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  1. Bill did I win yet........hehe If I won anything I'd be happy....I really don't win anything that much so I guess I wouldn't complain if I did anyhow. Again keep up the good work Bill and all the TCH staff...
  2. See if you would have given me the grand prize I would have been happy with it.....in the first place. But I guess thats just me....... Bill don't worry about it......to bad something that was meant to be fun had to be turned into something so bad.
  3. Well I looked and looked and looked some more talked to maybe ten different providers no one I mean NO ONE could give me the GREAT price I have on my server from TCH. I real happy after the time I've been here and if I needed another server or knew someone who did I'd tell them about this offer and if they missed out on this I'd ask them to keep an eye for other specials and not to locked into a server with another provider. You guy and girls have been great.........
  4. ALS

    Website Photo Album

    I never used it but this place a friend of mine does use: "http://photobucket.com/"
  5. wkg I just know you can never have enough backups.....great I'll look into this one.....I've always worried about my databases.
  6. First off I was PLEASED to get a WHT special now I have heard good things about TCH not until I actually been through the server setup and move in that I am completely IMPRESSED. You guy are just GREAT......other then a small dns problem after transferring my accounts over...I couldn't be more happy starting from the price to the setup to the support. TOP OF THE LINE!!
  7. Ok I'll do that now thanx.
  8. I'm a problem with my server looks like a DNS problem I'm not sure.
  9. Thanx Thomas and Bruce nice to be here .... I'm hoping I can have a better chance to grab a nice special from you guys something like I missed out on being part of the forums.
  10. Thanx Thomas maybe I'll be able to grab one next time...if I have any luck at all.
  11. Bill I left my right foot somewhere so I always miss the boat.
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