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T.h.e Entertainment First Reel


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Maybe they had slow connections and didn't wait for the download?


The link you listed was the first I watched. It's a little abstract for my tastes but I gotta say it was pretty doggone good! I know that I could never make something good enough to keep me watching the whole thing so it has to be good since I watched the whole thing. :whip:


I browsed over to the Matrix music video and I think that's awesome! The way you pulled the pieces out of the movie and matched them to the feel of the music was awesome! I almost expected the song to end with Neo letting all the bullets fall to the ground though, but that's just my favorite part of the movie when he asserts himself and just says "No!".


You have a great thing going, Timur! I wish you all the best in it for the future!

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thanks man.


soon watch on MTV from november till december they might air our Winterfresh commercial.

Thumbs Up

We currently making 3 features TFP2, American Dream, and a documentary about high school students, struggle in high school and issuses they go through.

If you guys would like to support us go ahead email me if their is anyway you could. thanks

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