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aMember (Membership Software)

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aMember Free version $0


Script Overview

aMember Free is a flexible user management program. It has support for PayPal not recurring billing, 2Checkout not recurring billing and Clickbank payment systems and allows you to setup paid-membership areas on your site. It also can be used without any payment system - then you could to manage user manually. aMember is the most useful and full-featured membership management software in the world. Take a look at aMember Professional version for recurring billing, email support, free installation and another features.


I'm loving this software!

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Until I (or someone else) can get good step-by-steps put together for aMember installation, here are my notes. They are JUST NOTES. I jot things down as I go through so I don't forget where I've been. Maybe they will be of benefit to someone though.


Download the .pdf documentation. It's "fairly" clear.


This is not inclusive and should be used to help supplement the .pdf documentation, but my jotted notes:


Create db and user for db in cpanel

upload and extract amember

chmod /data to 777

chmod /templates_c to 777

Create config.inc.php

Create config_plugins.inc.php

chmod both to 777

Run setup

create directory to protect

create product in admin

create .htaccess file in protected directory

create user through signup and test.


These are just jottings so that I would remember what order to do it in. Please read the docs!


Now, I don't even have ssh and wouldn't know what to do with it if I had it. So, this entire thing can be done within the capabilities of cpanel and cpanel's File Manager!



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I have been playing around with the locked folder option from cpanel and see how I can use it on my site, I want it for controling restricted access to underage model portfolios (restricted to just the agents that the minor's parents give the access info to :) It looks like I can set up individual users for each folder and control access codes, I don't have any need for paid access :( so I think this will work. how secure is this, anybody know?


Thank you.


Bill McCord


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