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  1. You can view what I use now for a shopping cart at: http://www.roundwoodstudio.com/shop/index....hp?shop=1&cat=1 This is a really nice, HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE program, that if I could work with php and MySQL, I'd clone in a heartbeat. Maybe someone might be interested in taking a look and possibly offering a cart that is similar to the customers here?
  2. Do sub-domains have POP and SMTP privileges?
  3. So... if I the resellers on a given hard drive max out the drive space allotted, is the host drive in danger of being over-sold? What percentage of space do you allocate for active serving, and how much is left to handle spikes in activity? Is this consistent throughout *****? Or just on Reseller accounts?
  4. Of the two Reseller options available, each features 80 gigabytes of hard drive space. One is rated for 50 domains, the other- unlimited domains. Please explain how one differs from the other.
  5. Do the reseller accounts act as a dedicated server? 80 Gigs is a lot of room to move around in.
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