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  1. I have to concurr. I haven't had a server provider like TCH ever before. It's almost been one year since I signed up and I haven't looked back, US$1,400 odd later. Requests for things like PTR records are handled very quickly and professionally - I'm so glad I found you guys.. I'd just been ripped by about 3 different international companies in the span of about 3 months and was giving up when I stumbled upon the site. I look forward to a continuing relationship! Happy New Year to all.
  2. Oops I forgot to thank you all for the welcomes
  3. Still extremely happy with services provided by TCH one month on
  4. Hi everyone, I'd like to start off by saying I don't normally do this. But TCH is -the- exception. It sounds corny, I know, like those late night infomercials about exercise machines "wow it really works" and you're like "yeah yeah how much are they paying you models" etc. I am absolutely blown away by the support and responsiveness here at TCH. I stumbled in from an advert I saw on another forum, made a few enquiries, within a few hours I had all the information I needed to sign up - and I did it right there! I was hunting for a new dedicated server provider for quite a while.
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