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  1. Oh!! I got it I had copied it straight from the initial welcome email and it has http:// in front of it. Didn't even think to remove that! Thanks everyone!!
  2. I just recently reformatted my computer so I am re-entering the FTP info. For some reason it wont connect now! I double checked the username and password, they are fine. Is there some other setting that I am missing? I use CuteFTP. Thanks
  3. You are the best Bruce!!! Permissions...why didn't I think of that!!!
  4. I have this script that works fine on one site but just wont work on another and I'm at a loss as to why... It works on http://www.joust.raevin.us/vote.html but will not work on http://www.joustcomp.org/vote.html This is all I changed in the working script: @referers = ('raevin.us',''); @recipients = ('^joust\@raevin\.us'); This is what I changed it to: @referers = ('joustcomp.org',''); @recipients = ('^mai\@joustcomp\.org'); HELP PLEASE!!!
  5. ok...now I am really confused. LOL I never figured out PHP.
  6. Oh...I wouldn't know what javascript to use.... what exactly would I search for?
  7. Is there any way for me to see the IP address of visitors that access a certain site? Or even a way to be notified when that page is accessed?
  8. Hey I'm starting up a website competition and I am hoping I can find somethings here and with a slight explanation of how. - I need a way to make forms that would be mailed to me and other people without using their mail client. - I would like to create a mail group, much like what Yahoo has. - With the banner rotation that I see, can I get paid for clicks? - I would need a way to count votes submitted through a form, that also limits the number of votes by IP address. I think that's it, for now at least!! LOL If you can lead me anywhere for this please do!!
  9. I'm part of the staff that uses it, so as long as I don't replicate it somewhere else I'm good to go. I gets bits of it but I get lost in sections.
  10. I have a script that I found online and thought it looked simple yet complex enough for me to learn the basics, which is what I want to do without having to go out and buy a book. I'm very hands-on and reading a book just doesn't work for me. So I have a copy of the script I saw but I don't want to post it because it was on a site that said the owner made the script himself and I don't know if there are any copyright issues with that. I was hoping I can send it to someone here who can explain it to me. Essentially I want to create something similiar but not exact.
  11. It was when the servers were down. They seem to be working fine now. Though when the servers were down I was able to send with no problem...strange... Thanks!!
  12. Ok, that worked but it doesn't work on the pop up sign in. It only works when I input it straight on the web page. Thanks!! Finally in business!!
  13. I've done that also. It just won't work. I've tried SageMistress@raevin.us and just SageMistress, I've entered the password and nothing works I tried with caps, without caps and NOTHING
  14. I tried that and it doesn't work. It just keeps asking for username and password...
  15. Hello!!! I'm here with a bothersome question I have created email for other people. How can they access their email through the web?
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