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  1. Bill/TCH, can anyone verify why access is denied currently? Is this something initiated by TCH or a symptom of the hack. Can't even log into the R1 Backup service.
  2. Okay, at first glance, things look fixed. The first page looks good but when you click any link, everything else is broken after that. I can't get into cpanel so not much I can do right now.
  3. Another site is broken. www.CrusaderWeaponry.com
  4. ONe of my sites wasn't cleaned properly. www.VacationPointExchange.com Seems like files were removed but haven't been restored yet.
  5. Can other's log into their sites and the WHM console?
  6. Happened to one of my sites too but it was just fixed. Another symptom,I cannot long into cpanel for any of my sites. Not sure if this is TCH related or hack related. I'll worry about it in a couple of hours.
  7. I look forward to the report. On a side note I say go back to the dew and drop the marlboro's. It'll be better for all of us.
  8. Bill should have a Mt. Dew Throwback. It's even better.
  9. I should also mention that a full restore does not affect your database so you don't have anything to lose.
  10. Full restore works pretty well. However it does not remove additional files that were added. It will overwrite existing files which fixes a majority of problems. For example the front page extension folders didn't originally have index.php files but were newly creates. The restore didn't remove those but the script from TCH may have removed those.
  11. I would check a couple folders deep. If you use frontage extensions it also copied files in there. I never found anything more than 2 folders deep.
  12. Make sure you select the Cpanel login from the drop down and enter your server name as well. It should work.
  13. I should also say, you can get to the Restore feature directly from Cpanel. It's called R1Soft Restore Backups under the Files section.
  14. Log into Cpanel. On the left side, it says Expand Stats. Click that, and you will see a section called Server Name.
  15. Looks like my sites are fixed.
  16. See my message above. You can restore to last night and that should fix most of the problems.
  17. Your files are automatically backed up every 12 hours. Betcha didn't know that. If you want to do a manual restore, go here. http://buserver4.tchmachines.com:8085/s/ Host Description is the name of your server. Then restore back to some time last night and you should be good. If not, go through your directory structure as sometimes they'll add an index.html as well.
  18. I wonder if this counts against the uptime statistics. Technically the server is up. IF they get it fixed, I'll be satisfied.
  19. Ya, index.php in every folder. I've got about 20 domains running so it's a tedious task to just replace those files. I'm going through and restoring from backup from last night. Looks like my server was hacked about 2 hours ago based on teh time stamp.
  20. I know I'm not the only one as it appears to be at the server level. Support Ticket already submitted. My server is Columbus.
  21. In the Jan 26th attack, it was stated that the attack was at 3gbps+. How much bandwidth does TCH have access to? If this one was 600mbps, I would think that it wouldn't have been as big of a problem as the 26th. I don't know the answer and haven't done much research, but how does TCH compare to other hosting companies with regard to access to bandwidth? I read one host that claims a 10gbps line.
  22. So any word on where this Dos attack originated? Or the target?
  23. If I did my math right, that comes to 100 Million.
  24. I had one of my accounts ask me how many domains are hosted at TCH. Is that a number that can be shared? Or at least a range?
  25. I just had the same problem on my reseller account for all of the domains hosted. I submitted a ticket but support is telling me to just use http://www.mysite.com:2095 instead. That doesn't sound right to me.
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