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Months Later ... Never Been Happier

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After 5 years of working with various web hosts I've been fortunate enough to find the services of TCH. It's been great!


Where I came from wasn't all that bad either, but my needs were growing and I found myself outgrowing my past hosting company.


I've not only been watching my own server (only one small section of down time due to a planned server move) but all of TCH's customers. That's the cool thing about these forums ... you can see how TCH works.


How can I possibly complain??? TCH has given me excellent service, both in support and with server up-time. Their prices are reasonable and there is always room for expansion as my needs grow.


If you read through the forums you may find one or two people who seem unhappy. You may have to dig ... but even TCH can't make everyone happy. Be sure you have reasonable expectations when signing on for TCH. For most of us, this is a shared server environment. The servers are top-notch and used well. TCH strives for 99%+ uptime on their servers ... and they do achieve that. This also means that there may be .01% of downtime. When this happens (all in one month or over the course of a year) realize that 100% uptime is not a guarantee, or the norm, for any shared server environment. It's just a fact. Do understand that TCH will be ON TOP of the situation and will let you know what is going on by using these forums ... better than 99% of the hosting companies out there just by doing that! They have never let me down, or left me uninformed, when something goes bump in the night ... even while I take in a good nights sleep.


My hat off and a big THANK YOU to TCH for being the company I can rely on for me and my clients. Thank you to the moderators and fellow TCH family for help on problems that are usually my doing. Thank you to the TCH technical support for replying within minutes of each and every help desk ticket I've submitted. Truly a remarkable statement ... and genuine help too ... not canned responses that are unrelated to my question. And thank you Mr. Bill Kish for keeping service at the level we have grown to expect and love from TCH. I've enjoyed our past talks and look forward to future conversations as our busy schedules allow.


I will continue to grow my business using your services and know that things are in good hands.

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