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  1. Hey guys how are you well since iam going to new york on november 11th for the premier of my film FATE and i will show this reel to some of the people at the festival please check out my reel( or a trailer) of some of my films please tell me what you think I need your comments http://www.theent.com/reelsmall.zip
  2. Hey guys how are you doin i haven't been here for a while i spent my whole summer in Russia I have made a 1hour film entitled "doors to life" about brotherhood, friendship, money, drama and all that. anyways i made a simple 2min trailer to give you idea what movie is about P.S. the subtitles that starts at 1min that have Question mark (?) is wrong just don't pay attention to question mark cuz my editing program is screwed up http://www.theent.com/doorstolife.html i realy want to here what you guys think Rock Sign
  3. Thank you guys I hope its going to be great Once again thanks guys ;
  4. Today i have recived news from NY that my film "FATE" was officialy selected at NY and Video Film Festival http://www.nyfilmvideo.com/ which will take in, L.A. NY and Las Vegas in 2004. Last month i sended my film with a $300 submition fee, and for me its like a dream come true. Its one of the best film festivals in NY, which will include people from MTV, Maramax and so on, iam really excited to attend N.Y and L.A. in September. So to check out the movie "FATE" go here http://www.theent.com/fate.html and one funny thing one of the assistance actualy got amazed when i told my age.... i was 17 during making of this film now iam 18
  5. Wow sure i will i will drop you email today
  6. Hey guys here is another 5min short film for the film festival made by Humam Ahmed and me Timur Nishanov http://www.theent.com/lifescene.zip i would love to hear what you guys think
  7. Rock Sign Hello guys some may remember me and some don't well i finnaly completed my 5 min Short film for the upcoming film festival in VA please take allook and tell me what you guys think http://www.theent.com/fatefinal.zip <<<hosted by TCH lol i love this website
  8. hmmmmm is this the one u download http://www.theent.com/films/PSAsmall3.zip ??? its in the www.theent.com/PSA.html second one
  9. EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats the whole point of this vid BTW i just uploaded new one with fixed grammer and added a musiccomposed by my friend www.theent.com/PSA.html it second one
  10. I know but that what it said on the website on their site to use these words i was thinking its wrong
  11. hello my name is Timur Nishanov iam 17 years old filmmaker, i came to America 4 years ago from Russia. I have been making movies since 2001, Today i have finnaly finished my first PSA ( PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCMENT) about teen pregnency, i would like to know if you guys like it or not? i would lvoe to hear your comments. www.theent.com or direct link www.theent.com/PSA.html Sincerely TImur Nishanov
  12. Thanks guys The newspaper is West Potomac H.S. wirenews so i was really excited.... thank you guys
  13. wow guys check this out, i knew they gonna do some ad about our company but i didn't expected to be like this just WOW iam so happy now school wants us to do bio and interview for their next issue... http://www.theent.com/newspaper.html or http://www.theent.com Rock Sign
  14. oh yea why i ended matrix music video with agent smith? well bacause i wanted to show that he is not dead and he is back, which makes me think make a music video for Matrix reloaded
  15. thanks man. soon watch on MTV from november till december they might air our Winterfresh commercial. Thumbs Up We currently making 3 features TFP2, American Dream, and a documentary about high school students, struggle in high school and issuses they go through. If you guys would like to support us go ahead email me if their is anyway you could. thanks
  16. 6 views 0 reply's? hmmmm come on guys i need some feedback
  17. hey guys check it out http://www.theent.com or direct link http://www.theent.com/reel.html enjoy and tell me what you think? Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign
  18. wow thanks yes i really really wanna do this kind of things in my career if their was one chance to take, i would.... but currently their is no chances so i guess i have to keep on trying.... our newest movie in pre-productions are The forgotten project 2, and my personal movie American Dream if we had some how a support ( maybe $8,000) we could make this reality!
  19. Hey guys, some of you may know some don't its a former U.S.S.R country and its really poor/currupt country and since 1800s russians tried to get that country, Chechns are number 1 enemy for russian people, as you know their been lots of terror attacks in Moscow and other russian states. and currently they have war, well not exactly war 45,000 russian troops in chechnya fighting dealy Chechns and I have this great Russian Song called ( Nobody writes to Colonel) from movie called Brat 2 (brother 2) and i made this music video using images of chechnya war tell me what ya think http://www.theent.com/brat2.html notice i didn't add casualties
  20. it will be liveaction maybe a cool action film 3min long i need some ideas Rock Sign
  21. yep, as you know iam filmmaker www.theent.com and i ahve currently have 3 days free and i love TCH so much that i want to make a short film dedicated to them... but i would to hear ur ideas, share here and you might get credited in credits
  22. WHAT about a short film? about TCH Rock Sign
  23. what about me i want to moderate something
  24. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! btw look out on WENSDAY OFFICIAL "THE FORGOTTEN PROJECT" movie will be released on DVD 4.5gb of FILM:)
  25. yes we T.H.E. Entertainment have finnaly screened our film in film festival!!!!!!! yes and guesss what our film was The BEST FILM yes boys and girls want proof go here www.theent.com ENJOY! and we have more news so check it out and we got first official CONTEST FOR u guys
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