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  1. I have been running a contact management system that has created files and directories and assigned ownership and group as "99" with restrictive permissions. Now I want to delete these files and directories and can't because I am not 99. Since I do not have root access, how do I change the permissions so that I can delete all of them? Is there a script available that could do this? Is there any way to chown or override the permissions through cPanel? How do I configure a php script to run as me or other alias? Note: there is no way to do this through the application that created the files
  2. Anyone out there? What is the status of rebuilding Apache from cPanel's EasyApache on server 26. Details in quote.
  3. I had in the past used Microsoft browsers until I discovered Mozilla then Phoenix/Firebird. They are superior to any of the non standard crap that Microsoft produces. It is frustrating when I encounter a website that has been "optimized for Internet Explorer." This means it will do things that are not standard, hence not work in any other browser. Arrogant, very arrogant to assume we all are Microsoft sheep. I look forward to the end of Microsoft dominance so that we can get back to standards and better software. I will leave and never return most of the time I encounter one of these fancy Int
  4. Help, I am also running Invision Power Board version 1.2 and recently getting the same errors. I have been using it about a month now and all of a sudden two instances of this same error (mySQL error code: 1016) on two different tables. One error just an hour ago and the other a couple days ago. My site http://www.davidvaldes.com on server 26. As was stated earlier, this is suspected to be a cpanel/apache issue that is fixed by rebuilding Apache from CPanel's EasyApache. I also know of someone running vBulletin (not hosted here) who lost an entire database due to an automatic cPanel upgrade wi
  5. Thanks-useful info but what about the database itself. Can the name of the database be changed without creating a new blank one and importing the tables and data?
  6. How do I change the name of a MySQL database without disrupting the tables and data?
  7. Does this mean that you had solved the problems discussed above? Curious to know the actual cause and solution.
  8. Problem might be related to cPanel/Apache. There is discussion about it at the Invision forums. Read about it here.
  9. 1. Any chance the database corruption is related to cPanel/Apache? There is a discussion about it at the Invision Forums. Read more here 2. Log-in not being remembered--I think is a known bug that will be fixed in the next version due in a week or two.
  10. Problem solved. The dns registration is one at a time. The right field is for actual ip address. All you need to do is enter NS1.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM in the left field then submit. Ignore the ip field. Then add the NS2.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM as a second dns.
  11. I have just signed up. My domain name which I own is www.davidvaldes.com. Currently it is registered with names4ever.com and it forwards to my other domain www.1stplacetogo.com. I want to change the dns so that it now points to my new account here. The current dns servers are: Domain servers in listed order: parking.names4ever.com Registrar: NAMES4EVER, http://www.names4ever.com The problem is that names forever is giving an error when I attempt to change the second pointer to NS2.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM. It says invalid ip address: 'NS2.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM'
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