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8K Phone Camera Video Recording… Useful or Marketing Buzzwords?


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Hey TCH-Family,

Today we’re going to talk about 8K video on smartphones and if it’s worth it.

As 4k is becoming the standard there’s been a lot of talk about 8K being the next big thing. 8K video has been around in Hollywood studios since 2016. However the final product from Hollywood is usually 4k at the most since 4K has only recently become the standard. While they are extremely expensive, 8K TVs are starting to be released bringing momentum to the idea of 8K replacing 4K in the near future.

Samsung is pushing for 8K with recently released Samsung S20 being the first smartphone to shoot 8K video. The Samsung S20 can record up to 5 minutes of 8k video at 24fps with a data rate of 80 Mbps so it’s sure to use up a lot of data. At 4 times the resolution of Ultra HD 4K, 8K is a massive resolution of 7,680×4,320. One of the benefits of recording 8K on the S20 is the ability to take 33-megapixel stills from the 8k video. One downside is the S20 only records 8K at 24fps. Depending on what’s being recorded the 33-megapixel still is likely to have a lot of motion blur. Another benefit of shooting an 8K video is you’ll be able to crop in without losing too much image fidelity. Being 4 times the size of 4K you can technically zoom into and crop a video 4 times and still be left with 4k video quality. For most people there isn’t much of a need to crop into a phone that much but it would make a big difference for consumers who may need it.

Apart from taking potentially blurry pictures while filming or cropping into videos, there doesn’t seem to be much use for 8K on smartphones at the time. Most smartphone videos are made to be viewed on other smartphones with 4K being the highest resolution display on the market. Even if they’re viewed on a computer or TV the chances of someone having an 8K display is rare. The Samsung S20 hasn’t been on the market for long so we’ll see if 8K video proves to be useful or if it’s just another marketing buzzword. Let us know what you think about the idea of shooting 8K videos on your smartphone or if you have the Samsung S20 what your experience with it is!

Until next time, thanks for reading and feel free to say hi on social media or the TCH-Forums!

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