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Drive Space On Reseller Accounts


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Perhaps you have read the text incorrect.


When we refer to the 80GB drives that is just to let you know the size and speed of the drive your account will be on.


The actual drive space breaks down like this:


Disk Space - 1500 MB for Standard Reseller

Disk Space - 2500 MB for Deluxe Reseller


In reality you can host as many domains as you can fit within the alloted disk space.

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So... if I the resellers on a given hard drive max out the drive space allotted, is the host drive in danger of being over-sold?


What percentage of space do you allocate for active serving, and how much is left to handle spikes in activity? :)


Is this consistent throughout *****? Or just on Reseller accounts?

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Oversold? Spikes? I think your confusing bandwidth VS. Drivespace.. but here is the scoop on Drivespace.


Here is the way this works....


Lets say you buy a standard reseller account.


You are alloted 1500MB'S.


Lets say you create a package that gives your client 10MBs of Space.


So 1500 into 10 = 150 Domains.


That max's out your ALLOCATED space.


It works the same with Bandwidth.

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