Duh. I can't believe I didn't see that before.
  20. But how do we tell which server our site is on? LOL I see ip address, but no "name" or number. Also, since I'm posting... Rock Sign I transfered to TCH recently because both my sites (on different hosts for different reasons) were having major issues (one site kept going down and all they could say was "we're trying to find the problem on your server", but after a week of not being able to reliably get to my site I gave up; the other changed owners and they lost a lot of other peoples sites, so I transfered soon as I found out and avoided any mess). I was so pleased to find a house that is so intimately involved with their customers, via this forum. It is friendly, very helpful, and seems to be having no problems with my site. I'm very happy. =)
  21. I gave up. I'm just establishing one site and the other is entirely personal (as in, if you can't read it, too damn bad!)... and I figure if they want to see it, they have to at least be current, or semi-current. It's hard enough getting it compatable with opera, ie and netscape. PS, how can I tell from my webalizer stats which browser they're using? They all seem very similar... ie, Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98). I don't see anything referencing Netscape and they all hae MSIE in them. Sooo... am I being lied to, or do none of my viewers use Netscape? LOL
  22. LOL I'm a freak, but I personally LIKE getting a list of the available images... I use it all the time. When I have a bunch of images for me to use, or for someone to preview, I just throw them up in a folder and let them view the file list... it saves me having to hand-write a listing!
  23. Oh yes, that worked perfectly! Thanks so much!
  24. Yes, sure thing. =) Basically, like this forum... you type in this message like this. you don't add in any BR or P tags to your text here. When it posts, it posts with the paragraph spacing exactly as you type it in. This is on one line. This is on another. I have a form on my site (can't show you, it's part of a script for members, log in only, etc). And when they type in their information, it displays like this: When it posts, it posts with the paragraph spacing exactly as you type it in.This is on one line.This is on another. Soooo, I need some sort of "parser" or script that will take a text field such as this, and make sure it displays with the line breaks intact...
  25. Hiya, I'm searching all over the web trying to find a tag that's similar to PRE, as in, it preserves all line breaks as you type them, but still wraps and displays in a variable-width font (shouldn't affect anything other than line breaks). Even if there's not a tag to do that, does anyone know any css that would handle that for me? Anything? ARgh, I don't want to have to go re-write all these pages!
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