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  1. I was doing really well with keeping spam in check and suddenly about 2 days ago I started getting floods of 50 at a time (several times a day), most with Netsky. I havent used the email from my site for much of anything so it can't be that I gave it to someone who harvested it. I have only two specific names I was getting mail for and I have spam assain set. On my machine I also run virus software but Netsky is a slippery one. It got so bad I had to fully shut down my incoming email. I'm wondering if you guys changed anything in the past week or so? Much of the email was also addressed to my server name rather than my site name. Any insight is appreciated -Jill
  2. Thanks Lisa. btw, nice to see a female on staff there! (not that I mind the guys , they're great too!) -Jill
  3. How can you detect this activity? Also, do you have a link that shows the method you used to combat it? Thanks
  4. How do I know what server my sites are on? The are both down
  5. I beta tested TSO & There but didnt stay around for either to go live. I played EQ & FFXI. The "game" I keep going back to, and have a lifetime membership at is SecondLife. There is no story, quests or themes. You make whatever you want. It has attracted many programmers & artists because of the building & scripting capabilities. No "needs" so many burnt out TSOers go there to socialize where you dont have to eat & pee. Like shoot em ups? Go to one of the outlands sims, build guns & blast away. There's a free trial, just kill your account before the 7 days if you dont want to stay or you will be billed.
  6. Yes, mine is at 5. I guess I will check the other suggestion. Thanks.
  7. Bruce, good question. How do I change the level? Mike, I do that but usually using a netscape, hotmail, yahoo or orhter disposable address.
  8. I set up Spam Assassin about a month ago and WOW! My spam was immediately down by 3/4 or more. Now, a month later, I am suddenly getting my pre Spam Assassin amounts. I can't figure out why. All my settings are fine and I don't give out that email address. Its not on my website for bots to find and I never ever post it on forums. Any clue to what my problem is? I so hate spam and I end up occasionally deleting valid emails by mistake when deleting them all.
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