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Chron Job

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I want to run a chron job that executes a series of perl scripts I have made to plunder newsgroups and add their new posts to my database.


Should I expect problems running a cron job of the type "perl ~/ng/ng.pl" which then calls a bunch of other scripts and writes stuff some temp files in ~/ng?

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MY knowledge of cron jobs is a bit limited but as far as I know, they are just scripts that are running like if you had called them from the command line, so if the script executes correctly from the command line, it should have no problem running as a cron job.


If you want to make sure there's no problem, make a few simple scripts that only call the other scripts and make them print something into a file. :)

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Yeah, borfast is right.


Cronning is virtually the same as accessing a file in the browser. The difference is the command-line interface. There are subtle differences in how you execute things and have data passed on to something else.


In any case, if it works when you run it from your browser, there should be no problem from the cron job.

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