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  1. Thanks Bruce... No luck on FTPing in ASCII mode, so I will open a ticket....
  2. Papillon/Thomas...how was this resolved? I am trying to install Magento myself and getting the 500 Internal Server Error. Shouldn't this run as is against TCH php5 install? Do I have to do a custom install?
  3. Hopefully the upgrade will be to PHP 5.2 as this latest version from what I've read and heard, has shown to perform better and be significantly more stable than earlier versions of 5.x.
  4. Hey Guys... I'm getting the same error....working fine from home, but not at work. I'm sure it has to to do with the proxy here. My last job it worked fine through their proxy. Recently started a new gig and it hasn't worked since coming aboard. And I'm getting to my domain fine... Any settings in IE I can change to let through....other thoughts?? Thanks....
  5. Thumbs Up Thanks folks for all the help....so cgi-sys/cgiemail is an alias under everyone's public_html dir (and you can change the cgiemail to cgiecho to test), and you can put the .txt file wherever, as long as you call it properly in the ACTION. Stevevan, would it be possible to get a copy of your eval_templ.txt to see how it is formatted?
  6. And here is the questions3.txt file it calls (that would be in a script directory called /scriptdir in your public_html directory: Note the blank lines in the txt file. Thanks rick.....no problem with the questions3.txt, but is this whole part (in bold) an alias?? http://www.domain.com/cgi-sys/cgiemail/scriptdir/questions3.txt because all I have under my public_html dir is a cgi-bin dir....?? Can I assume that whole dir is an alias an use it as my ACTION....but then how do I add the .txt file to the scriptdir if it is not there?
  7. Same problem as shammer....no cgiecho or cgiemail directories......can anyone answer this?
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