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  1. TotalChoice Hosting reliability is cutting-edge. We pride ourselves in the fact that our uptime is the best in the business as proven by a third party uptime monitoring company. The relationship with UptimeDoctor.com is now entering its second quarter and we are pleased to announce that TotalChoice currently holds the #1 ranking positions for uptime in several categories. TotalChoice uptime is ranked #1 in Shared Hosting! TotalChoice uptime is ranked #1 in VPS Hosting! Providing stability and a stress-free environment is what we are all about. TotalChoice has your back! Customer satisfac
  2. In The USA, Here To Stay. Here at TotalChoice Hosting we are proud to be an American company. Since day one TCH’s data center has stayed in America. Our state of the art data center is located in Troy, Michigan. Better yet, 100% of our services are hosted in Michigan and have been for almost 20 years of excellent service. While others are interested in cutting cost, here at TCH we’re interested in the best possible services by staying in America. Budget Pricing, Great Customer Service. We offer competitive pricing for best in class services. Most importantly, our Customer Service does not
  3. TCH-Blog

    Tch No Spam!

    TotalChoice offers reliable Spam and Virus Protection for all TCH customers. If you are hosting a website with TCH you can add on No Spam starting at $1.95 per month. TCH No Spam covers individual domains and all email accounts associated with them. This service provides protection against: spyware, junk mail, spam, phishing attacks, viruses, internet telemarketers. Any TCH customer can easily add on No Spam to their domains hosted with TCH. Login to TCH client central > click Services > navigate to View Available Addons > Order No Spam. As with all new services you will receive an em
  4. TCH-Blog

    Php Upgrades

    TCH Family, We would like to announce, starting Friday, February 10th, 2017. web hosting accounts will begin upgrades to a new version of PHP. In order for smooth transitions and customer satisfaction, please be aware of the upcoming changes. This change will most likely affect your web site. Due to the widespread effect this may have on our client base, and in an effort to offer the fastest support possible, we have chosen to stagger these updates to our server farm throughout the month of February. Updates about your server will be posted in its appropriate forum thread. This can be found
  5. As of January 1, 2017, we are officially removing all support for PHP 5.3 from our shared hosting. Although 5.3 is still available on some servers, we have been recommending clients to update their scripts to more recent versions of PHP. We expect PHP 5.3 to be completely removed from all shared hosting servers when we complete the current server upgrades, which will be no later than January 31, 2017. As always, we thank you for choosing TotalChoice and please contact support if you have any questions or concerns. View the full article
  6. Dear TCH Family, If you have a shared hosting account with us please be aware of the following announcement. This offer only applies to TCH clients and is not available as a stand alone product. TotalChoice now offers enterprise class Spam & Virus Protection for your email accounts. Our Spam & Virus Protection is built on TotalChoice’s Infrastructure and has the reliability and up time that you’ve come to know from TotalChoice. For the low price of $1.95 per month you can protect a single domain and all its email accounts from spyware, junk mail, spam mail, phishing attacks, viruse
  7. The Joomla security team has fixed a highly critical zero-day bug, which allows an attacker to take full control of an affected site’s administration area. The vulnerability affects Joomla versions 1.5 to 3.4.5, it involves an object injection vulnerability via the HTTP user agent that leads to a full remote command execution. You can determine your Joomla version by logging into your administrator area, the version will be displayed either in the top right hand corner or at the bottom of your administrator panel. This is a serious vulnerability that can be easily exploited and is already
  8. Many of you recently awoke to the sudden issue of not being able to send mail. The issue you were experiencing with your email was due to the “POP before SMTP” feature being automatically disabled by a cPanel update. This feature allows you to continue to send mail for a time period after successfully receiving/checking your email. POP before SMTP is antiquated alternative method of authentication that was never officially supported nor very secure. If you are still using this method, we recommend you enable SMTP Authentication in your mail client. We have now reverted this change and enable
  9. Web Site running slow? Maybe your unlimited hosting is not really unlimited! Choosing the right hosting company to host your business or personal web site can be a daunting task. So many Hosting companies in the market place are misrepresenting their services by offering unlimited hosting. Truth of the matter is Unlimited Hosting does not exist. It is a sales gimmick to lure customers in by offering them everything for little or nothing. In reality, everything has a limit. These unscrupulous hosts bet on the fact that the vast majority of the clients that they trick into signing up with
  10. When it comes to choosing hosting for your business, it is important to choose wisely. Dedicated web hosting is simply the best type of hosting you can get for your website, if you are serious about your site. It will give you the entire server as your own resources, the ability to customize nearly everything, and you will be able to handle more traffic than any type of shared and VPS hosting. Advantages: * Dedicated web hosting can handle a higher volume of page requests than shared hosting or VPS hosting. This is because all the resources are yours and your hosting will be much faster. You
  11. Is a Dedicated Server the right choice for you? Considering a dedicated server? A dedicated server is just that, it’s fully dedicated to you and you alone. All resources including CPU’s, memory and hard drives are dedicated to the specific client and the client has complete control over the server. Many clients have outgrown shared hosting accounts and need to move onto dedicated server plans. A dedicated client can customize the software or choose an operating system, after all it is a dedicated server. For the client that is not tech savvy, there is also TotalChoice’s world famous Full
  12. TCH-Blog

    Php Updates

    TotalChoice Hosting currently supports three separate PHP versions across all of its shared/reseller servers. The majority of these servers are running PHP 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4 with 5.3 being the default, with a small percentage running on PHP 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5. Now that PHP 5.4 is just as widely supported as PHP 5.3 and with PHP 5.5 not far behind it, we are going to start rolling out some changes. These changes are required to improve the security and maintain the high performance our of servers and customer websites. What does this mean for you as a web hosting customer at TotalChoice Hosting
  13. This is one question I get asked quite often. As everyone knows, web hosts are a dime a dozen and it appears everyone and their brother opens up a web hosting company. In the hosting trade we refer to these fly by night companies as “Summer Hosts”. Do not be fooled by these hosts. They may have a flashy cool website but it is the service that separates us from them. Here are a few good things to look out for when choosing a web hosting company :: 1. Real time Status Pages hosted in a completely separate network and data center. The status pages at TCH are just that. I am talking status
  14. TotalChoice has been in the web hosting for over 14 years now. During this time we have never offered many sales on our products. Sure we would do an occasional sale but nothing like what we are going to offer for the next 30 days on our reseller plans. Has TCH gone totally insane? Well not really. To be honest, we overbuilt our infrastructure and have quite a bit of reseller server space available. Yea, we went crazy building new servers, but hey those things can happen when dealing with new technology. These must be cheapo servers, overloaded with users and hosting unlimited domains
  15. You are sipping your morning coffee and enjoying your wonderful Tim Horton’s Donuts, life is wonderful. Your email client opens and you start progressing thru your emails and then you read it. “TotalChoice Hosting Abuse Department :: Suspension Notice for mydomain.com” Your life comes to a screeching halt. That donut no longer tastes so good and you fall into a fast state of shock. However, you calm down and read the email and follow the directions from the support team. Within a few moments your site is back on line and things in your stomach start to feel a little better. The above
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