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Problems With .htaccess?


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I am having a problem trying to setup a php script that needs to do simple file copy/edit/delete in a sub-directory on one of my sub-domains.


When I look at the owner of the directory it shows as the top-level username of my account instead of "nobody" which I would expect.


So, what name does Apache http run under (I assumed it was "nobody") and how can I specify (using /.htaccess) that threads executing under that process have the ability to modify/create/delete files in that directory?





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Apache does run under the user "nobody". You would have to make the directory world writeable to allow an apache process to write to it.


The only other option would be running PHP as a CGI that is suExec'd, but I'm not sure that's possible in the TCH configuration (or desired).

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Ok. SO temporarily making the directory writable by everyone I can copy and modify those copied files.


Since I really don't want that directory to be wide open like that, is there any way to do a "chown" to user '99' on those files/directory so that only user needs r/w/e priveleges and not world?


I am not a *nix expert and know next to nothing about Apache.





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