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  1. Thanks for the information I appreciate it.
  2. https://status.totalchoicehosting.com/status-realtime-graph.php?server=inysh I have a few websites on inysh and I've been here for several years, mostly without issue. But in the last 6 months or so, all my sites are increasingly unavailable. Is it just me noticing more? Or is there something going on with the server?
  3. same here: http://www.ericdgreene.com and http://www.oilpastelsartist.com/ Thanks!
  4. Thanks Bruce that path solved my problem and it works.
  5. Hi I have a website which I want to test restricting access with an .htpasswd file. The setup seems simple enough - just create the file, use a password generator to populate the contents of the htpasswd file, then set up your htaccess file and you're good to go. I've done everything correct (I think), but I get 'Internal Server Error 500' on my site when I try it out. I'm thinking possibly the path to the .htpasswd is not correct? What I have in .htaccess is: AuthUserFile /xyz/.htpasswd AuthType Basic AuthName "Login Details" Require valid-user The directory /xyz is in the /public_html folder. Would this path be correct? Or is there another path I should use here? Thanks for any help.
  6. Hi folks, in one of my accounts I have discovered a folder called xrggs, appears to have been created on Dec 2, 2009. The folder contains a php script, qeu.php, which I can't quite tell what it's meant to do. It contains several functions that use fwrite() fopen() pregreplace, mkdir... appears to be a hack. I have removed the folder from my account. I'm just curious what others experience might be. I run a wordpress blog on this account - the site still works fine, but this attempted hack is cause for some concern. Google search for "xrggs" and wordpress doesn't turn up anything. Just a search for xrggs folder doesn't get anything either. Very strange!
  7. yeah it seems to me like that would do it. for some reason your variable is being set. so you'd want to just check if it has a length
  8. Try testing to see if strlen($xyz) > 0 ?
  9. My experiences with TCH have always been superior to other hosts I've dealt with. And not only other hosts... just other companies generally.
  10. What do you get for an error message?
  11. I just posted about it at my blog: TCC Student Art Show Award The piece was my cow skull in india ink wash: Took $100 cash along with the award - can't beat that! Competition was fierce. There is some kick-I AM A SPAMMER talent at my art school. To take an award at the annual art show is an honor!
  12. I'm not really sure what you mean by "come from a meta refresh"... You tried doing a print_r on $_SERVER to find anything that might be useful? >echo "<pre>"; print_r($_SERVER); echo "</pre>"; exit;
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