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  1. I have to concurr. I haven't had a server provider like TCH ever before. It's almost been one year since I signed up and I haven't looked back, US$1,400 odd later. Requests for things like PTR records are handled very quickly and professionally - I'm so glad I found you guys.. I'd just been ripped by about 3 different international companies in the span of about 3 months and was giving up when I stumbled upon the site. I look forward to a continuing relationship! Happy New Year to all.
  2. Oops I forgot to thank you all for the welcomes
  3. Still extremely happy with services provided by TCH one month on
  4. Hi everyone, I'd like to start off by saying I don't normally do this. But TCH is -the- exception. It sounds corny, I know, like those late night infomercials about exercise machines "wow it really works" and you're like "yeah yeah how much are they paying you models" etc. I am absolutely blown away by the support and responsiveness here at TCH. I stumbled in from an advert I saw on another forum, made a few enquiries, within a few hours I had all the information I needed to sign up - and I did it right there! I was hunting for a new dedicated server provider for quite a while. What made me choose TCH? Well to be honest, it was all the reviews, (even the bad ones - I saw how realistic things were, and understood where the boundaries were with things being the customer's fault or otherwise) and I was very satisfied that this was THE place to be. After the reviews, pre-sales support was exemplary as well. TCH treats clients like royalty. I know this sounds like I'm sucking up, but it's the truth. Looking at the "bad" reviews, things have always been resolved and nobody gets their nose rubbed in it when an issue is the client's fault - well, excusing total denial of client fault by a client or two, where further explanation is due it is made - blunt and to the point. (And put in their place ) I value this because I've been around about 5 dedicated providers in the last year or so. Big jumps. None have been as good as this. When I was looking to sign up, I first chatted to Tina regarding some special requirements regarding an advert I had seen. She told me I should e-mail the sales team, and I did. Tina escalated the ticket to management who could help me out. Within a very very short amount of time, I got a reply from Dick saying that yes it was all possible, and he even kept me right up to date with the server building process! I've had the server running for about 10 days now, so it IS early on. But I just KNOW it's going to be great. I've not needed any support, I just e-mailed and asked for some PTR records to be set. They were set a lot faster than I had been accustomed to with other hosts, and they even apologised for delays - to me there was no delay! Communication is the lock and TCH has the key. I also love the community feel of your service here on the forums - it's great to read the posts about all sorts of different things. I look forward to a long and bright future with TCH! If you're thinking of signing up, I won't just yell DO IT DO IT DO IT to you, I'd invite you to read this entire "reviews" section of the forum, and write an e-mail to pre-sales support with any questions you can't find here or on the FAQ. You WILL be impressed.
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