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Alright...i Admit, I'm Stupid

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K, i think i entered my site to google (i have a terrible memory for these things) before i had added meta tags (please don't ask me why). At least, thats what i think happens cuz now when i search on google it comes up as "intro" and thats it, everything else blank. I only figure that i added it to google before i added meta tags because it comes up blank, but perhaps it was not crawled yet? I have code on the main page that i submitted that would email me when google crawled my page, and it says that google crawled my site once. To get the real version on there (with a description and title etc) do i have to re-submit? I know that google crawls often, but doesn't do a comprehensive crawl, so should i wait for that? I am not sure how often they do these regular crawls, but i'm sure one of you knows....so should i remove my site and add it again, or just wait it out.

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I would wait. The reason is that if you keep submitting a site to Google they think you are spamming them and may penalize your site.


Remember that if you're on there they will crawl your site again. When they do they will pick up any new meta tags, etc.


Also remember that if any "established" sites link to you that Google will follow them down the link to you too.

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As Jim said, no need to resubmit (or remove). Google picks up sites by crawling, actually it is the best way to be spidered by Google (following an external backlink instead of an actual 'submit site'). That means you need to get other sites to link to yours (preferably to your home page). As Google crawls, they will pick up your site from those links and spider your site again.


It may take several 'views' before it indexes and deep crawls your site, this is definitely a process.


Good luck.

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