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  1. Thank you for your response! My contact form is within a zen cart. Any captcha recommendations?
  2. I have a pet spammer too. I have enabled Domain Keys and SPF in Cpanel What else do I need to do? Step by step please, this is not something I am really eddjimakated in although with this forum's help I have "come a long way baby" in the last two years. My spammer info is: Login Name: Not logged in Login Email: Not logged in IP Address: - Host Address: Date and Time: Wed Sep 16 2009 3:37:38 EDT I need to be sure I can access my email away from home and my business partners in SD and MO can do their thing too while blocking anyone sending spam through our servers. Thanks
  3. I have exactly the same problem, approaching the third bill after asking for cancellation of a sandbox site. This is the first issue I have had with TCH. You need my $4 month that badly?
  4. Now I know! It was jam packed FULL of trash! Thanks for your help Thomas & Derek.
  5. Thank you Thomas, but why is my usage up to 3GB on the address the spam came from when I do not use the address.
  6. One of my customers said she got spam from me. One of my email accounts, virtually unused, shows 3MB of usage. None of the others are out of the kb range including the main one. Is this something to worry about? Should I delete the account?
  7. Thank you Bruce for your clear, concise and easy to understand reply! BIG eHUG
  8. Is it possible to change the name of a database and how it connects from my website? I am not sure if that is the correct term for what I want to do. I have a zen cart which 'got lost' in our server move. I loaded a new cart with a slightly different name and started stocking it. Then my original cart came back. I would like to use the newer cart for a different project but don't want confusion on its name. Site is: www.200westmain.com original cart: www.200westmain.com/thefrontroom replacement cart: www.200westmain.com/frontroom which I would like to change to something completely different. I am not terribly tech literate so instructions need to keep that in mind. If it is too difficult I can delete it and start over. Thank you!
  9. I am sure I am posting this in the wrong place but hopefully (if so) some kind person will move it. I have a zen cart on my website. I got an email from a customer who had forgotten her login password but never received a reply with a new password. She has an AOL address. I set up a test identity, also with an AOL address and was surprised to see that no mail arrives from my site even if I put the site address in the AOL address book. It does not go to the spam folder, it simply disappears. It would appear that either, 1. TCH will not allow me to have customers with an AOL address, or, 2. its an AOL thing, or, 3. both of the above Unfortunately I have lots of customers who use AOL, my merchandise appeals to the same demographic group. Any solution to this problem?
  10. Please accept sincere condolences Tom, you did a wonderful job giving Piggie such a long life, that could only happen with first class care.
  11. Thank you two gentlemen SO much for your help, everything is functional and functioning. What I had to do was delete the username@*********.com and all the email addresses under it and start over.
  12. I went and looked in my cPanel > Mail and it does say main account is my TCH username. Then all the other addresses are under that. I did read this: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...?showtopic=3674 is that post no longer valid? It was posted a long time ago. NortK: Once again, I seem to be having trouble seeing the woods because of all the trees in the way, or maybe tis all those flying bananas. All my addresses say the domain name for example me@**** and stock@**** or shopname@****. In the cPanel > Mail when I set them up I made a password for each separate address. Each separate address gets the 'user:password does not match' error message
  13. I am not sure I understand this, are you sure that is not second grade stuff? I did read & print the thunderbird help, then followed it step by step but still no joy, or emails either. I have some email addresses set up. Then I set them all to forward to the info@zzzzz.com I can undo all that no problem, but how do I set up email addresses not using the cPanel account? On my cart, it appears that my customers with aol addresses can not receive mail from me, through the server, to clarify that, I set up a test customer account (myself) with an aol email address and the 'welcome to' email never arrived. Thank you Bruce.
  14. I have spent the last week trying to set up my emails with Thunderbird. This morning I deleted the program from my computer and hit the forums here, again, trying to figure it all out. I have also been rootling through the TB forums. When (IF) I figure TB out I can reload it. Meanwhile I can't open for business or set up Paypal on my cart without email, it has been seven months and I am getting a bit desperate. Pointers phrased in extremely simple terms would be sincerely appreciated. HEEEEELP! Meanwhile I set all but two (those work, but not on my computer) of the email addresses to forward to the catchall. I had no problem sending email from TB so I guess I got that bit right but was never, ever, not even once, able to access and read the email with TB. I had to use the web mail which was inconvenient. I did not like that at all. I got the famous user:password does not match error message. Can anyone tell me: WHAT password is TB asking for? I have tried both the individual email account password and the server user password IS there an easier email client out there? I am not sure how much more 'learning curve' my poor tired old brain can cope with.
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