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Running A Pc Mac Network

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Gidday all, I am an avid Mac user but am finding the need for a Windoze computer along side my trusty iMac.


What I wanna do is use my Mac for daily things like web design, mail, www`ing etc and get an el cheapo PC for video chat...that being MSN Messenger. Mac has yet to get up on this. Most of my buddies are PC`ers. They cannot be converted to the real religion...he he he.


Am wondering how (if) I can just somehow connect an el cheapo second PC running say XP to my current Mac, use the existing www connection (DSL/fibre we have in the apt complex here in Japan), so that I can `see` my friends via video chat.


Anyone doing this? Would appreciate some feedback about the in`s and out`s, this, that and the other etc etc etc.


Wayne in the Land of the Hell Strong Yen Rock Sign

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You should be able to do this with a regular router.  :)

Indeed. Just plug them into the same router/switch/whatever, and you're good to go. You can share files easily, and even share printers. With a free utility like PuTTY or VNC, you can even log into your Mac from the PC. You are using OS X, aren't you? ;)


The only thing that might trip you up doesn't have to do with the Mac at all...if you're behind a router, it can be kind of a pain in the neck to get a good video chat going. iChat AV seems to do a pretty good job of dealing with firewalls and NAT, but I'm not sure how well other video chat services work.


Of course, if the only reason you're buying a PC is for video chat, why not just tell your friends to use AOL Instant Messenger 5.5? Its video chat feature is compatible with iChat AV 2.1, and you can put the money you'd have used for a PC towards an iSight camera :)


Which version of the Mac OS are you running? You'll need the latest (10.3) for iChat AV 2.1. Apple sells a version of iChat for $29 that runs on OS 10.2, but that's listed on the site as 2.0, which isn't compatible with AIM.

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Thanx for all your replies.


Chris, Im running 10.3 and have iChat 2.1...iSite...that all works well. Its just the persistant Windows people I associate with. Thought it might be easier for me to change than change the world...then again converting these mortals would be good for them.


Have tried Yahoo but the fps rate is sad. Have also played with 1SpyQ but...the freebees work well enough.


Wouldnt the world be complete if iChat AV was compaitble with MSN? Maybe something will happen soon. One can only hope.


Wayne in Japan :goof:

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